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The title pretty much sums up this exhausting and wonderful weekend. For The Win - spring has come with wonderfully sunny days and it's like the entire city woke up bubbling with creative glee

Yesterday, after SPX, I was at a dinner with Lisa, [livejournal.com profile] alitna, Stef and a bunch of other people - several of whom I have heard for years, but never actually met. Ah, the famous and elusive artists ;) We went to Pong, which was really epically tasty I have to go back there because I ate until I thought I'd explode

This morning I draaa~aagged myself out of bed to go visit the build site for Citybanan. This will be the new solution for Stockholm's commuter trains, which today have to pass a spot with only two rails (!) which, incidentally, every train from the Southern part of the country has to cross to enter Stockholm. Yeeeah, when there's a delay on our commuter trains, they have to hold stuff in Malmö, it's insane.

But! With Citybanan the commuter trains get their own rails in their own tunnel. And it's a big one, 6 km underground passing beneath one of the city's oldest churches and lake Mälaren. It was interesting to go down in the tunnels and watch the huge machines. They explain how they remove the mountain without disturbing the buildings on the surface, showed where how the explosivs are placed and where the tunnel segments that will go under the lake will connect.

The only process is that it won't be finished until 2017 and we kind of needed more tracks ten years ago...

Then I went back for a last round at SPX - which frankly deserves a post of its own when I'm less dead. Now I have no moniez :o

Also got some really, REALLY good news for BLYG: The ticket system is finally ready to go! Tickets will go on sale in a few days and we also got a confirmation from one of the bands: The Swedish Shortsnouts will play at the con! This'll be the first time a wizrock band plays at an anime convention in Sweden afaik and I think and hope that it'll be a pleasant experience for everyone ^^
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Skriver på svenska för omg!orka översätta tankarna till engelska just nu...

Masade mig så äntligen iväg och såg senaste HP filmen med mamma. Tyckte att den var riktigt bra, hängde bättre ihop internt än flera av de andra filmerna... Samtidigt var det väldigt många långa scener där vi fick titta på EPIC SKOTTLAND. Vilket hör hemma i Sagan om Ringen-aktiga filmer, visst, men inte riktigt i Harry Potter. Framförallt inte som de tog bort saker ur berättelsen ändå :/

Snape ägde förresten allt i den lilla scen han var med i. Vilket inte är helt positivt. Voldemorts skådis känns tyvärr alldeles för blek för mig och han borde ha dominerat Dödsätarnas möte mycket mer. Men stämningen var verkligen förfärlig - något som återkom på flera ställen i filmen. Mammas första ord när vi lämnar biosalen var just, "men oj, vad mörk den var!"

Yep, det är den.

Väl värd att se, även om man blev irriterat på de tidigare Potter-filmerna (t.ex. Goblet of Fire störde jag mig så förbannat på!)

Vi gick förresten på biograf Skandia i Stockholm, som jag verkligen borde försöka pricka in oftare! En sån otroligt tjusig gammal biosalong, guldstatyer och reliefer på väggarna och allt. Passade pampiga Potter ^_^

Innan bion gick vi förresten på Arkitekturmuseet, för att kolla in utställningen med pepparkakshus. En del väldigt fina och förvånansvärt tänkvärda bidrag. Temat för årets tävling är Hemma, och jag gillade verkligen bidraget med de två pepparkakshusen: Det ena i Bromma, det andra i Bålsta, inskickat i kategorin under 12 år. Mellan husen gick en motorväg med Ahlgrens bilar på, och texten handlade om hur hemma är hos både mamma och pappa...

Och pepparkakslaptopen, komplett med ett stort LOL på. Hemma är där jag laddar min dator, liksom

Saw Harry Potter. It was dark but mostly good. The cinema was ~teh pretty~ too

In further news, my exam is handen in, w00t!
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Hahahaaa!! Take that, doubters! I knew Snape wasn't evil all through HPB ^^

But looking at the comments and posted fanart, I couldn't help but think...

