Apr. 17th, 2012

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Fandom is apparantly discovering ice-hockey recently. Mainly the NHL if I understand correctly.

This is such a weird concept to me. I've been trying to avoid hockey and football for most of my life, and yet, both sports are everywhere. It's literally like trying not to breath, to grow up in a lower-middle class area in Sweden and not get hockey and football shoved into your face at least once every other year.

Trying to watch Sailor Moon sometime in 1995-ish: Every third ep is cancelled/moved due to hockey games and yet you KEEP ON WATCHING because sometimes it comes on after they finish.

Sport staples in school: Indoor bandy, football, "brännboll", swimming and ice-skating. All the guys have hockey skates, some of the girls too, and every one of those people skate much better (and more violently) than I did.
I did use to play a mean game of bandy, though.

Headlines every time a World Cup rolls around: OMG FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL HOCKEY It's a snake, a snaaaake. You kind of have to stop taking public transport, watch TV or read newspapers to avoid

Hearing sudden shrieks of joy/screams of rage from the neighbours: Sweden just scored against Brazil or Finland, lol/lost epically

Hockey. How can you be fannish about ice-hockey? I mean, it's like being fannish about plumbing or something. It just is


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