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Fandom is apparantly discovering ice-hockey recently. Mainly the NHL if I understand correctly.

This is such a weird concept to me. I've been trying to avoid hockey and football for most of my life, and yet, both sports are everywhere. It's literally like trying not to breath, to grow up in a lower-middle class area in Sweden and not get hockey and football shoved into your face at least once every other year.

Trying to watch Sailor Moon sometime in 1995-ish: Every third ep is cancelled/moved due to hockey games and yet you KEEP ON WATCHING because sometimes it comes on after they finish.

Sport staples in school: Indoor bandy, football, "brännboll", swimming and ice-skating. All the guys have hockey skates, some of the girls too, and every one of those people skate much better (and more violently) than I did.
I did use to play a mean game of bandy, though.

Headlines every time a World Cup rolls around: OMG FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL HOCKEY It's a snake, a snaaaake. You kind of have to stop taking public transport, watch TV or read newspapers to avoid

Hearing sudden shrieks of joy/screams of rage from the neighbours: Sweden just scored against Brazil or Finland, lol/lost epically

Hockey. How can you be fannish about ice-hockey? I mean, it's like being fannish about plumbing or something. It just is
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So I was totally planning on going to bed early tonight, but instead I stayed up far too late discussing shoujo manga. Whoops.

This makes me realize how much I miss my geeky friends ;_; Internet discussions are great, but RL talk over tea and anime is also quite, quite good. COME VISIT ME SOON GIRLS!!

To comfort myself, I shall post a pretty image behind the cut. While I can't buy this figure right now, I can at least drool mightily and hope to one day find it second hand or something

Indecently expensive (but hot) P.O.P 'Sailing Again' Zoro figure )

Also good is that I cleaned up the apartment today, and packed my school bag while I was at it. I think 15 minutes for a shower + toothbrushing will have to do tomorrow morning, yeah?
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So my sleep is just friggin messed up right now. I mean seriously. And I gotta try and fix it til Monday because I have to work tomorrow, so that is a bit tricky.

Anyway. On Friday, I had to drag myself out of the apartment to go to school anyway, so I agreed to watch Pirates of the Carribbean - On Stranger Tides with A-chan and A-kun, hoping that if I doped up on enough cough medication I wouldn't ruin the experience for everyone. And I don't think I did! I got one bad attack but it was during one of the (many) long, loud and messy fight scenes, and my inhalator calmed it down quickly ^^

I liked the movie pretty well, even if the plot wasn't all that interesting. But this piratey magical world they're creating, it appeals to me. And the movie felt a lot less convoluted and long than the previous two (although there were big chunks of movie III that I also liked, since I obviously have no taste)

Possibly spoilers )

And then I have watched Doctor Who. Blow my mind much? Yes.
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Every spring, there comes about two and a half weeks when everyone I know who is involved in the fanzine and small press comics world goes into some kind of work-related hysteria slash coma. That means I need to start keeping an eye out for Stockholm's Small Press Expo, which is pretty much The opportunity to find fanzines, meet comics creators and perhaps even hear several interesting international guests at Kulturhuset.

This years panels and talks aren't super hot for me, though that's mostly because I've focused my interests rather narrowly lately (lack of time for anything else). But if I have the energy to go in on Sunday, I'll definitely attend this:
14:45 - 15:30 Galago presenterar: "Feministiskt självförsvar i serier". Panel med Gabrielle Bell, Kati Rickenbach m fl. Övriga deltagare meddelas senare. Moderator: Berit Viklund. *
Var: Studio 3 (Kulturhuset)

(Feminist self-defence in comics)

Kulturhuset also lists all the other comics-related stuff that'll happen in Stockholm about now and it's a lot!

I'm so bloody tired these days, but this sounds kinda too awesome to miss, eh?
"Ladies Drink'n'Draw"
Vad: Separatistiskt ölhäng för kvinnor och transpersoner som tecknar. Träffa seriefestivalens internationella gäster. Umgänge och teckning utlovas! Öppet för alla efter 21. Arrangör Berit Viklund.

