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Svårt att förstå hennes pjäser, men ordrytmen och gåtfullheten i dem gör att de fungerar bra även som manusgenomläsning

Jag brukade undra om jag verkligen älskade Herrman. Vi var som klippta och skurna för varann.
Vi klippte och skar i varann.

- Kristina Lugn, ur "Idlaflickorna"

Jag var tvungen att slå upp vad en Idlaflicka var. Gymnastiktrupp, där ser man

De glömde bort att vi skulle se på en film i dag, så större delen av klassen gick ut i solen och åt glass.

Sorterade mina papper nyligen. Hittade ett papper med en skrivuppgift då, en slags vinterdikt. Kan väl lika gärna posta den, när jag ändå håller på? Jag tror nämligen att filen är förstörd och papperskopian tappar jag ju bort förr eller senare.

I alla fall. Vi skulle skriva en vinterskildring. Här är min )
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I'm thinking of handing in the latest creative writing prompt for school in some neat shape. It's a short (for once!) poem, so I think that would work.

But does anyone know any shortcut to use, if you want the words/letters to arrange themselves in shapes without actually sitting and playing around with space and tab for hours?

I do, alas, not own Photoshop but have GIMP...
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quite literally - after a long day at work, my shoulders ached (this mostly to due with my lack of a desk at home and the low tables in the library, btw, not my workplace)

but I wanted to write, just a little... just an outline! so first I had to start by beating the sound system into submission so I could listen to music from something besides my laptop speakers this btw was only a partial sucess. alas, the big speakers make a weird noise. must connect them to the ground better, methinks

anyway, then write. a little. practically a drabble

at half past midnight pretty much everything hurts and I have eleven pages of rough draft, am probably ca half-way through the story -_-

note to self: learn to keep it short, yo!

and today I'm hauling more of my junk from mom. why do I have so much stuuufff...
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So we are writing things for school now, as a small parallel course to the whole "reading literature through the ages" we have.

The first excersise was to write a text either as an intertext to Virgina Woolf's A room of ones own, or as a missing scene from Lysistrate, or in a Biblical style or on hexameter but about a modern topic. Since my sense of rythm and poetry is a big fat zero, I knew it wouldn't be the last. But the idea of writing something in a Biblical style (with my admittedly rather shallow understanding of what that is, 's not like I'd done exhaustive studies of the thing before that one lecture on the subject) appealed to me. I was still full with the Good Student Motivation that I usually am at the beginning of term ^_^; and so I finished the rough draft right after class.

Now, a few weeks later, I'm sitting here having just finished writing the second excersise - a dramatic text (2-3 persons speaking) with an AABB rhyme scheme - and we have to hand it in the day after tomorrow... It also sucks bigtime right now, which probably comes from the fact that I can't rhyme for shit and also I'm really not used to writing dramatic scenes. Ah well, perhaps I shall manage to polish it up tomorrow

But anyway. That was a lot of talk about nothing in general - I thought I'd post the first text, which I actually spent some considerable amount of time on. It's in Swedish of course

Berättelsen om Isa )

As a last footnote, the story (such as it is) is based on the story of my own family, of my own history, although of course very ~allegorical~ and whatnot. Names have been modified to protect the guilty.

Y'all are also missing out on my nicely formatted two-column layout which is a damn shame considering I spent at least two hours removing words and fiddling with things until it finally fit -_-


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