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So, after a week of utter bumming around and hardly lifting a finger except when in the pool (yes, I have started to swim a bit again) I decided that my break from the world was over and that I'd better start doing stuff again. Among those stuffs, alas, I count my two 12-page essays.

Still, as Sunday evening rolled around, I realized that I was not going to get any studying done in the remaining hours before next week. No disaster, I did allow myself seven days of leisure... but I also realized that I hadn't left my block during the entire week (and my room only about half the days) and that was a bit embarrassing. So I hauled ass off to Potsdamer Platz and plonked myself into a cinema seat. When in doubt, watch a movie - it's almost Doing Something With Your Life.

Saw 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' )

They also showed the trailer for MiB^3. It looks awesome!!!

Monday I finally got around to visit the Berlin Guggenheim. I've been thinking of going there ever since I learned that it was free on Mondays - because I am both a cheapass and utterly ignorant about modern art, so it's not like I expected to get that much out of a visit.

My fail at comprehending very modern art )

Tuesday was spent writing stuff for work (still no essay, but at least I'm writing something beyond blog posts!) and going on a language tandem with a girl who wants to freshen up her Swedish before she does a project for her Masters. By the by, if someone has a room/bed/sofa to let to a nice student who is going to Stockholm for about 3 weeks in April, do gimme a shout.

Still, I don't want to slack off now that I'm not busy as hell in school. It's my goal to experience as much as possible of Berlin outside of both the university halls and my room. So, step one! Buy a Tip magazine and see what's on offer for the coming two weeks.

It's already paid iteself off, too ^_^ Because tonight they held a open discussion about the human/machine interaction in advanced experimental implants entitled "Werden wir Cyborgs?" (Are we becoming cyborgs?) at the Max Planck Science Gallery.

Since the two debate guests were an engineer working in brain-research and a philosopher/biologist working in ethics and medicine history, I figured I would probably not grasp every detail but also not be utterly lost.

Really glad I went there, it was very interesting both in what was said and how they had built the discussion. The audience were allowed to pick themes, by choosing among three short movie clips that where shown on a screen (Choose with laser pointers!!1! Empirical evidence I just gathered shows that if you give a bunch of adults, several of whom appear to hold at least doctorates, a laser pointer each they will turn into gleeful kids for the first five minutes). We also decided who was to "get the word" though I think both guests got to talk every time they signaled that they wanted. further questions could be asked either normally or sent in by SMS, which I appreciated very much. Mostly due to the "omfg a bunch of professors so not opening my mouth to speak German in here!!!" factor.

I learned interesting tidbits about the frontline of medical research, that we shall (alas) probably never be able to download an entire foreign language into the brain and heard many other interesting things. Some of it tied back quite nicely into the Body/Machine seminar I've had.

Then I got to visit the showroom of the Max Planck Institute and OMFG! SO COOL! Touch screens that wouldn't look amiss in the latest Star Trek movie, some kind of curved screen thing where it looks as if a molecule is hovering, amazingly beatiful photographs of cells and molecules in a room that I could best describe as iArchitecture. I'm going back during daytime to have a closer look, felt a bit tired right now. But that was seriously a room from the future, looking even better since it was in a classical old building by the Gendarmenmarkt.

How I love this city!
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Watched the fifth One Piece movie, The Curse Of The Sacred Sword, because it was about a cursed sword and Zoro.

Not really worth all the effort I had to go through to download the darned thing. For one, the animation is pretty bad, the female lead is such a wishy-washy meh character and the plot is full of characterization errors.

Review, relatively spoiler free )

But I've also been re-reading the One Piece manga! And that gave a lot more ^_^

DM's unorganized One Piece re-read: From the beginning towards Little Garden
I have a feeling that I need to "clean up" my impressions of One Piece as compared to all the fanon one gets clogged down with, so I thought I'd go back to the beginning and see what happens, now that we're entering the New World. Also, school holidays and it's bloody hard to download anime here, why not re-read One Piece?

- Zoro and Luffy express an interest in fishing between Whiskey Peak and Little Garden. They're still wildly enthusiastic about this hobby two in-series years and half a world later. I go "awww".

