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I'd seen some rather lackluster murmurings about this latest episode, but even if some things did feel a bit rehashed, I thought it was an entertaining episode. Not as captivating as the opening, nor as brilliant as The Doctor's Wife, but good. Just right for a late Sunday evening viewing before I go to bed ^^
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Cut for Youtubeness and sexy blue boxes! )

What I don't quite get is if it's official or fanmade? Very neat, anyway ^^
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Why am I even awake at the ridiculous hour of 09:43 (and I got up at 08:27 what is wrong with my life). Especially considering that I've slept an average of five hours a night these last days? Right, because stress makes you distracted and you managed to lock yourself out of your apartment and had to go from [personal profile] lanjelin's to the parents. Preferably before they leave for the airport and you can't get in there either...

Moving on!

First I shall have to cut for incoherent and Doctor Who spoilerish squee )

Then Eurovision, which we just caught the tail-end of. Third place, go us!* Victory for Azerbadjan, most heartfelt congratulations <3 I really know nothing of that country, so I hope I'll learn a bit (even if it's bound to be very fluffy) when the media spotlight goes to them next year. And the winning artists looked so damn happy that was very sweet.
But I thought the male commenter for SVT made a rather grumpy comment just at the end (can't recall the exact wording now). "Ogin" is the word in Swedish I think of which I just felt was uncalled for. They won, look at them being all teary with joy, and at least little ego-boy Sade brought us a third place (so please stop sending pale blond slips of women without scene presence it won't work. And, as good as our opera singer could sing, a Eurovision winner needs a refrain you can hum along with which her song did not contain)

* In Sweden, Eurovision is very srz bznz

We also had an epic planning, scheduling and brainstorming session for BLYG yesterday, that might deserve a post of its own. We've got a pretty packed con, if I may say so myself and there's like 2 areas which we haven't added any info on yet *_*

Oh, right, and I fixed stuff for the apartment with my future tenants. And also got some much-needed cleaning done, yayness

In conclusion: The intense and lovely SPX weekend was followed by a most dismal and week I wish wouldn't have existed - on all levels, really. Fails heaping up with organizing stuff, lack of time and energy to study, family drama and even work sucked in more ways than one. And now, spiffy weekend again. Since it's a bit more low-key than last week, that makes me hope that if the pattern holds, any potential suck of the comming work week will also be less intense. Please?
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So I finished another Torchwood book. That took only, what, eight months?

This one, Trace Memory by David Llewellyn was better in terms of characerization and mood moments than actual plot. The Torchwood team have an encounter with an involuntary time-traveler during multiple points of their lives.

It's actually quite a sweet and sad story, much like the fairy episode tried to be (and credit where credit is due, managed pretty well until the ugly CGI fairies turned up)

Slight spoiler )

The monstruous aliens are pretty blaha, but on the cover of the book they look suitably creepy. What drags this book down a bit is that it rehashes a lot of Whoniverse tropes (exactly how many "one of the most ancient races of the universe!" species are there, exactly?) and the plot isn't very tight. Lots of timey-wimey, which is normally one of those things I love, but not structured to it's best way. Also, the resolution and all falls a bit flat, plotwise, though it has a nice emotional payoff.

Worth a read, though, especially if one likes Jack Harkness and wants to see him act a bit decent.

Also, have started to use Spotify a bit more. If anyone has recs for not immediately obvious music to be found there that sounds good, do let me know! My most recent find was a nice version of Puttin' On the Ritz which didn't come with the super long end part. Done by Alex Swings Oscar Sings and yeees, they're the ones responsible for the Dita von Teese visit during the Eurovision contest. And the sparkly silver pants, I know, I know. I still liked their song.
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And it's an image song for nobody less than Captain Jack *^_^*

"The Doctor and I", actually actual John Barrowman singing about Captain Jack's epic love an altered version of a song from Wicked with clips from all relevant seasons of Doctor Who

Youtube vid beneath the cut )

Let me tell you how much I adore this...

One of my frequent complaints about Western media is the lack of "image songs"/character songs. It's not releveant in too serious things, of course, but for something like Doctor Who? Absolutely!

