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So Berlin's got a cold snap. Fine, I'm Swedish, I should be used to it right? Apparantly nobody told my skin that. Despite careful usage of moisturiyer on face and hands, I've gotten weird "scaly" spots next to my eyes. Not very visible )yet *sob* but they are dry, itchy and just feel weirsd. I am not supposed to have scales, yo. And my skin, which is finicky in the best of weathers, is not supposed to go weird on my face dammit!!

If anyone has suggestions, do feel free to share...

That I spent yesterday taking a three hour walk through Berlin, to show B-san and T-san the city since they had come visit me (and see Beast, the korean pop-band), probably didn't improve things...

Due to freezing-our-noses-off yesterday - especially when we went to an Asian Restaurant in the evening, it was so bloody cold omg, we decided to give the touring Berlin thing a bit of a break. Thus, today was mostly spent indoors: first at a nice big Sunday breakfast. Then, stuffed full with bread, ham and fruit, we went to the Musikinstrumenten Musem. B-san is interested in classical music, T-san recently did a bit of studies in the area and I'm a curius-about-everything music!n00b, so it was quite a pleasant visit. I feel that they could have put up some more signs talking about the history and make of the instruments, but the collection looked nice and in the audio guide, we could hear many samples of the exhibition pieces. Very nice, the latter really lifted the visit to something else!

Since a student ticket is a measly 2 euro and the café was also cheap, I can absolutely recommend everyone with a bit of an interest in music, instruments and historical items a visit. The museum is right next to the Berliner Philharmonie at Potsdamer Platz, and the building in itself is worth a look too.
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You wanna know what I did today? I hope you do, because I'm totally gonna tell you ^___^

I paid someone a heap o'moniez to punch four holes in my ears!

Ear-piercing talk (but no pics) )

For further distraction the international club at the university has arranged a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which whill play some chosen pieces. I'm off to see them in about an hour, looking forward to it quite a lot =)

How it looks? Really cool, if I may say so myself, but also a bit swollen and whatnot, so I'll hold off the pics for a few days


May. 25th, 2011 06:38
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The vague discomfort from yesterday has bloomed out into full cold. Sore throath, pain in the ears and I have no bloody time to be home sick.

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One of the problems with having so many breathing related allergies and crap as I do (asthma, hayfever, cigarette smoke, fur animals, perfumes, chemicals...) is that it gets darn tricky trying to use any of the fancier beauty products that aren't especially made for allergics.

I can't go into a perfume department or even a Body Shop on the bad days. I have a violent hatred for Lush and many new-agey stores, because the first one stinks down the entire street and the second tend to have clothes and stuff I'm interested in, but the incensce smell is too heavy for me to go inside. So. That's annoying. Now they just have their foot moisture series which, while useful, isn't exactly what I want.

But there are some scents I can handle pretty well and one of them - which I also really love - is MINT! I've got a mint/pine soap a friend gave me (one of these big bars) which I actually think comes from Lush so I'll have to send my sister or someone when it runs out. The Body Shop carried, for a short time, a blue mint shampoo and I loved it passionately. Now they don't have it anymore :(
I've also managed to find some pretty neat colored lip balms with a minty/eucalyptys taste. I think they're for skiing and stuff actually, but I dun care :)

And that's about it. It's all made more difficulity to spend too long time in any make-up/bath stuff aisle (don't get me started on the detergents. I tend to run in, grab something Via or Arial, and escape) and my general disinterest in, y'know, actual make-up. The concealer and powder kind, I mean. Most of it gives me a rash anyway...

But if anyone has any tips of minty goodness, they are very welcome ^_^

ETA: And it's not like I need any of this, really. I make do very well with shampoo-scented shampoo and anti-allergic soap. 's just that sometimes, you want something a bit more fun
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I've got cough suryp with drugs in them =D But they only make me dizzy and scatterbrained

Also, I'm not actually coughing (this is VERY weird. I always cough), I just have a bit of hard time breathing (this may sound very scary to someone without asthma. please don't worry - I have learned to gauge very well when breathing troubles are an annoyance and when the go over into 'Ohshit, potentially dangerous' territory)

I also had a good experience at the hospital, recently. Had to go to the ER since I, um, got a bit worried over the whole chest pains and pressure on lungs and shortness of breath without any deep coughing to cause it...

Walk in, pay 300 SEK (~47 USD)*, wait about an hour, get a pretty thorough exam, wait another couple of hours for the tests to come back, get a quick talk with a doctor and then he sends me to the apothecary. There, the electronic prescription is waiting and I pay another 300-ish SEK for my drugs. One of which is an inhaler and the other a bigass bottle of yucky cough suryp.

And. That's it. I gotta go back to a doctor soonish, probably, and I'll make an appointment then which ought to be in the same price range

...really, when I read the angst people in some other countries have about visiting the doctor, I am quite grateful for our taxes. Not that my free university education wouldn't be enough to feel grateful for all on its own.

* with the possibility of paying by invoice according to a little sign
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Guh. I've tried to sleep more and eat better, but these damn dizzy spells won't go away. Have double-checked the online health guide and it shouldn't be anything worse than stress, but it makes me tired and cranky and then I get guilt because I don't do what I should do = more stress. Damn you, body


I've finished The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I don't know if the Swedish translation I tried to read years ago was exceptionally bad or if I've just matured as a reader (hah, fat chance) or what, because when I did try to read it some five years ago, it bored me to death. Now I finished it rather quickly and it was an interesting reading experience, the language flowed very smoothly and I wanted to keep reading. I had to keep reading, it's on the book list for school, but it didn't feel like homework at all.

And it had a suitably creepy end, I approve. Look forward to discussing it in class next week


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