- I remember that I found Usopp's introduction, and the Black Cat pirates pretty boring. I like Usopp better this time round, but the fights d-r-a-g. Might be because only the Captain is there for a reason, and that reason is that he's giving up on the pirate dream. Heck, cowardly and greedy old Buggy has more dreams than that! Compared to the fights against Don Krieg (which, admittedly, I skipped some pages of) and Arlong, there's also far too much effort spent on quirky mini-bosses who don't really interest me and don't even fight in a fun way.

- Sanji and Zoro don't really argue at first, until Zoro "insults" Nami. And in the manga at least, they're not even fighting that much at the beginning of the Grand Line. I get the image they don't interact all that much yet - whiich changes pretty rapidly once Zoro drops a line about being a better hunter than Sanji. Poof, rivalry is born.

It's quite interesting to see this too, because it's such a thing (especially in fandom) that you kind of don't remember how it started or who does what, only that it exists. Both cases seem to be a bit of Zoro being thoughtlessly rude (he ttly is, loads of time. Mostly at the start/end of fights, but in general as well), Sanji taking offence, then it leads to aimed insults. After a while, they're both much more quick to take offence but here at the start, the fights are clearly escalating step-by-step.

- I forgot how cool a character design Bellemere had *starry eyed gaze at ex-soldier punk mom* Also, Nami's background is so sad ;_____;

- A lot of Luffy's silent rages, "weird instincts" and so on that we see here (and which sometimes confused people, including me, since he was so silly otherwise) make oodles of sense once you have the childhood flashback backstory.

- "A hero only dies once, a coward dies a thousand times". Or he overcomes his fears ten thousand times...
I had completely forgotten Usopp's stand against the kissy-faced fishman in the Arlong arc, but it's actually a really nice scene, despite a pretty boring enemy. Usopp wavers back and forth a lot, but when it matters, he's there for his friends. This is the first times Usopp goes back to take it up with a scary opponent solely for the sake of the crew. Well done!

Then a bit of opinon.
I've seen, on TVtropes and elsewhere, that people claim that Zoro gets more grumpy as the series processes. True, he's openly laughing more often back in East Blue, in the very first chapters, but that seems to cut down already by Usopp's island and almost feels like Oda getting a handle on his characterization.

There's also a distinct lessening of freak-outs, from Zoro but I think Sanji too. When they try to enter the Grand Line, everyone goes completely OMGHOHSHIT!!! with huge cartoony eyes and whatnot. There are still such moments later, but Zoro rarely participates (Robin, never). And Sanji, while more easily flustered, doesn't end up in the same amount of panic over unforseen wheather and weirdness either.

Part of it is simply that they've gotten used to weird stuff, but part of it is also how they react in crowds, I think. Will keep an eye on this later.

But, my point was mostly, is that it's not true that Zoro's lack of happy faces directly connects to his defeat at the hands of Mihawk. As I said, he's doing the whole open-mouthed laugh a lot less once they've picked up Usopp already.
In Logue Town, he's getting a new cursed katana = Happy Zoro (they're all really happy in this town, aw so cute~). And then there's the Whiskey Peak fight, where he's clearly internally doing the manly version of "squee! fighting mooks with my new swords! yay fun!"
In retrospect, I really like this scene because it shows how much Zoro enjoys swordfighting. The Strawhats are usually up against such odds that it's hard to judge how much they enjoy their various martial styles, but here, it's obvious that Zoro really likes it. It's like when Sanji gets to cook that elephant tuna shortly before, he's in his element and he's apparantly having fun with this new, interesting thing :)

My theory is that Zoro's gotten more mellow after the timeskip, more balanced, although he's if anything even ruder and rougher... but I really can't remember all of this massive amount of canon to judge that, nor can I really remember how Usopp developes through the series (which are basically the two things I'm most curious about), so, back to the basics it is!

I also want to see all the leads and little details that Oda drew some eight years ago (there's a mention in something like book ten, omfg, about how One Piece has been going for two years. Ancient History, dude), which leads to my next point...

OMG! Such an early mention of Jimbei and Fishman Island! And it's Zoro's bounty-hunter pal who knows something about it!! Hm, Mihawk's words about Zoro being almost frighteningly ignorant about the big world make a lot of sense. Luffy at least seems to have made a consciouss choice in this direction: he doesn't give a damn. Zoro is just clueless.