Ahhh, and then there's the thing at Atelje Otecknad which I have managed to miss every bloody year and I'd really like to go so much happening so little time and energy ;_;

Oh, and the Scott Pilgrim guy is coming. That's fun, I know my friends like him a lot :3

Last but not least: Stef, who will sit at Snyggbordet during the market (which is totally the high point of any SPX =) posted this link a while ago. Epic markers of seventies shojo manga!

In conclusion: Epicest epic comic weekend, coming right up!
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During about 1/3 of the viewing of Black Swan, which I saw with my mother last weekend, my face looked very much like the icon.

I had avoided fannish reviews, since most were spoiler-warned and I figured I might eventuellay possibly see that movie one day. I had only read the teensy-tiny review in the paper which went, basically, "Pretty movie, great acting, see this!"

Nowhere had I caught that this was also a seriously disturbing movie. I mean, jeepers creepers, when I think "ballet movie" I think a movie that might make you interested in watching ballet and, if you're a) young b) impressionable c) both, to perhaps even try dancing it on your own.*

HAHA no chance of that with Black Swan! Yes, it often looks good (though I hate the shaky-cam they do when she's walking in the beginning. Motion sickness, hi there!), the emotions are very raw and gripping and I walked out of the cinema convinced that pro-level ballet will fuck your shit up. Badly.
Though Natalie Portman looked Good with the net veil in that last part, I have to tell you.

*This is not the fault of any reviewer or anything. Wikipedia calls it "psychological thriller" in the first line. I am just dense, ok?

Further viewings: Sherlock! Only a couple of months after everyone else and, as usual, it was [personal profile] lanjelin who dealt me the crack.

It was good, especially episode one. And three, but it introduced Moriarty and if you fail that well, then you just fail at life Sherlock Holmes.

I still prefer the Granada version, because as cute as young modern Sherlock is, nobody outclasses Jeremy Brett. (He's v. v. cute tho)

There were a lot of interesting camera angles and other tricks going on in this version - the little hovering text links, the all-encompassing usage of cell phones and computers, and probably plenty of other things I didn't catch. Some day, when I have time (lolz) I want to take a class in "Movies and What They Use to Reel Us In 101".

I've done a quick read-through of fics, but I find that I'm not all that captured yet, not in the fannish way. Perhaps it will change when we get more story, I'm still feeling my way around the characters a bit too much to buy into any fannish characterization to be honest. Especially since I know that we will get more - which I will absolutely watch a bit faster

Lastly, I spent a bit more than a week being quite ill and so retreated to my favorite reading: Discworld ♥ And because the upcoming Discworld book, Snuff (working title) is about Vimes, I decided to re-read the watch novels. Yes, all of them - when I don't have anything to do except lounge around at home because even the 20 minute walk to school leaves me sweaty and shivering with exhaustion, I read fast.

Tiny bit of the blurb for Snuff )

Oh, this'll be good!
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Koji Nanjo

Totally tired right now. But the TVTropes Yandere entry (The "I am c-r-a-z-y for you" stereotype) lists Koji Nanjo from Zetsuai as an example.

Or, well, to put it plainly most of the people who feel love/lust/obesssion in Zetsuai and Zetsuai Bronze fit this trope...

You won't understand what I like if you watch that old OAV, btw. The animation is rather horrid, though I liked the music. (Watch the music videos on youtube)

However, if you enjoy a tragic boy's love story with a plot of near operatic proportions (Especially in the sequel, Bronze. Put it like this, there are arms cut off - as an expression of devotion) the Zetsuai mangas are good. I like the art style too, very messy and just on the edge of scribbly but much more dynamic and, well, artistic than most of the bland drivel produced today. Alright, the first books are pretty choppy in style (especially the forehead of the women, holy beehive, Izumi's sis!!)

Koji Nanjo is a rock singer. Interesting tidbit: His visual performance borrows in part from the band BUCK-TICK, who were pretty big back then. Minami Ozaki and Kaori Yuki are among the few manga artists I know that have specifically mentioned visual kei (and related styles) artists as inspirations for their characters.