I really like listening to the Jeeves and Wooster songs (that can apparantly only be found on one highly out of print CD and Spotify. Well, and Pirate Bay, but ykwim). While the Buffy musical episode doesn't do that much for me, I not having seen Buffy, my workmates love it quite passionately and I suspect it's the fourth most played CD in the store (Nightmare Before Christmas and the two Lovecraft song collections definitely top). Basically, even if the actors don't sing that well, it's really neat to have in-character songs. Disney has understood this, why can't cheesy TV entertainment do the same?

But this? Barrowman is a musical artist, and this tune is just his style, and the lyrics are so sweet and the images well chosen and. I. Absolutely. Love. It.

Got the link from Mark Watches Doctor Who, btw, he just finished Tennant's run. Entertaining reading and made me nostalgic to re-watch some episodes. One of these days...
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Most of my reading time has gone to school books lately. This of course means less time to read the stuff that I usually do. However, I did manage to hurry through the latest Terry Pratchett, I shall wear midnight* but... that wasn't really the right way to read this book. There's less action and more reflection than in the first two Tiffany Aching books - fitting, as it wraps up the series - which means I feel like I missed whole chunks. Will have to re-read it at a later date and more sedated pace. One of my favorite glimpses of it were the connection to one of the early, early Discworld books, because it's nice to see the circle close in a way (Tiffany is likely to remain "the newest witch" in Discworld canon and so when we with her meet one of the earliest witches again it's completeting a tapestry that has grown enourmously in depth and vibrancy since Pratchett began the series). I also liked the acknowledgement that witchiness isn't the same for all, and the small interaction with the forces of law. Other than that, my judgement as a whole must wait until later for this book.

I also read the Doctor Who novelisation The Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons. I think this must be my favorite so far! It's a Ninth Doctor adventure, with Captain Jack alongside the Doctor and Rose, and it's entertaining, suitably creepy and wraps up well. It's about a planet where the populace doesn't dare dream and are hunted if they use their imagination at all. Of course, the Doctor and his companions come to set things right, but soon they realize that in this place, dreams can become frighteningly real. The "anti-dream proecdures" at the asylum are creepy in their understated well-meaningness, the supporting characters (a fiction geek who dreams of big-busted women saved by superheroes from medieval zombies, a tough cop chick and a rebel urging people to imagine from the static of the TV channels) were well-rounded. This book also felt a bit meatier than the Eleventh Doctor novels I've read, yet sufficiently quick to go through that I didn't feel I missed half of it when reading so quickly. Recommended.

It also contains the epithet The Armoured Shark Liar for Captain Jack and that's just wonderfully fitting, don't you think?

*unfortunately, only after I got to do a mini-presentation of it for work. Plz ignore the Dali-esque Frodo in the background
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Wait - Barty Crouch Jr is played by David TENNANT?


Hot damn, he is... Been reading TVtropes, the Harry Potter entries and I stumbled upon this bit. I totally didn't remember that; oddly enough, I remembered that little tick they added in the movie, with his tongue, but my mental image of Barty Crouch was completely different.

Whoa. Odd
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Scool has started! To our first lecture, we were to read Virginia Woolf's A room of one's own. Which I did, go me!
A Room of One's Own, ironically lacking in space )

To our second lecture (tomorrow), we're to read Lysistrate which I have also done. I don't like reading plays, but at least this one has a very simple structure. And it's a lot dirtier than I expected :D

As a break from this intellectually stimulating fair, I finally finished my Doctor Who-book. Doctor Who: The King's Dragon )
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Torchwood: Into the silence by Sarah Pinborough is another book set between S2 and Children of Earth.

And it's pretty darn crappy, mostly because some really iffy themes and inter-universe stupidity. The plot is ok, I guess. An alien has come through the rift and is fascinated by music, so it kills the competitors in a large welsh singing contest. Okidoki.

But then there's a little autistic boy who sings this one song constantly and I dunno, that description felt very very off to me. Also spoiler: )

There is also a rather annoying meta-error. We get introduced to a somewhat bitter police officer who's met up with Torchwood One in London and was allowed to remember it. Does Jack, with his woefully understaffed Cardiff office, perhaps consider hiring the guy? Nope, because that would break the status quo and retcon Children of Earth. Bah, just add another book where the dude dies or something...