Hacchan also talks about being the second-strongest Fishman swordsman and, indeed, that was picked up recently. Heh, you can really see how the plot has expanding on Oda while writing. The beginning of One Piece ties to tightly to the 'geographical middle' of things, which we've just left, where a lot of slightly later stuff feels much more side-questy.
I knew there would be parallels between the East Blue beginning and the "second Romance Dawn", but I had no idea there would be THIS many.

It also explains a lot of things about Arlong. Cut for Fishman Island spoilers )

- Whoa, Luffy, you broke the mast off Merry to deal with Laboon? No wonder the poor thing is in such a bad shape if that's how you handle her... No, but it becomes sadly clear very early on that poor little Merry isn't made to handle the Grand Line. (Never have I felt so much for an inanimate vehicle ;_; Oda you bastard)

- I totally forgot that Mihawk and Shanks have had some kind of alteration in the past. Huh, wonder what that's about! Actually, with this and the later big fight and the whole training thing, Mihawk is totally acting like a (semi-willing) mentor to the Strawhats. It makes me curious about his motivations, because this really goes against his Icy Cool I Don't Give A Damn persona.
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I've seen this movie like three times now, and I still haven't managed to review it. Wellp, I only bought the DVD once, so let's blather a bit about pirates in honor of my first fullprice anime purchase for years!

When it comes to One Piece, I have a very back-and-forth relationship to the manga (don't really watch the anime). First I read some eight volumes, and found it silly. Then [personal profile] lanjelin began rawing about it and after quite a while, I gave in and decided to give it another chance. When I could borrow the whole bunch from A-chan and A-kun (~50 books at the time) I discovered that I did actually like it, and that it took off and became much better after a while.

But there were still too many fighting fillers (god save me from One Miniboss vs. One Strawhat fights) and at times the story just drags. I'm also getting increasingly annoyed with Oda's designs for female characters, which have decidedly not been improving lately.

Very telling is how I've felt about the latest chapters. Extremely miniscule spoilers about the latest manga chapters )
It's not a long sequence, but it's absolutely lovely and like that it made me interested in keeping up with this insanely long shonen fighting series... idek, man, I think I'm just a sucker for Epicness.

Epicness being something that the sixth One Piece movie, Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island does pretty well, though it doesn't reach the heights of the best manga chapters. Would be hard to, considering how those often build upon a long and ardorous journey.
This movie also has some really with funky animation - really, it looks nothing like anything else One Piece, but still captures the feel of the characters quite well - and a healthy dose of horror. You thought Thriller Bark was bad, you ain't seen nothing!

I've seen the tenth movie too and Youtubed a bit of one of the other ones, but honestly, they mostly feel like extra-long filler eps or summaries of previous arcs. This movie starts out a bit like that, as the Strawhats (just before Water Seven, I'd say) pick up spam a message in a bottle, advertizing a luxurious pirate resort on Omatsuri Island. Once they get there, however, they're challenged to a series of pirate tests.
Ho-hum, been there, done that and it was one of the most boring non-filler parts too... but hang, why does such a big resort (and it's huge and lushly animated, managing to look pretty good even six years later) have no other guests? And how come an island, marked with a flower on the sea chart, not contain one single blooming plant?

This is one part of where the movie does a good job, imo, as it let's the more naturally inquisitive characters discover things in a very organic fashion. We in the audience always know a bit more of what is going on than the Strawhats, but never more than that we realize that something is deeply off with the friendly Omatsuri island.

Cut for spoilers for movie #6 )

The music didn't impress me that much; I've seen it mentioned positively in some reviews, but except for the memorable carnival piece played whenever Omatsuri reveals more of his Epic Resort, I honestly never noticed it. Which is perhaps a good thing in it's own way, because it certainly helped building the mood?

The cutting of the movie also impressed me. It's made like a collage of moments, where we switch POV's several times (thus breaking up the fight scenes huzzah), so that scenes layer over each other in a very thought-out way, that I'm certainly not used from TV animation. The director has also made Summer Wars (not seen) and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - the latter makes me think he should stick to material with a bit more oomph in it, because while TGWLTT also had a lot of fancy cutting, it felt a bit dull tbh.