Anyway, Koji sees Takuto Izumi, a young football player traumatized by having witnessed his mother murdering his father in a fit of jealous passion, and falls into... obession? They do actually begin to love each other after a while, even share a rather cozy apartment for a while (then it all goes to hell - again) but it definitely doesn't start out in a healthy way.

Takuto Izumi

The problem with the love in Zetsuai is, I'd say, that both the protagonists are so horribly damaged by their families and that they can both be incredibly stubborn. Izumi cares for his little sister, Koji for nobody at all. They act self destructively (Koji smoking, drinking, fighting and driving with a death wish, Izumi not taking care of his body despite grueling football practice) and when they fall together it begins a spiral of obsession, violence, self-hatred and burning passion. That Koji has two plain crazy brothers and that their fans and the media aren't exactly welcoming the (after a while) prominent gay couple doesn't make things better.

Make no mistake, Zetsuai is melodromatic and tragic. But it's still very gripping and the art grows into something absolutely fascinating. Abstract, almost breaking free of the pages in violent b/w smudges to then fade away in rare, sunlit scenes of tenderness.

I (lazily) collect the Zetsuai artbooks and soundtracks. Own three so far, Zodiac, Puff and God as well as some doujinshi. Ozaki started out in the amateur scene and she kept doing (might still be for all I know?) doujinshi to her own work for quite a while.

Fyi, if you ever offer me one of Minami Ozaki's Sailor Moon doujinshi, I might just pay you with my soul.

oh, one more pic... )

Entire anime meme here
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Staffars serier is a lovely little comic shop (with a plentiful yaoishelf too, ahem) in Stockholm. They've been doing a reading circle for a while now, and I think I might try and go to the next meeting.

Höstens läsecirkelprogram: 16/9 Girl Genius

Discuss one of my favorite series with other well-read comics people? Hmm, yes please!
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Today I should post about my Favorite tsundere. The problem is that I don't really like the tsundere stereotype. It's only pretty recently that I've got some kind of a handle on the term at all, in fact.

To quote TVtropes:
The Japanese term tsundere refers to a character (usually female) who "runs hot and cold", alternating between two distinct moods: tsuntsun (aloof or irritable) and deredere (lovestruck). Claws out, then cute like a kitten, a friend once described the character type. If anything, I prefer the yandere trope (I think it's called "ax-crazy for love" or something like that in Western fandom?), at least as expressed in Higurashi no naku koro ni. Because little girls and a boys going frightfully insane in a "Groundhog Day" style universum was just amazingly creepy.

But apparantly Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion qualifies, so let's go with her. She's severely messed up in the head, but then, who in NGE isn't?

So for her, have the best - and probably one of the oldest too - anime music videos ever made:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Engel

You go, Asuka ^_^
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Day 11 - Favorite mecha series

My favorite mecha series is without a doubt Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The other mecha series I like a lot (Code Geass and, back in the days, Gundam Wing) I liked despite the fact that they were mecha. Gurren Lagann is fantastic and it wouldn't be fantastic without the giant robots.

TVtropes describes it as: ...what happens when you ask Studio Gainax to create a Saturday Morning Cartoon. It's over the top, it's epic, it's funny, it's surprisingly touching and it's VERY entertaining. I also like most (all?) of the characters - Kamina, Simon, Yoko, Nia, Viral, Kittan.... Even Rossiu works great in the plot, though he's pretty darn stupid at times.

ETA: It also has equal-opportunity fanservice. Ok, so Yoko runs around in a bikini most of the time. But Simon, Kamina and Kittan also walk around shirtless in most scenes, so I guess it's just hot? Does look like a desert after all... Basically, thank god that the guys aren't wearing all-covering armor while the girls skimp around in nothing. "Studio Gainax: Bringing both-gendered skimp to the masses since 2008."

It also has an amazing soundtrack!

