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Vad gör jag och [personal profile] lanjelin när vi har tråkigt mitt i natten? Översätter skumma japanska fanvideor.

Vad gör jag när jag borde plugga?

Laddar upp sagda videor på Youtube...

Men den här låten var väldigt kul att sjunga nere i Danmark. Framförallt när jag tvingade Miko-chan att hjälpa mig, fufufufu~
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There's internet here ^_^ I've uploaded some photos on the Raison d'être Facebook page, you can see the gallery here

Barring some unfortunate interruptions, there's been loads of people in the karaoke room all the time and it's a really good mood ^^ Also, we found donuts before. Donuts good :3

But Denmark is really expensive! The prices are the same or just above those in Stockholm, except the Danish crown costs 1.3 of the Swedish one...

(I've filmed some too, but that'll have to wait until we get home. The internet keeps disconnecting.)

Epic win of today: Miko-chan scarring the Danes with "Alla flickor och Naruto" (all the girls and naruto) and Snusmumriken singing Silver Fang!
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This weekend, I'll visit an anime con in Denmark for the first time! Raison d'être has been invited to J-popcon to arrange the karaoke. So me, Miko-chan (whom I haven't seen for ages ♥), Kinopio and Yuna will go there and arrange the late night karaoke~
Yes, for the first time, we're to try having karaoke pretty much throughout the night! It'll be really interesting and probably seriously exhausting. However, I much prefer it to such crazy notions as that we are to open the karaoke room at 8 o'clock in the morning, which one con managment told us (wtf? Nobody sings karaoke before 9.30 at the earliest)

Otherwise, we have a lot of free time during the day... So I'll try and check out Köpenhamn a bit. Of course also investigate the con itself. See what they have there and if any ideas are worth being inspired by! ^^

Have also almost finished several new Hetalia songs, and one Vocaloid(!)

Ehm, which also comes from a Hetalia fanvid but whatever... They released a lot of good songs while I was out of the fandom, so that's been really fun to come back to. And now that I live on my own again, and have internet, I can sit in my apartment and sing along (badly) while I code songs, hehee

Um. And I might buy a signed postcard or something by Humon...

ETA: Huh. It's not that bad an idea to actually have a link to the Raison d'être karaoke list in my sidebar, is it? Thought so.
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Sitting in the karaoke room at Närcon, waiting for the visitors to come in and everything to start. 27 minutes to go and counting!

We, ahem, almost overslept our stop with the train, but got off with the hundred (almost) bags of stuff. But then the tech co-operated very nicely and the room we have is also pretty neat, so we're finished! With time left, le gasp!

So I thought I'd take the time to blog about the latest reading I've done... really, didn't think it would be this hard to just find the time to write about books.

Jeff Lindsay: 4 x DEXTER )

Dexter get's a "totally okay vacation read", especially the omnibus. I'll see if I can get my hands on book four on the cheap somewhere, or borrow it

And now it's con time, yay!
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We visited Schloss Sanssouci yesterday, walked for hours (literally - we came there at 11.30 and left at 18.20 and spent most of the time inbetween walking) taking in the gorgeous buildings, the large park and all the flowers. Especially the Chinese house impressed me; though it was very, er, goldy it still looked beautiful. Not as overwrought as some of those gilded castles and things end up (but pretty darn wrought, for all that)

There were a lot of different gardens out there, I especially love the smell of different pine trees together. But everything was beautiful and interesting, it's also so cleverly built that you start spotting things from a while away. Oh, what's that there, let's go look! and so on...

We took coffee and cake at the Drachenhaus, a very cute little building which nowadays houses the café. And yes, there are dragons there, cutest little things ever perched on the roof and the inside of the ceiling is painted with stars.

Then we continued to the actual Sanssouci castle, where I bought a souvenir spoon for my grandmother and Virre fell in love with tiny coffee cups with peacock patterns. It was a very nice pattern, mind, and I completely understand he

All in all, a lovely day. And in the afternoon they called my dear Miko-chan with a job offer! This caused some frantic running around Potsdam to find a telephone card, but we managed to find one. And because Germany still has public telephones, she could call back and book an interview for next week ^^ Ganbatte, Miko-chan!

Then we had pizza - I felt I had to try and get into the spirit of thing and ordered a "WM 2010" pizza. Pretty good, lots of veggies and nice chunks of meat.

On that topic, the football fever here is quite insane. Every evening and afternoon, we pass people sitting outside cafés, restaurants, internet cafés etc following the games on TV's and there are many cars and windows decorated for football. I'm almost getting a bit caught up... almost.

The football does however have some really good sides - the karaoke place we went to yesterday offered half price on all rooms during a game ^_^

I was a bit disappointed in the amount of German songs, but I at least got to sing Die Ärzte's Schundersong. Also tried my luck on Nena's 99 Luftballons and Zehn kleine Jägermeister. Fun night and we got burning drinks! Whoo!
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I made a music video of our visit to Uppcon, and to celebrate our new Yotube account ^^

It's not very advanced, but what the heck~
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1) Facebook = ANGST. The most horribly confusing site ever
But now Raison d'être has a facebook page. I maded it meself

2) Uppcon is over, and I am alive. And now, we have to take care of all the stuff which we put off until Uppcon was... over. Which it is. Crap!

Anyway, if anyone is in Stockholm next week and just itching for some japanese karaoke or so, this is what'll happen

Karaoke at PunktMedis 21/4
Raison d'être invades the youth library PunktMedis with karaoke! With their permission, I might add. Come and make all the noise you're usually not allowed to make at the libary

Hanami @ Kungsträdgården 24/4
Cherry blossoms, taiko, karaoke, cosplay, yukata and a boatload of other things. Be there or be a maskros
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I have a bad cold, but it's still a fun con! Too cold, too rainy, but a lot of the people are so full of warmth that it makes up for it

And Miko-chan and Setsuna made it to television - check the report to the end ^^
SVT Play from Uppcon )

Have to figure out how to save this clip...

In other news we have our two rooms and it's all gone pretty smoothly. Karaoke is popular as ever, but because the con area is larger than last year (and we've got bigger rooms) it's not quite as crowded. We just had the winner in the jrock-quiz here to pick up her prize, so that went well too.

And I've sold a bunch of manga, so my food costs are pretty much covered now ^_^

more tomorrow, must sleep now

ETA: Alright, one quick link to Uppsala Nya Tidning too.
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It's been con-time! And I have cosplayed! And though I cannot sing and the quality pretty much sucks, I want to upload the clips of moi and various other people singing series-specific songs and doing other silly things =D

Embedded youtubes beneath the cut

Austria (me) sings Tomato song )

Austria and N. Italy sing the Tomato song )

America slurps milkshake )

N. Italy says whee! )

ETA: Whoa, what happened to my connection? Speed, speed speed =)

The Cold Pasta War - US, UK, RU, DE )

Tamaki of Ouran sings Det Gör Ont )


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