So. That concludes my somewhat rambling (sorry) review. If you want to see this movie legally and do not speak German, though shit, cuz it's not released in the US, the UK or Sweden. Don't ask me why, it works as a One Piece film and it's actually a decent stand-alone anime movie too.

By the by, I listened to the very first scene with the German dub just for the lulz, and I can again conclude that German's dub anime miles better than Americans. Even if Ruffy's voice felt a bit off and Zoro's was too high-pitched, the acting part of VA just felt much more natural. Lovely packaging too, with slip-cover and a poster. Just wish they could've squeezed some extra material on the actual DVD. Oh well.

Like One Piece? Like scary anime? Like flat-style animation? See this movie ^_^
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Yesterday I spontaneously visited the cinema round the corner with my roommate/landlady. Since we were both a bit bored, we decided to see what ran in the nearby cinemas*. Lucky for us, a movie that E. had heard good things about ran in the Babylon-cinema which is two streets behind our flat. It has a nice big screen too, although it must've been severely full of dust or something, because I kept coughing throughout the movie (but not loudly enough to disturb, I think, since E. said she didn't notice).

We saw This Must Be The Place To Be, a quite brilliant movie which I have not heard a peep about from, uh, anyone before E. mentioned it. An understated, touching movie with excellent acting from pretty much all corners. Throw in an interesting plot, told in a captivating, not too on-the-nose-writey manner and some excellent cinematography and it had me from about three minutes into the film. I highly recommend it - though try not to read too many previews, I went into the film completely blind and somehow, I think it made it even better?
The very barest bones of the story: An aging rock-star is bored and disillusioned with life. Change happens, truths are revealed and people open up.

Then today the international club at the university offered us discounted tickets for a concert with the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. It was their 65th Anniversary concert, being played in the Berliner Philharmonie - quite the impressive building by the way! - which I had somehow missed so I was a bit underdressed. Whoops.

I also almost missed the entire thing, because the bloody bus didn't run on time! There was supposed to go a bus seven minutes past the hour, then another one at sixteen minutes past. When it was twenty past and no bus in sight, I hailed a cab... Still got there last of everyone in my group, but not too late. On the way back, at least the subway co-operated nicely.

The pieces were:
Olivier Messiaen - Les offrandes oubliées
Frédéric Chopin - Klavierkonzert Nr. 2 f-Moll
César Franck - Symphonie d-Moll

Because I am a classical music dunce, I can't say more than that I enjoyed it, had a good time, and recognized bits of Chopin from movies and the radio.

Tomorrow, there's a literature day which I wish to visit. Which means I should really try to get some sleep if I want to be awake enough to enjoy it.... Double-hopefully, I'll actually be able to sleep with my ear feeling this tender. At least the friggin seven o'clock in the morning roof-repair men don't work weekends.

*Berlin utterly pwns Sweden when it comes to cinemas; At home, there's one chain + like 2 "arty" cinemas if you're lucky enough to live in a large city a.k.a. Sthlm. Here? There's like fifteen, at least, and they all show different movies. Colour me impressed
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Oh dear, I am running more than a bit behind on blogging... Anyway, here's to a good attempt to catch up in my free-period in school; not like I'll have time to read the heavy 26-pages article I need to have read tomorrow anyway before I'm off to class.

We went to the cinema last Friday, to watch Michael Bully Herbig's new movie, Hotel Lux. It's a dark comedy about a non-political German variety artist, who has to flee the country due to the Nazis. The latter influenced by the fact that the skit he has together with a (Jewish) partner, is poking fun at Hitler and Stalin. Due to various things, his dream of going to Hollywood fails, and instead he ends up in Moscow, at Hotel Lux, where all the up-and-coming German socialists are living in exile.
Oh, and because the fake passport he had was meant for someone else, Stalin now thinks that he's a close confidant of Hitler. It is also the period of the great anti-Trotsky "cleansing" of the Communist part.

