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I think everyone I personally know (and know to be in Japan) has reported in safe. Shown, Arufu, T (lanjes sambo), Beata and others. My sister is also travelling in Asia but is not in an area affected by the earthquake/tsunami at all

Mom and I are glued to the news, basically, and talking about it. A horrible tragedy and I hope that they will find more people of those currently counted as lost or unknown.

My thoughts go out to the victims and I hope that the situation by the nuclear power plant will come under control asap
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I just finished Johan Hilton's No tears for queers, with the subtitle "A report about men, gays and hate crimes". It is a deeply unsettling and horribly shaking book about three cases of violence against homosexual men. It is published by Bokförlaget Atlas and I bought it at Textmässan, a book fair for independent publishers.

Hilton writes in a detached, clinical style. Lots of recaps based on police materials, many many quotes and interviews. It's chilling, perhaps even worse because it's so clinical. He uses words like a scalpel and what he shows is awful, there are values of manliness that are rotten through and stink of hate and violence.

Matthew Shepard in the US. Johan Petterson in Katrineholm. Josef Ben Meddour in Göteborg.

It hurts, to read this report of three senseless, brutal murders. It hurts and it makes me so angry, so angry with the world and this country. I hope it is a good anger, I hope I'll be able to channel it into something doing more than just writing this little blog post as some kind of futile protest.

There's a long quote on the publishers page - here's part of it.

Först 1997, året då Josef sköts i rygg och nacke, började Säpo föra statistik över brott med homofobiska motiv. Sedan dess har antalet anmälda brott ökat med 76 procent utslaget över hela landet. Det beror inte bara på att HBT-människor numera känner större tilltro till polisen och vågar anmäla brotten. Det beror på en reell ökning. Bögar knackas som aldrig förr. 140 anmälda hatbrott i Västra Götaland bara det första kalenderhalvåret 2003. Att jämföra med 150 under hela 1997. Vad värre är: endast några få av dem klaras upp.

Short in English : Since 1997, when the security police began to track them, crimes with homophobic motives have increased with 76% in Sweden. The book was written in 2005, as far as I can understand.
150 reported crimes during all of 1997 to 140 crimes the first half of 2003 in one area.

So. Yeah. If you can speak the language, read this book.

There's a whole heap of important books in my "to read soon" list. I attack them when I have the time and energy. Here, I only began to flip through some pages and then I was sucked in. It's like a nightmare. I don't want it to be true. But I know it is, I recognize the words and values and the unspoken pressure. From my memories of school, from hearing drunk people on the bus, from friends of friends - straight from a few former friends, in fact - from the assumptions behind things that everyone says and thinks. Probably me too, if I could look at my mirror image with objectivity.

Have another quote. It's telling:
Den kritik och agg som deras föräldrar och det vuxna närsamhället har mot invandrare och homosexuella omvandlar de i handling. De utför de handlingar som vuxna säger sig vilja utföra, men inte vågar.
Basically, young aggressive men put into violent reality the anger, dislike and fear that the society as a whole feels towards homosexuals and immigrants, but only dares to express through words.
The above from Hans Knutagårds "...det var bara en bögjävel", quoted in the book.
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I have had a very stressful week and it'll probably go on like this to Uppcon more or less. Although now there's not so much for me left to do, but I have to trust other people (and shipping companies) to do what they're supposed to do, and I guess I'm none too good at that. Yeah. But I'll try to relax

Have read some good and some not-so-good manga recently.
I even managed to finish my review of Bunny Drop for work, and I also read and reviewed Hanako and the Terror of Allegory, although that one isn't up yet. Bunny Drop was very good, Hanako. Not so much.

We suddenly had to re-arrange the manga shelves yesterday, because that's when the new shelves were finally installed (with very short notice and they had forgotten to send a part, blah)

Tonight we celebrate Miko-chan's birthday with a big party in Gothenburg. I flew down yesterday. Yes, yes, I know, what a waste of enviroment to fly to Gothenburg. But when it costs me about 200 SEK more (return-trip) and I save something like 4 hours (yes, the rapid train was more expensive than the airplane) then I'll just be an evil sinner.
Anyway, Malmo Aviation were really good, cheap and you got sandwich and tea and everything. Almost like on a real airplane ;)

And now I have finally managed to convert and tag and whatnot all the Jeeves and Wooster music that I wanted to tag, so I'll have a nice relaxing bath and then go fika with Silverstar ^^
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What the hell, Sweden, do we want to finish almost last in the Eurovision again?
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I really need to sort out my notes from the Textual Echoes and write something up from it. And do about a million other things... Meanwhile, Paceus @ LJ has written several very interesting things about some of the papers presented.

And I'm reading Jeeves and Wooster fanfic ^_^ I love literary fandoms, especially old ones... they tend to move more slowly, but otoh they last longer and the overall quality is often very good.


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