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I just read the most recent chapter of Black Butler



It doesn't reveal much of anything new but it is creeeeeppyyy

I love it ^___^
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För det första, jag är så j-kla sämst på organisation. Har stressat sönder mig mer eller mindre i onödan p.g.a. detta, men ska nu försöka ta mig i kragen. Vissa volontäriga/fanniga stressmoment har jag helt kort och gott dumpat, andra har lättats.
Raison d'être är iaf allting klart med för min del och med Geikai har vi äntligen fått ett alldeles tvättäkta kontrakt på vår lokal \o/ Det blir ett B.L.Y.G. 2011 och det blir i Skogås, den 17-19 juni. Och nu när det är på g så kan vi faktiskt komma igång med saker ordentligt, wheehuuu~

Och så har jag betalat räkningar, go me.

My RL = stress, so let's talk books instead.

Read: Girl Genius, Urusei Yatsura, One Piece etc )
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Ohhh, it is soooo good!

But before I get to that point, a little preface: Sometimes, I don't quite get how people reporting news think. In the "real world" is the Swedish papers and their treatment of the whole Facebook-hacking thing. Okay, you warn a lot of users, good on you. But did you really have to mention the name of the plugin, so that any n00b can try hacking someone's account? Tsk.

A similar thing happened with manga scanlations recently, when Anime News Network posted about how one of the big scanlation sites put back up manga that they've pulled before, due to it being licensed. Since they mentioned that Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler was among them I *cough* made sure to read it this weekend, before it's pulled again.

Please misunderstand me correctly - I think the US official translation is pretty good. I buy each volume of YenPress' Black Butler as soon as they come out. But look at that release schedule... Volume 6 in July 2011? The japanese collections are at volume 8 currently (I think, +/- one) and the monthly chapters even further ahead. I'm sorry, I just - I CAN'T WAIT.

Especially not when it is this awesome-sauce good and full of locked-room murders, cliffhangers and mysterious goodness.

Squeeage of the most recent Black Butlers, spoilers to chap. 50 )

I don't watch season two of the anime, btw. I didn't hear good things about it in the beginning, and when I read a summary of the end, completely lost all interest in watching it. Besides, the manga is so much better.


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