Sooo... when it says black humor? It's what's on the tin, for sure. People are (rather graphically) murdered and shot here, and several characters see-saw wildly between being buffoonish villains in a slapstick/Disney-esque way, and being honest-to-god scary fuckers. Which, on the one hand, when compared to many of the Ostalgie-influenced German comedies I've seen, is good. You can make fun of Stalin, but forgetting that he had loads and loads of people killed or deported leaves a weird taste behind. Otoh, compared to something like Hot Fuzz, where people die right and left without the movie ever really loosing it's comedic grounding, Hotel Lux is something of a failure.

The actors were, overall, quite good (though the love-story felt extremely shoehorned) and while the plot isn't the deepest, it acts well to showcase all the personalities. The claustrophobia and tired "yeah, it's a terror regime but you can't be scared shitless ALL the time, get on with it" athmosphere of the hotel is well captured... most of the time.

An uneven movie, with a thread-thin plot, but charming/terrifying characters and a couple of really well-done jokes. And! Since I'm more used to US/British comedy tropes, it feels more unpredictable

Not Bully's best work, but worth to see. Be prepared for violence though
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After a lovely long brunch with my classmates (got fresh pancakes, yay!) we went to see the new Tintin adventure. It was really well animated, and the plot was completely decent too, for an adventure movie. I had a bit of a trouble to get used to the English names (Thompson? But they're called Dupond and Dupont! Not to mention Milou...) but otherwise, it worked well though one of my classmates found the dialogue painfully clunky.

It tried to make the action scenes a bit too epic, which kind of jarred with the cartoony violence, but all in all, it was a fun film. One of the better comic-to-movie productions I've seen
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We went to the cinema last week, on Thursday to be more exact. We... which in this case, I should probably mention, means the Danish girl and other Swedish girl from the language class. We're a trio of easily amused, often dirty-minded Scandinavians, who have begun making themselves known as "Snusktanterna" among the ERASMUS students of Berlin and are working (in co-operation with the He-of-the-posh-accent AKA one of the British guys (seriously, poshest accent ever!) to spread the Swedish word Snusk (Dirty) to as many people as possible during this year.

Anyway! We were originally planning to watch the highbrow masterpiece Cowboys & Aliens, but, due to it only being shown in dubbed form, decided to skip that for now. Von Trier's Melancholia was under discussion but I (foolishly, it turned out) vetoed it due to 1) Von Trier and 2) dying woman, meh. Then we talked about something with piano playing kids on the poster, finally settling for a Dutch movie only one of us had heard something about. This movie also contained a dying woman; it's allegedly all about this woman dying in cancer. But at least we all hoped that the dubbing would be more tolerable, seeing as how we're not used to watching Dutch movies and also, it was starting in 20 minutes and we didn't feel like waiting.

So. In we go. The trailers start running and I tell you, completely without irony, that they were the best part of the whole thing (especially Hotel Lux, as I have a sentimental fondness for Michael Bully's comedies).

What followed where two hours of horrible acting, awful soundtrack, too many pointless MTV cuts and a main character so unappealing I hoped he'd catch his wife's cancer and die. Preferably within the first 10 minutes, please. There was also enough nudity (mostly female, though we got to see more of the lead male's ass than I'd ever wished) to make a soft-core pornflick, though considering how boring the sex was, I don't think it would've been much of a hit. Oh, except the scene where they run around in a wheat field, naked, calling each other with bird pipes - that one surpasses boring and goes straight into WTF?

The title of the movie, btw, is Komt een vrouw bij de dokter in Dutch, Love-Life in German, Stricken in English and apparantly En sorts kärlek in Swedish... Maybe they thought if they swapped the title enough times, some day it would turn into a good movie?

Our alternate taglines were:
A movie for asshole men: Don't worry if she dies of cancer, you can keep on fuckin' around!
Maybe she's dying from it - maybe it's Maybelline! This
due to the way the post-chemotherapy woman wakes up after a night of partying in a hotel with her perfect mascara and eyeliner on her perfect, pretty face. Sssyeeeahright. She also loses all head hair, but keeps eyebrows and lashes. Superglue?

