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I liked it. Not just the episode in itself, though I was pleasantly surprised by "A Scandal in Belgravia" after some internet reactions I'd peeked at, but also the entire social thing we made out of it ^_^

I, being the most tech-geeky of the interested parties, provided the episode and Lackaclaisical provided the couch and a brand new flatscreen TV (ohhh~). Then we ordered nummy Indian take-out and sat down to Sherlock.

Not going to talk much about the ep here, need to sleep (and re-watch), but I found it interesting that Mycroft showed so many different moods, Mrs. Hudson rocks and I am decidedly undecedid on the end. As I said, need rewatch.

Also, John's jumpers are getting truly hideous - though I do like sheet as a fashion statement, heh.

There were some minor computer hickups (my laptop had little battery left and kinda died just before the end and the other laptop lagged so the last 15 minutes were a weird experiences), but all in all, I think it worked out well enough that we'll do this again next week ^.^

Oh, and we of course all made approving noises when they mentioned Berlin. Temporary patriotic pride, or sumethin'
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Ohhh~ That was different. Good, but different.

So since my hair iss full of hairdye, I thought I'd actually *le gasp* watch some series. First I was going to catch up on the Doctor Who episode I still haven't seen, but everyone says it's pretty boring and I already have my weekly dose of pirates... so I took down the BBC Sherlock pilot instead.

First reaction: Hahaha! Anderson has a beard!
Second reaction: Um, wait, that's how the apartment looks? ...glad they changed it.
Third reaction: Okay, parts of this make a lot more sense than the "finished" versions. Some spoilers go here )

Generally, I found the filming and settings a lot less pretty. That moody feeling wasn't quite there, so I'm glad they seem to have re-shot so many things. Also, no Big Brother, and he is of course sorely missed.

Meanwhile, Doctor Who has finished downloading, so maybe I'll give that one a shot too a bit later.
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...along with the Met's crime database. This uses a national IT system developed for major crime enquiries by all UK forces, called Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, more commonly referred to by its acronym, HOLMES (which recognises the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes). The training program is called "Elementary", after Holmes's well-known, yet apocryphal, phrase "elementary, my dear Watson".

- Wikipedia knows everything, including the name of the Scotland Yard's IT system

Question thus rises: What is this database called in the BBC!Sherlock-verse, where the Victorian Holmes appears to never have existed? Or, is the system called the same, and everyone just keeps mum about it?

(and what would the 'historical' Lestrade have to say? I think he'd find it a bit sweet ^^ )
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So I have read things and watched things and not quite slept enough this week, whoops. I'll get better at the last part, I promise.

Manga read: Bunny Drop #3 )

Book read: Dr W & Mr H )

Last but not least: I have bought John Ajvide Lindqvists "Lilla Stjärna". Will I dare to read it...? Of course. Will it creep the hell out of me? Ohohoho, yes, most likely!
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During about 1/3 of the viewing of Black Swan, which I saw with my mother last weekend, my face looked very much like the icon.

I had avoided fannish reviews, since most were spoiler-warned and I figured I might eventuellay possibly see that movie one day. I had only read the teensy-tiny review in the paper which went, basically, "Pretty movie, great acting, see this!"

Nowhere had I caught that this was also a seriously disturbing movie. I mean, jeepers creepers, when I think "ballet movie" I think a movie that might make you interested in watching ballet and, if you're a) young b) impressionable c) both, to perhaps even try dancing it on your own.*

HAHA no chance of that with Black Swan! Yes, it often looks good (though I hate the shaky-cam they do when she's walking in the beginning. Motion sickness, hi there!), the emotions are very raw and gripping and I walked out of the cinema convinced that pro-level ballet will fuck your shit up. Badly.
Though Natalie Portman looked Good with the net veil in that last part, I have to tell you.

*This is not the fault of any reviewer or anything. Wikipedia calls it "psychological thriller" in the first line. I am just dense, ok?

Further viewings: Sherlock! Only a couple of months after everyone else and, as usual, it was [personal profile] lanjelin who dealt me the crack.

It was good, especially episode one. And three, but it introduced Moriarty and if you fail that well, then you just fail at life Sherlock Holmes.

I still prefer the Granada version, because as cute as young modern Sherlock is, nobody outclasses Jeremy Brett. (He's v. v. cute tho)

There were a lot of interesting camera angles and other tricks going on in this version - the little hovering text links, the all-encompassing usage of cell phones and computers, and probably plenty of other things I didn't catch. Some day, when I have time (lolz) I want to take a class in "Movies and What They Use to Reel Us In 101".

I've done a quick read-through of fics, but I find that I'm not all that captured yet, not in the fannish way. Perhaps it will change when we get more story, I'm still feeling my way around the characters a bit too much to buy into any fannish characterization to be honest. Especially since I know that we will get more - which I will absolutely watch a bit faster

Lastly, I spent a bit more than a week being quite ill and so retreated to my favorite reading: Discworld ♥ And because the upcoming Discworld book, Snuff (working title) is about Vimes, I decided to re-read the watch novels. Yes, all of them - when I don't have anything to do except lounge around at home because even the 20 minute walk to school leaves me sweaty and shivering with exhaustion, I read fast.

Tiny bit of the blurb for Snuff )

Oh, this'll be good!
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Second time for Sherlock Holmes 2009 movie. Lesse, what did I miss the first time...

spoilerispoilers here )


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