Tho the ending/opening themes are a bit meh. But. This is great fun, sci-fi world run on the rule of cool, epic battles, friendship that endures, super-catchy catchphrases and an endless amount of sheer hope. The only way you could have more coolness crammed into one 27-episode long series is if the mechas were run one pure awesome... Oh, wait. That's what they do!
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Nanne Grönwalls Avundsjuk + Umineko no naku koro ni = AMV

Eh? Eh? Tell me it couldn't be brilliant, I dare you!
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Ehehe. I have vacation this week, which has so far been spent doing... nothing much. Whatever happened to the days? 'neways, meme time!

Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) )

Day 6 - Most annoying anime character )

This is also not quite meme-related, but I would like to point out that hating/loving certain voice actors (or even haircolors) isn't quite such an arbitrary point as hating/loving regular actors. Seiyuu (japanese voice actors) tend to be type-cast a lot more, just as anime tends to follow a dramatic color scheme, or the seme/uke lenght pattern or other things. They're animated characters, after all, so why not draw them in a way that is a short-hand for how they behave? Of course, if you invert it, you can easily play with the audience's expectations.

Thus, when a cute girl opens her mouth and has a high-pitched, slightly whiny voice, it sets my teeth on edge and I know I probably won't like her. The same way when one of the guys is voiced by Koyasu Takehito has a smooth, darker voice and a slightly creepy laugh? I know he's most likely to be a cool villain, an anti-hero or at least on the side of good, but still somewhat of a bastard and I'll probably like him...

And then of course we get characters like Gokudera, who has gray hair. Wtf? He's a hothead who fights with dynamite, how can he have gray hair -_-
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Day 2 - Favorite anime you’ve watched so far

Oh dear, that's a tough one... Hmmm. I really like the Nausicaä manga, but the anime is too short to do it properly justice. Utena is a strong contender too. My current favorite fannish series is Hetalia, but I'm not going to claim that it's the best thing evah omg!!1 because it's not. Also, manga tops anime in this case too. Maison Ikkoku is an anime series that I also remember as very well-done, but it's been so long since I saw it and I only ever finished the manga, so I guess it doesn't fit on any top list. I can think of a few other titles off the top of my head, but none that really feels like a sure winner - possibly Monoke Hime, but even that didn't quite catch me as Utena.

So let's go with Revolutionary Girl Utena, the most psyched-out, queer, wonderful, epic and kick-ass school girl/fairytale/fantasy deconstruction-anime in the world. Oh, it also has the most amazing soundtrack ever aaaaand - it'll be re-released in a remastered DVD box soon! Already out in Japan, coming to a anime store near you with subtitles sometime not too far off (I hope)

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku.
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I took this from [personal profile] duowolf, because it looked like a fun thing to do.

My very first anime
I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw Kimagure Orange Road first of all, because I so recognized it when I saw it after I got into anime. We probably rented it or something, my parents rented a lot of children's movies for me. It was released in Sweden under the name Superfamiljen (The Super Family) and had a *cough* not-splendid dub. The main character was for instance renamed Kurre Karlsson...

But my first real anime experience, which was also my first fannish anime, was good old Sailor Moon. They aired it at Swedish television, but with irregular times and it was often replaced by hockey :(

My sister and I watched what we could of Sailor Moon together. I know the first episode I saw of it, too, because it was episode 13, where they killed Jadeite. It almost gave me nightmares and I decided that something where the villains can actually honestly die, feels a whole bit more serious and grown up (so sue me, I was 13-14 somewhere) and I totally needed to watch this. Then I saw a transformation sequence and holy heck, sparklez! I was v. impressed

Sweden didn't get past the first season during that airing - we only ever got so far as season 2, in fact - but when I went on a language trip to Austria, my host mother turned out to be a big Sailor Moon fan. So I got to see the first two seasons there and fall in love with Rubeus German voice *g*

Oh, and I also met dear Miko-chan during that trip... had I not gone to Austria that summer, I most likely would not have been an anime fan; possibly not into fandom at all, though I was already a HUGE sci-fi/fantasy nerd.

Anime Meme here )


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