The plot is simple: Two seriously rich people marry and are happy, but he "needs" to sleep around. So he does. She gets cancer, he angsts about it and gets a permanent lover. She dies, he keeps on being rich and is probably still sleeping around. Oh, and they have a daughter, but she's got the personality and is apparantly treated much like one of Paris Hilton's chihuahuas so never mind her.
What I only found out afterwards is that it's apparantly based on a book based on a true story. Because rich guys writing about their dying wives whom they can't be faithful to, is apparantly exactly what the literary world needs more of!

There's a silver lining to everything, though and in this case it was Apfelschorle. Or rather the realization of exactly how huge a "large" cup of soda is in German cinemas and that I totally can't order one of those unless I expect a movie where it doesn't matter if I have to powder my nose halfway through. We also discovered that the salsa dip (to the nacho chips) was far beneath our standards, while the cheese dip surprised in tastiness.
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So my sleep is just friggin messed up right now. I mean seriously. And I gotta try and fix it til Monday because I have to work tomorrow, so that is a bit tricky.

Anyway. On Friday, I had to drag myself out of the apartment to go to school anyway, so I agreed to watch Pirates of the Carribbean - On Stranger Tides with A-chan and A-kun, hoping that if I doped up on enough cough medication I wouldn't ruin the experience for everyone. And I don't think I did! I got one bad attack but it was during one of the (many) long, loud and messy fight scenes, and my inhalator calmed it down quickly ^^

I liked the movie pretty well, even if the plot wasn't all that interesting. But this piratey magical world they're creating, it appeals to me. And the movie felt a lot less convoluted and long than the previous two (although there were big chunks of movie III that I also liked, since I obviously have no taste)

Possibly spoilers )

And then I have watched Doctor Who. Blow my mind much? Yes.
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I usually am of the "you will have to take this from my cold, dead hands" when it comes to computers. But as mine is borked and mother was kind enough to lend me her, it felt a bit awkward to start complaining when she needs it returned. I'll just move into the school library for a week or two Also, I have a ton of books to read so it's just good for me to go offline

Yesterday I delivered the computer and watched Moon which almost completely lives up the hype. Interesting, thoughful science fiction movie which manages to tell an engaging story and uses its setting perfectly, without drowning in effects or techno-babble. I mean, what I love about sci-fi movies, is when they manage to tell a story which you really couldn't tell with a completely realistic scenario, but treat the issues and the characters with as much respect as any other character. Something like Avatar, which was basically Pocahontas Dances with Wolves in Space, doesn't really use the technological advances and presence of another species to tell a new story. It only throws on a lot of (beautiful, granted) visuals to re-tell something which could pretty much be told in a historical drama. Sure, you can't put the legs back on an amputee in that setting, but it's not like the movies spends much time thinking about that issue

Moon, otoh, uses two sci-fi elements to discuss one timeless and one extremely modern issue:
- The utter isolation of a station on the moon - could be replaced by, for instance, a lighthouse
- Spoiler )
- The timeless issue: Isolation, alienation and existenial terror. What to do if I see myself, truly?
- The modern issue: Ultra-capitalism, slimmed productions and what that means

The technology carries the plot, but the plot isn't about these techs - they're not pointed out as "OMG!! How fresh and new!" It's not like a moon base is common in the movie either, but you can clearly see that it's been there for a while, it's not an experiment or so. Especially not the the poor bastard living there...

Anyway, really good movie! And nice use of silence in some parts! The use and not-use of music was a bit destroyed for me because my sister insisted on playing her radio loudly and my mother's house is about as sound-proof as a tent, but I noticed and liked it.

Um. I am also reading a lot of books for class. I bought another Eyeshield 21 lately, and I think that'll have to be the last one. We've got the Hiruma-Agon-Kid moment in the car, so what's left is tedious filler games, some disconcerting racism and... that's about it. Absolutely an issue of manga artists drawing a few extra volumes more than they have inspiration for, just for the bucks.
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Finished today by (finally) watching Good Bye, Lenin! which we actually *le gasp* rented. As in, went to a physical store and rented. Really good movie, funny and touching. It also contained some really hilarious moments (the friend with director dreams! wonderful!)

Before that, I was at one of the Japan-themed knick-knack sales that have sprung up lately, with the rest of the BLYG theme (first ticket sale, GET!) and also had dinner with mom

Tomorrow meetings and cleaning and studies, am reading Sharon Kinsella's Adult Manga - very interesting book which I will talk about more. Later. Because I'm falling-over tired now
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During about 1/3 of the viewing of Black Swan, which I saw with my mother last weekend, my face looked very much like the icon.

