May. 8th, 2011 17:51
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The title pretty much sums up this exhausting and wonderful weekend. For The Win - spring has come with wonderfully sunny days and it's like the entire city woke up bubbling with creative glee

Yesterday, after SPX, I was at a dinner with Lisa, [livejournal.com profile] alitna, Stef and a bunch of other people - several of whom I have heard for years, but never actually met. Ah, the famous and elusive artists ;) We went to Pong, which was really epically tasty I have to go back there because I ate until I thought I'd explode

This morning I draaa~aagged myself out of bed to go visit the build site for Citybanan. This will be the new solution for Stockholm's commuter trains, which today have to pass a spot with only two rails (!) which, incidentally, every train from the Southern part of the country has to cross to enter Stockholm. Yeeeah, when there's a delay on our commuter trains, they have to hold stuff in Malmö, it's insane.

But! With Citybanan the commuter trains get their own rails in their own tunnel. And it's a big one, 6 km underground passing beneath one of the city's oldest churches and lake Mälaren. It was interesting to go down in the tunnels and watch the huge machines. They explain how they remove the mountain without disturbing the buildings on the surface, showed where how the explosivs are placed and where the tunnel segments that will go under the lake will connect.

The only process is that it won't be finished until 2017 and we kind of needed more tracks ten years ago...

Then I went back for a last round at SPX - which frankly deserves a post of its own when I'm less dead. Now I have no moniez :o

Also got some really, REALLY good news for BLYG: The ticket system is finally ready to go! Tickets will go on sale in a few days and we also got a confirmation from one of the bands: The Swedish Shortsnouts will play at the con! This'll be the first time a wizrock band plays at an anime convention in Sweden afaik and I think and hope that it'll be a pleasant experience for everyone ^^
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Regarding One Piece: Japanese women want to fool around with Sanji, but marry Zoro.

However, what I feel they missed asking, is how many women want to see Sanji marry Zoro...

(though that was a rather small poll, wasn't it? oh well, amusing on a grey afternoon)
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Okay, the fightscenes and retro video game stuff? Really cool, mhmm. And it was great to see a movie made from a comic book that (according to the Scott Pilgrim readers in our group) was faithful and kept so many nerdy injokes.

But I'm really glad I didn't pay for this movie, because then I would probably have been disappointed ^^; Sorry, but the whole "guy fights for girl who stands there staring in adoration in vague hipster-angst" really isn't my thing. There were also several points where my embarassment squick got so triggered (mostly by Scott himself) that I had to fight to keep my eyes open. And, y'know, the whole pretty sucky race/gender thing which I'm sure someone else has said better than I did

But! Free movie = better movie, yes? And the video game-y gimmicks were super cute and well done, the fight scenes pretty awesome and the whole "and how many people will wake up in gay roommates bed this time?" deadpan and funny.

Not to mention a surprisingly good soundtrack.

But some of those scenes, oh man, trainwrecks galore... Couldn't we have replaced them with more DDR/Mortal Combat fighting? That looked good
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Fanged butt-toys vs. fanged bat-toys... Easy enough to mix up, no?
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1) Facebook = ANGST. The most horribly confusing site ever
But now Raison d'être has a facebook page. I maded it meself

2) Uppcon is over, and I am alive. And now, we have to take care of all the stuff which we put off until Uppcon was... over. Which it is. Crap!

Anyway, if anyone is in Stockholm next week and just itching for some japanese karaoke or so, this is what'll happen

Karaoke at PunktMedis 21/4
Raison d'être invades the youth library PunktMedis with karaoke! With their permission, I might add. Come and make all the noise you're usually not allowed to make at the libary

Hanami @ Kungsträdgården 24/4
Cherry blossoms, taiko, karaoke, cosplay, yukata and a boatload of other things. Be there or be a maskros
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Yesterday we rebuilt the shelves for the annual booksale. It was pretty exhausting work, but also fun and all flowed well.

My loot so far:
Shout Out Loud 1-5 (yaoi manga)
Baby and Me 1-7 (Akachan to boku manga, I have the beginning in a German anthology mag so this will be an efficient shelf-saver. And they were dirt cheap)
Jasper Fforde - One of the Thursday Next books, have been wanting to give him a try
Inger Edelfeldt - For my grandmother
Oscar Waos korta förunderliga liv - My sister saw the movie and said it was good, so why not

Have also finished Wodehouse Full Moon. Funny and I feel I'm really getting to know the Blanding's estate now...

And now, back to work!


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