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Gosh, so tired. Just gotta get this off my chest, then I need a nap!

Today began horribly but ended with a partial triumph!

Yesterday, I discovered two very AUGH-worthy things re my university classes.
My mistake and their rescheduling equals panic )

The third yay is not really related to my university stay here, but is about my bachelor and general geekery
While listening to a rather boring lecture (not from the topic, but we had a guest lecturer who spoke at a super-rapid, low monotone in a rather echoing classroom and my brain just couldn't handle the effort of trying to listen) I began thinking of my bachelor essay, which I will begin to work on here in Germany. My last essay was for Sailor Moon and the role of the female hero. While the topic I worked with there was one I wouldn't mind returning to, I didn't really feel like doing it for the bachelor essay. Two reasons Firstly, I'd rather wait until the new English edition is out, because it was tricky to switch editions like I had to do. Second, all the literature regarding female heroes is apparantly crap (or I just fail at searching for it) and if I'm going to do some kind of meta-critical analysis of my theory books too I should either split it into two essays or I'll nead a heck of lot more pages than a bachelor essay gives me. Also, variety is good for you, or something, and since I already knew I want to write about something with a gender focus I might as well switch canons.

Anyway. In class, half dozing and doodling names of mahou shoujo manga in some vague notion that I could always compare the female portraits in general (Sailor Moon kicks Tokyo MewMew's ass might not be an approved thesis, but it's one I fully stand behind) or go the safe old route of body-shape analysis, I am suddenly hit with a lightningbolt of inspiration. CLAMP. I like them. A lot. They have a large enough body of work, which can be grouped in various ways, that it makes sense to compare their different series with each other along a given cross-section. Question is just which aspect to poke at...

Their female portraits are varied but I have a hunch - and this really is just a hunch, not to mention I've slept like five hours tonight! - that there portrayal of women complicated. CLAMP's got a very unique moral view, not just compared to Western media, but also to many other manga and there's bound to be something worth poking at there. So I'm writing down interesting points of attack; narratological analysis of female agency, image analysis of male vs. female protagonists, eye-poking-and-sacrificial-death-!

That's when it hit me.


Unless there turns out to already exist a fantastic essay about the theme, I'll ask my teachers (once they're back from the holidays) if I might write an essay analyzing the motif of chosen suicide* in chosen manga from CLAMP. Probably along the lines of gendered differences (are there any and what) and narrative outcome of the suicide (what happens in the story because of this?); though the latter perhaps only for one or two examples.

There's literature on the theme, I know that much, and since the topic is more narrow than "function of the heroine in a superhero story. which btw has nine superheroines", I can also juggle more canons without getting completely swamped in plot retelling.

CLAMP manga with Meaningful Voluntary Suicide that I remember from the top of my head is, uhm, worryingly long. And, also from memory, I can already group them in four categories 0.o
Death-spoilers for RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, X, Magic Knight Rayearth, Clover )

I think this could be really interesting to do ^_^ If someone has meta-thoughts on my rambling little rant, please share! I need to go through all my CLAMP canons carefully looking for more cases, as well as check up on the ones that I only remember vaguely. I also have no idea what outcome I'll get, so that is interesting too.

Hopefully my teachers agree...a

*chosen suicide here is my own, made-up-just-now, term for a narratively active suicidal act. It basically has no counterpoint in the real world, because there a Hero/in sacrificing themselves won't save the world from blowing up.
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I just finished ×××Holic by CLAMP. Spoilers ahoy! )

In short: CLAMP. You keep breaking my heart, you bastards. Now draw faster and finish X!!!! so I can have it broken all over again.
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I'm back in the same mood as I was last term, where mental exhaustion makes it difficult to sit down and read books. I do read, of course, but it ends up being almost exclusively school reading, online/fandom material and manga. Just too brain-tired to sit down and grab a novel "for fun"

Regarding the manga, I bought a haul at Thalia recently. This was to celebrate that they finally managed to pay out my Erasmus-grant. Thanks, I guess, even if I'm a bit miffed that person taking care of it couldn't be arsed to send a mail when I wrote and complained (twice) since it was months overdue, hmpf. After mailing back and forth to her and my exchange student department at SH, the money just arrived on my account. Well, thankee, but a "pardon the lateness!" wouldn't have been entirely remiss either.

Okay, tangent done with...

The haul was:
X volume 12-18 (I'm preeetty sure I only own to vol 11)
Teatime Lovin vol 4, finally someone who actually had it in stock!
xxxHolic vol 15. It's tightening up as we're reaching the end, and I do think CLAMP managed quite well to portay the relationship between Watanuki and Yuuko. And pull the angst-screws tight, will ya? (I predict weeping in my future, once I've bought the rest)

I also introduced a classmate to the gayer side of girl's manga... Come over to the yaoi-side, it's got better porn ;)
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It's convoluted, trippy, confusing and self-referential like whoa - but I still get all fluttery about the end of Tsubasa: Reservoar Chronicle.

Yes, at least read the final volume of Tsubasa, CLAMP's epic mega-crossover story. Aaaaand I'm mighty confuddled

But not, oddly enough, disappointed. I mean, I can kind of see how the threads are interweaving, even if I can't follow each thread exactly (but hey! that's what re-reads are for) and I love the protagonist team in this story. *squishes Syaron, Sakura, Fai and Kuragone*

Clones, cherry blossom petals and all, that was an epic end to a very good series. It leaves a really bittersweet taste too, and I hope that when I finally get my hands on the final volumes of the companion series xxxHolic, I'll be able to keep completely from bawling

Although, alright, one thing bugs me - Slight spoiler )

Curse you CLAMP, and your inability to finish X!!!
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Quick bookmark to myself. ANN has added another interesting column to their already good and varied group of scribblers ^_^

Brian Ruh, whom I have never heard of before (but then, I know very few names in anime/manga academia) is going to write about japanese media from a more studious perspective. He'll also present other interesting writings and starts of with Mia Lewis's study about kanji/kana wordplay in manga as used by CLAMP to torture translators

Sounds great, I'll follow this column with interest.
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Aha, caught up, did I. Good, very good

Day 7 - Favorite anime couple
Errr. Right, except then it's a day when I don't really know.

Does Germany/Italy count? He proposes in the Buon San Valentino-chapter of the manga, but I don't think the anime came that far...

Otherwise, I tend to fall for the Seriously Twisted Couples. I mean, dude, when I think of anime romance, the old tragic classics come to my mind: Zetsuai, Ai no Kusabi, Tokyo Babylon...

Which actually reminds me of this amazing vid for Tokyo Babylon, so I guess I might as well call Seishirou/Subaru my favorite canon couple.

Overall, CLAMP has a lot of couples I like. That must be because they enjoy torturing them so much, ehehe~

Entire meme here


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