I had avoided fannish reviews, since most were spoiler-warned and I figured I might eventuellay possibly see that movie one day. I had only read the teensy-tiny review in the paper which went, basically, "Pretty movie, great acting, see this!"

Nowhere had I caught that this was also a seriously disturbing movie. I mean, jeepers creepers, when I think "ballet movie" I think a movie that might make you interested in watching ballet and, if you're a) young b) impressionable c) both, to perhaps even try dancing it on your own.*

HAHA no chance of that with Black Swan! Yes, it often looks good (though I hate the shaky-cam they do when she's walking in the beginning. Motion sickness, hi there!), the emotions are very raw and gripping and I walked out of the cinema convinced that pro-level ballet will fuck your shit up. Badly.
Though Natalie Portman looked Good with the net veil in that last part, I have to tell you.

*This is not the fault of any reviewer or anything. Wikipedia calls it "psychological thriller" in the first line. I am just dense, ok?

Further viewings: Sherlock! Only a couple of months after everyone else and, as usual, it was [personal profile] lanjelin who dealt me the crack.

It was good, especially episode one. And three, but it introduced Moriarty and if you fail that well, then you just fail at life Sherlock Holmes.

I still prefer the Granada version, because as cute as young modern Sherlock is, nobody outclasses Jeremy Brett. (He's v. v. cute tho)

There were a lot of interesting camera angles and other tricks going on in this version - the little hovering text links, the all-encompassing usage of cell phones and computers, and probably plenty of other things I didn't catch. Some day, when I have time (lolz) I want to take a class in "Movies and What They Use to Reel Us In 101".

I've done a quick read-through of fics, but I find that I'm not all that captured yet, not in the fannish way. Perhaps it will change when we get more story, I'm still feeling my way around the characters a bit too much to buy into any fannish characterization to be honest. Especially since I know that we will get more - which I will absolutely watch a bit faster

Lastly, I spent a bit more than a week being quite ill and so retreated to my favorite reading: Discworld ♥ And because the upcoming Discworld book, Snuff (working title) is about Vimes, I decided to re-read the watch novels. Yes, all of them - when I don't have anything to do except lounge around at home because even the 20 minute walk to school leaves me sweaty and shivering with exhaustion, I read fast.

Tiny bit of the blurb for Snuff )

Oh, this'll be good!
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Was over at [personal profile] lanjelin's and we watched a nibble more of Durarara! We're up to episode 5, a very interesting series. Like the interweaving storytelling and several of the characters are fascinating too. It feels like a very modern anime, somehow, more so than some other new shows I've seen. Must be all the cellphones...

We also saw the One Piece movie Strong World, which was fun but somewhat lackluster. Movie 6, despite being non-canon, was better. Huh
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As the header says, Christmas is over and I feel fine =) Nah, it was really low stress this year, at least from the Yule-ish part. The rest of my life is a bit too stressy, I think, as I'm getting tension headaches and have trouble falling asleep again. Will try to go swimming and relax a bit more soonish

While at mom's, we watched Die Päpstin (int. title Pope Joan) about Johanna from Ingelheim who disguises herself as a man and becomes pope during the ninth century. It was good, but pretty damn depressing in bits, although it also contained some funny scenes. And Faramir was in it! Basically reprising his role (alright, he got a romance here) as the somewhat smart guy who walks around angsting because everyone is either a creep or a hero ^_^;;

Anyway, recommended, though beware spoiler for the beginning of the movie: )

The lady pope also looks very otherworldly and cool in the final scenes, they really make her shine with some kind of "inner strenght"

Then I watched the Swedish black comedy Tomten är far till alla barnen (eng. Santa is father to all the children). Yes, like ten years after everyone else in this country... We're not much for Swedish film in my family, tbh.

In a misguided attempt at holiday cheer, Sara invites her three ex-partners and their families to celebrate Christmas with her new partner and the kids (who seem to come one from each partnership?) Then, as people start drinking, secrets are revealed, jealousy rears its ugly head and it all becomes utterly horrible.