Q: What proves that the Harry Potter series is not a manga?
A: The early childhood friends don't get each other in the end

...Snape+Lily, that is. But not even Ginny is that kind of close special bff, that the main chara forgets and then they turn into twu wuw and man, do I dislike that manga trope!
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I once wrote a fic and described an uniform as "handsome". Then I got a really long concrit on it, with some very good points, some points that made it obvious that they'd missed some things (Reviewer: Get a beta! Me: uh, yes, you mean like the three I thank in the header...?) and some points where I quietly agreed to disagree.

Now, English is not my first language. Technically, I suppose it's my third language, though I've forgotten almost all of number two. But. I still thought that in that particular instance, my handsome uniform made a neat image, only to be told by Reviewer that No, impossible, nevereverno only people can be that.

Then I go to Mark Reads Harry Potter (v. entertaining, do take a look) and what do I find, but following quote:
The room was spacious and must once have been handsome
- from chapter 10 of TDH.

Ah-HA! If JKR can do it, so can I ^__________^

/End revenge of the third-language-English-geek's triumph
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So I am busy. Quite insanely busy. My AMAZING & BRILLIANT & in general very sparkle-and-cake deserving friends helped me move last Sunday. We hauled boxes upon boxes of books (and coffee cups, oh, do I have too many coffee cups) and they put together my sofa while I went with some other friends to get the second load. And, in general, they were teh awesum. Thank you!!!

My business, let me tell you about it )

As for reading, there really hasn't been that much time. I bought and read Under Ground Hotel which is now out in English and read that. Whiiich doesn't really take all that long, considering that it's a very explicit yaoi manga. Inspired a lot by the tv-series OZ, apparantly. So plenty of well-drawn and violent prison sex, ahem /fans self

Mostly I've been reading Harry Potter - Finished Half-Blood Prince a while ago and just a few days back, I read The Deathly Hallows. HBP was better than I recalled, but it's really not a book that works well as a movie (or rather, not the types of movies they've decided that the Harry Potter series will be) seeing as most of the interesting bits are discussions, Harry reading in his snarky book and flashbacks.

The Deathly Hallows was good. I was never bothered by all the camping, but I was bothered by how the end feels almost rushed (why did Snape have to die like that? It is TEH POINTLESSNESS) and Draco's story feels very much like a dangling plot-thread. Not so for the other Malfoy's; given how little Harry interacts with Lucius, I feel that the few scenes we see of his - if not quite repentance - but realization of what really matters is handled well.

The "Ginny is Harry's eternal love" story felt even more tacked on when I knew it was coming and still had to squint to see evidence of more than teenage hormones... And Hermione really, really comes into her own in the entire latter half of the series. She's so cool =D

Now class is starting, so enough babble from me. I think I want to re-read the HP books in Swedish and not just admire the pretty, pretty covers. I may be biased, but I really feel that the Swedish Harry Potter editions look the best of all that I've seen.
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I wanted to read some Harry Potter fanfic again. At first, I thought I'd just revisit some old favorites, get it out of my system and whatnot. However, after having read through all of Fabula Rasa's Snape/Black fics (still so good) I remembered other good authors, other good fics. And then I found the renovated Walking the Plank archive and I just got sucked right back in. Took a while, but I've realised that while there was a lot of moaning that the epilogue had killed the slash fandom, that's not true in the least.

It's fascinating, how you can sometimes just get acronyms and allusions? The first time I saw "spoilers: DH - EWE" I realized immediately that it meant that the fic was canon compliant for The Deathly Hallows (Except the Epilogue) and I had to giggle at it. But there's been fics written which manage to incorporate even the epilogue and still end up with Snape and Harry together. And several of them are bloody good!

New authors found were ac1d6urn and Sinick, who together wrote the amazing Red Right Hand. They've got other collab fics too that I liked a lot, several of which contains images. Not fanart as such - I tend to dislike that in fic, since even the best fanart rarely fits my image of what I've read - but shots of items, scenery, letters etc. And it's all very well done and fits great with the fic. Really nice

If anyone has recs for new stuff, do give me a shout! I basically read Snape/anyone except Remus.
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Wait - Barty Crouch Jr is played by David TENNANT?


Hot damn, he is... Been reading TVtropes, the Harry Potter entries and I stumbled upon this bit. I totally didn't remember that; oddly enough, I remembered that little tick they added in the movie, with his tongue, but my mental image of Barty Crouch was completely different.

Whoa. Odd


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