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There's internet here ^_^ I've uploaded some photos on the Raison d'être Facebook page, you can see the gallery here

Barring some unfortunate interruptions, there's been loads of people in the karaoke room all the time and it's a really good mood ^^ Also, we found donuts before. Donuts good :3

But Denmark is really expensive! The prices are the same or just above those in Stockholm, except the Danish crown costs 1.3 of the Swedish one...

(I've filmed some too, but that'll have to wait until we get home. The internet keeps disconnecting.)

Epic win of today: Miko-chan scarring the Danes with "Alla flickor och Naruto" (all the girls and naruto) and Snusmumriken singing Silver Fang!
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Wah, our hotel has Wifi, but not for free. So, hasty post!

J-popcon has been like the best karaoke experience ever so far! They've treated us really well, everything was in place when we got here (that's incredibly rare. Last Uppcon and now is like the only time. In 5 years...) and we got gophers helping out and all. The hall is also super sweet, big, airy and with lots of chairs ^_^

I haven't been around that much in the rest of the convetion area, because first we had to set stuff up, then we ate (pizza buffe, om nom nom) and then I've basically been singing with lots of happy Danish anime fans until it was time for bed. But it looks great, is amazingly close to the central station and I much look forward to looking around more tomorrow!

So far, everything spiffy. We'll see what there is actually to do tomorrow, since the night-work schedule = we are free to go look around the con! Holy crap
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This weekend, I'll visit an anime con in Denmark for the first time! Raison d'être has been invited to J-popcon to arrange the karaoke. So me, Miko-chan (whom I haven't seen for ages ♥), Kinopio and Yuna will go there and arrange the late night karaoke~
Yes, for the first time, we're to try having karaoke pretty much throughout the night! It'll be really interesting and probably seriously exhausting. However, I much prefer it to such crazy notions as that we are to open the karaoke room at 8 o'clock in the morning, which one con managment told us (wtf? Nobody sings karaoke before 9.30 at the earliest)

Otherwise, we have a lot of free time during the day... So I'll try and check out Köpenhamn a bit. Of course also investigate the con itself. See what they have there and if any ideas are worth being inspired by! ^^

Have also almost finished several new Hetalia songs, and one Vocaloid(!)

Ehm, which also comes from a Hetalia fanvid but whatever... They released a lot of good songs while I was out of the fandom, so that's been really fun to come back to. And now that I live on my own again, and have internet, I can sit in my apartment and sing along (badly) while I code songs, hehee

Um. And I might buy a signed postcard or something by Humon...

ETA: Huh. It's not that bad an idea to actually have a link to the Raison d'être karaoke list in my sidebar, is it? Thought so.


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