It is interesting that with a few exceptions, the only tolerable Swedish comedies are the ones that are also tragedies. And this one is both 1) good and 2) very tragocomic
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Skriver på svenska för omg!orka översätta tankarna till engelska just nu...

Masade mig så äntligen iväg och såg senaste HP filmen med mamma. Tyckte att den var riktigt bra, hängde bättre ihop internt än flera av de andra filmerna... Samtidigt var det väldigt många långa scener där vi fick titta på EPIC SKOTTLAND. Vilket hör hemma i Sagan om Ringen-aktiga filmer, visst, men inte riktigt i Harry Potter. Framförallt inte som de tog bort saker ur berättelsen ändå :/

Snape ägde förresten allt i den lilla scen han var med i. Vilket inte är helt positivt. Voldemorts skådis känns tyvärr alldeles för blek för mig och han borde ha dominerat Dödsätarnas möte mycket mer. Men stämningen var verkligen förfärlig - något som återkom på flera ställen i filmen. Mammas första ord när vi lämnar biosalen var just, "men oj, vad mörk den var!"

Yep, det är den.

Väl värd att se, även om man blev irriterat på de tidigare Potter-filmerna (t.ex. Goblet of Fire störde jag mig så förbannat på!)

Vi gick förresten på biograf Skandia i Stockholm, som jag verkligen borde försöka pricka in oftare! En sån otroligt tjusig gammal biosalong, guldstatyer och reliefer på väggarna och allt. Passade pampiga Potter ^_^

Innan bion gick vi förresten på Arkitekturmuseet, för att kolla in utställningen med pepparkakshus. En del väldigt fina och förvånansvärt tänkvärda bidrag. Temat för årets tävling är Hemma, och jag gillade verkligen bidraget med de två pepparkakshusen: Det ena i Bromma, det andra i Bålsta, inskickat i kategorin under 12 år. Mellan husen gick en motorväg med Ahlgrens bilar på, och texten handlade om hur hemma är hos både mamma och pappa...

Och pepparkakslaptopen, komplett med ett stort LOL på. Hemma är där jag laddar min dator, liksom

Saw Harry Potter. It was dark but mostly good. The cinema was ~teh pretty~ too

In further news, my exam is handen in, w00t!
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Okay, the fightscenes and retro video game stuff? Really cool, mhmm. And it was great to see a movie made from a comic book that (according to the Scott Pilgrim readers in our group) was faithful and kept so many nerdy injokes.

But I'm really glad I didn't pay for this movie, because then I would probably have been disappointed ^^; Sorry, but the whole "guy fights for girl who stands there staring in adoration in vague hipster-angst" really isn't my thing. There were also several points where my embarassment squick got so triggered (mostly by Scott himself) that I had to fight to keep my eyes open. And, y'know, the whole pretty sucky race/gender thing which I'm sure someone else has said better than I did

But! Free movie = better movie, yes? And the video game-y gimmicks were super cute and well done, the fight scenes pretty awesome and the whole "and how many people will wake up in gay roommates bed this time?" deadpan and funny.

Not to mention a surprisingly good soundtrack.

But some of those scenes, oh man, trainwrecks galore... Couldn't we have replaced them with more DDR/Mortal Combat fighting? That looked good
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I watched the Going Postal two-parter at [personal profile] lanjelin's today. It was great! This is one of my favorite Discworld books and it really worked as a movie.

I really think these Discworld filmings get better and better (though the basis for the script is unfortunately weaker in Color of Magic/The Light Fantastic). And the actors were spot on! Moist von Lipwig, Adore Belle Dearhart, Reacher Gilt (played by the actor who did Hercule Poirot, much to the amusement of my fellow viewers). And, and! "Junior" Postman Groat was played by Manuel! From Fawlty Towers, good god! And Sergeant Angua, rowr! *fans self*

Ankh-Morpork looked spectacular and most of the changes from the book worked very well. I only miss the bit with Vetinari shining at the very end, and the tiny little Vimes scene. Other than that, a v. good adaption. I hope they continue like this
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Second time for Sherlock Holmes 2009 movie. Lesse, what did I miss the first time...

spoilerispoilers here )


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