On the upside, the scene with the couple by the road was extremely creepy and well-done and most of the minor characters for this book were well-done, rather interesting even.

Last complaint: Jack & Ianto's relationship, or rather non-relationship. After all the lovely fanfic and some of the canon interaction on screen, that aspect of Torchwood has been far too underdeveloped in these later books.
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First of all, I have a new icon! Whee. Cobbled together in a GIMP, but at least it contains books.

The quote on it is also the flipside of this quote:
Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.

True, true - but there is still never enough shelf/floor/bedside table space. Alas

Second, I finished Side Jobs! It helps that I've read several of the stories already (or, helps and helps, but it did go faster) but I admit - I raced through it. Will re-read more slowly soon

I like the Dresden novellas, especially the ones focused on other characters. Since the books are all written from Harry's first-person POV, it's really interesting to see how other people think about things.

The best story was "Aftermath" which takes place just hours after the latest novel, Changes. Partly because the POV character is officer Murphy and she's WAY COOL. Partly because it's got an interesting little mystery, good action and really takes place 'in' the world.
I mean, the mead story or some of the other little tidbits are just like free-floating fanfics, nothing to change the status quo. This one deals with major events in the overarching plot and, especially together with another short story, could potentially be the first hint of some very interesting developments in the Dresden-verse.

Also contains one my fav characters (yep, additionally to the Murphy-love!) Good stuff.

I was however a bit disappointed in the Thomas novella, "Backup". I've been wanting to read it for ages, but it's been out of print, so that didn't work. Partly it is because I found the voices too similar - Thomas in the books is very fake-laidback, sarcastic and has some greatly self-ironic moments (I swear to you, by my own stunning good looks and towering ego, that I'm not lying to you) - but reading Backup was not very different from reading a story told by Harry, actually.

Also read the novel Torchwood: Almost Perfect, which takes place sometime between the end of season two and Children of Earth. Written by James Goss, plays around with chapters and formatting in a bit of a weird way (tries to be Facebook-quoting hip) and a so-so read. Ianto is turned into a woman; yes, this is published crackfic.

Of course he uses woman's clothes (heels, skirt etc) but at least they bother to explain where he found the stuff. Although, partly because the book is written so weird, I can't quite figure out if it's just Ianto refusing to wear jeans and t-shirts (being a woman doesn't mean you have to wear frilly blouses and heels, honestly, but he's also a bit of a clothes snob...), he got hit with some mind whammy or it's just bad writing. Er, and Gwen comes off as quite shallowly petty in several scenes. Although considering her "god, lose the jeans-in-boots look already!" thought to Tosh in the episode "Greeks bearing gifts" I suppose it's plausible characterization.

The first Torchwood books were much better *nodnods*
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There is something wrong when your spin-off books have a more coherent plot than your actual episodes. This may be because the books are more about detective work and fighting aliens, and less about snogging.


Something in the Water has mucus-monsters that dress up as water-hags. They are teh yuck, and one shouldn't read this book when one has a sore throat. As I do...
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Day 3 of Närcon, and I'm bloody tired. So I shall le book blog and try to ignore the headache and general yuck-feeling I have... You know, I am mostly in favour of the Swedish style cons; cheap and DYI, taking place at schools so younger fans can afford to come too. But the lack of comfortable beds and showers do feel after a while. I've stayed at hotels lately, but I just didn't have time/money to fix something for Närcon. Oh well, going home this afternoon

Anyway, I bought three Doctor Who books while in England, because they had a signing with the authors at Forbidden Planet. Gave two of them to lanjelin and Tess, but since Miko-chan also bought them, I could borrow hers. She also found a whole heap of Torchwood novels in a second-hand store and the filled up with the rest from Forbidden Planet, so I've been reading one of those during Närcon

So far I've finished Oli Smith's Nuclear Time. It's in a way quite Stepfordish. It is another way a really bad book. I mean, there's some interesting timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly things going on, which I always like because they expand the canon, but it's not exactly engaging. (Also rather similar to the final episode, but less clearly written) The Doctor, Rory and Amy are there, as are a gaggle of murderous robots and nuclear testing in the shadow of the Cold War. But there's no excitement, nothing really... Mostly, it feels just like a great big filler. The best thing about the book is the previously mentioned t-w w-w things, since it's an interesting idea at least...

