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So that with the literature day didn't happen, I slept too badly due to ear-ache everytime I turned around on my right side.

But instead, I had the time to buy a ticket for the L'arc~en~Ciel live in Paris next year! April 2012 I and - hopefully - Miko-chan will be back at Le Zénith to see the guys ^_^

Still lookin' mighty stylish~

I've also seen that Kaya and someone called Satsuki are having a European tour together, so I'll try to see them sometime during February or March. Not sure where, though, because they play in Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Poznan (in Poland) and I'll have to go to the cheapest city. If anyone has tips of how to travel to either location from Berlin, please do let me know =) No tickets released for this tour yet, as far as I can see, so I'll have to keep an eye on the venues and on the tour organizer website until further notice. Still, after not having seen anything even halfway interesting on the Jame website for a month, these were all nice additions to the calender ^^
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...and then she went Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! because the tribute night to Die Ärzte, a multi-band cover concert, turned out friggin awesome! out of 8 bands, I only really felt one were bad )and they could play, but they totally lacked energy and/or stage presence), it ended with all the bands + some audience + plenty of beer *cough* on the stage of Kulturbrauerei singing Zu Spät and Westerland after a pretty fantastic 4 HOURS of music & jokes by/about/related to my favorites favorite band in the world.

This after a Friday evening spent playing Settlers of Catan and Munchkin until laaate (got home at four-ish. AM.) and a Saturday day which began with a spontaneous visit to IKEA because we totally needed a spagetthi strainer and a lkfmnhj-thingy, which you turn pancackes etc with, for the non-stick pan followed by a equally spontaneous stanidng around watching the inline skating marathon as it passed by our subway station (but we ran home and dumped the IKEA stuff. Since when do they not have paper bags, the bastids?) and that was really nice, sunny, happy people, swoooosh and they'd inlined past.
Alright, the accident we saw because some dumb fuck just couldn't wait or go around so that a poor marathonist rolled into her bike which she saw fit to drag over the marked street just before a new big heap of inliners were coming in - that was less fun, more ohshit!! But the inline person seemed fine and rolled away after someone helped hir up & the stupid woman with a bike got booed out, a soda can thrown after her and an angry lecture from someonein an Official Jacket, so all was well.

AND THEN I went off to spend something like five hours dancing and getting to know some people whom I will meet again at the Abwärts concert and now my feet are falling off, but I am so happy =D


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So Gackt (YFC, YFC!!) was in town tonight.

The show? Turn off the brain, turn on the hormones, baby~

Pretty much exactly what I needed. & now, ze sleep, because tomorrow is ze work!
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Gackt is coming to Stockholm (link of relevance: http://www.skrikhult.se/)

Guess who just bought her ticket ^____^ This is gonna be great! I especially love his old stuff, but he's a great entertainer and like all my friends will be there and it's just gonna be SO. MUCH. FUN

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I've been to MUCC yesterday and today and it owned in complete awesomeness. As encore they played Saishuu Ressha (Sthlm) and Ryusei (Gbg) and then the new song. As main part they played - a whole bunch of awesome songs that I can't remember the name of because I suck. Oh, except FUZZ which is so incredibly fantastic to hear live. And on CD too, come to think of it.

They did actually not play Utagoe, but we sang it in the car home in a slightly delirious expression of joy ^^

So, all in all, I'm very happy that I took the trip down to Gothenburg to see them again.

Maaan, I should've written something more about Miyavi before, because he was also very cool and sexy. But MUCC is so much better it's not even possible to compare them musically, so enough to say that both concerts were fucking cool in very different ways


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