Then I also read Peter Anghelides Another Life, a Torchwood book set some time between episodes 2 and 4. This one surprised me, because it's a much better book. Not only does the entire story feel a bit more grown-up (and no, I just don't mean the spinal-fluid drinking monster) but the characters do things, they interact in ways there wasn't time to show in the show and that I really like. Sure, some things are a bit off, like a character from Owen's past which doesn't quite match his given backstory, but considering how early in Torchwood canon it was set I guess the writer might not have known those details story?

To that, there's some clever glimpses to things that will happen, which I always like and there's a bunch of tiny but nice Ianto scenes. Also, Tosh is a lot harsher on Owen than I remember fromt the episodes, good for her!

Seen not as a Torchwood story, but just a sf-thriller/mystery, it still holds up decently on its own. Nothing I would've bought, but if I'd borrowed it I'd definitely finished the book. Not sure I'd have bothered with Doctor Who (oh, who am I kidding, I read it in like a day) because it's just too simple in the text. From what I've heard this doesn't go for all the books, and since Virre bought a bunch of the old ones from a second-hand shop I might have the chance to test it out.

Anyway, all the books have really nice covers! They're also cheap for hardbacks, so if one is enough of an obsessed fan I guess they're good =)
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I have a slightly embarrasing confession to make - I think I have developed a celebrity crush. On John Barrowman. (Yes, only some years after everyone else...)

But it didn't just come from watching Torchwood, although that was definitely the start. Went to London this weekend, see, and among other books I picked up his second biography/essay-collection on family and fame "I am what I am" and... he's really funny. Possibly exhausting to be around, but entertaining to read.

So now I've spottifyed one of his albums (John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter) which, I have to admit, wasn't really my thing and I'm downloading his show thing. Although, the song Miss Otis Regrets has brilliant lyrics, so that was totally a find. I'll also borrow the first biography from V. later on

Anyway, I don't know if it'll stick, but right now I'm trying to torrent everything he is in that seems the least bit interesting. Tips and warnings very much appreciated!

By the by, a warning for anyone who reads this - avoid the Swedish Torchwood boxsets. They don't contain all the extra material that is listed on the box. Among the missing things are the bloopers and deleted scenes, as well as the comments track :/
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Oh, Amy! Oh, spoilers! )

And now, because I was at a great Midsummers Party yesterday and am today very tired and sleepy, now I'll take a nap.
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The trip to Germany was very pleasant indeed, all the way up until we tried to get home. Then everything went to hell, but never mind that now.

Because there were so many delays, I had time to read through N. K. Jemisin's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms on the way. Despite the somewhat simplistic language (it should take me longer to finish a 400-page-long book) and the rather flat characters, it was often entertaining and the mythology was at least not Arthurian-ish sword and sorcery.

I wouldn't buy this book, but I could definitely rec it as an different kind of fantasy mythos, especially to someone who isn't that familiar with English and/or the heavy plotty language of huge fantasy epics. Huh - kinda reminds me of the Death Gate Cycle, actually.

But really, the first guy she's assigned to and trusts turns out to be actually trustworthy in a story about palace intrigues? Mmmkay.

And yesterday, I watched the two lates episodes of Doctor Who! *bounces in her seat* They were really interesting! I caught the big twist of the last episode just before it was plainly revealed, but it still floored me and it was a very good, very fitting twist! I like it, I like River Song more every time I meet her and even Amy is growing on me again, after a weak mid-season period.

The Lodger was also a really good episode imo, mostly because I love this perspective on characters. And the headbang, teheee ^^

You know, as spazzy as 10 could be at times, I definitely find this Doctor more thouroughly weird - and that's a good thing. Can't wait for the next ep!
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I'm glad I watched the second half of the lizard episodes of Doctor Who! The main plot was still one of the least interesting I've seen, but important stuff happened

Here there be subterranean spoilers )


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