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Going home soon. I haven't missed home much at all, but as Christmas grows closer, I find that I am getting very excited about seeing my family and friends again. I'm also very much looking forward to some special food things.

For one, Swedish water. It's not that the water here in Berlin tastes exceptionally bad (though it's super-duper-mega hard, my goodness. We've had to de-calcify the electric water boiler twice since I got here; I've never de-calcified a water boiler in my life).
But tapwater at home tastes, well, tasty! It's not just acceptable, it's fresh and good straight from the tap. I much prefer it to most bottled waters on offer, although, for instance, the fresh spring-water from Nacka is markedly more tasty.

I'm gonna drink a bucket as soon as I get off the airplane, I'm telling you. I'm also going to order tap water in every restaurant I have a chance to visit, just to enjoy the privilege of actually getting free tapwater (they're dreadfully reluctant about giving you a glass of tap-water here).

I'm also missing some food my grandmother makes; not that I couldn't make Hungarian beef stew myself, but it's grandma food. It tastes better at her place. Otherwise, since I cook a lot for myself, and the food from the university cantina tastes almost scarily like the stuff served in my highschool (with certain Very German exceptions, like Spätzle and whatnot), I haven't really been hit by any amazing food cravings.

Except perhaps lussebullar, since our oven is Teh Suck, and I'm not going trough the hassle of trying to bake my saffron-buns only to have them turn into pale, dry things in our non-hot oven.

But water. Nnngh, I didn't know I could miss tasty water so much
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Yay! I made paella for the first time, and it turned out really well =) Chicken, beef, white fish & bell peppers where the main ingredients, with some peas and carrots to fill it out. But I really need a bigger pan, this one was filled to the brim even after I took out a bowl of rice and meats...

Also, readingness! Finished Elin Fahlstedt's comic album Umbra and was very pleasantly surprised. Atmospheric, often very good and magical drawings and a nice, tragicsweet plot! I'm not very good with art, but I think she's used either wet ink or aquarall technique for Umbra? Anyway, it's about a girl in some kind of convent, who manages to escape on the night of the bloodred moon, ending up in a strange, magical place. Maybe the stories about child-eaters serving the devil weren't just scary tales anyway?

The one big problem with Umbra was that several scenes felt rushed, like when the main character befriends a fox demon boy. On the other hand, there are some truly terrifyingly illustrated moments and the background of the main character is given in a very effectiv way.

Absolutely worth checking out for those interested in Swedish indie comics (and who, uh, speak Swedish)bo

Publisher's homepage here!
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ALSO! Strawberry butter is like the best thing ever. Super easy to make and each bite tastes like summer

/eats another sandwich. With strawberries. This is joy
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In my late-night search for popcorn, because I had a sudden craving, I found two great things. The first was a big bag of rice which I'd put on the non-food shelf (probably because I had two bags of rice when I moved in) and the second was some yellow peas. The rice means that I've got so much groceries of all kinds that I probably don't have to buy anything dry or canned before Germany ^_^

The yellow peas? Lunch, the day after tomorrow. They're soaking right now. Um num num, I really like pea soup. Just gotta remember to buy thyme, I'm all out!

I also discovered that the instructions on the popcorn package* suggested adding the salt before the popcorn had popped. I tried it and it's absolutely brilliant! Much more even saltiness and I didn't even have to use butter to get it to stick properly

*note: I have never in my life read the instructions on the popcorn package before. Popcorn is made like dad used to make them, and no silly microwaves for me
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I made popcorn tonight. Because I wanted to (current soundtrack of my life: Die Ärzte - Der Infant)

But it really reminded me of dad. He spent a lot of time abroad when I was a kind, and when he was home I still hung mostly on my mom or grandma... but popcorn, that is super connected with dad ^_^;; It's strange, actually, because it's not as if he doesn't cook (and really well too!)
I guess it's because I was so young when I learned it, and he always made it seem like a... like real cooking? Idk. But we never were much for chips or candy in front of the television, it was either tea and cakes (sometimes homemade, sometimes bought) and very occasionally popcorn. And micro-popcorn wasn't around then, nor did we have a popcorn machine. Tangent: A-chan had a popcorn machine and we made popcorn on our own when I was pretty young once. It was like Living in an Sci-Fi World to me - dude! A machine! For making popcorn!!

Anyway... dad showed me how to make popcorn. He taught me to make paella and stir-fry too, but that was much later and it's not so associated with him, so to speak.

And he taught me to shine shoes... Mom totally never shines her shoes, she just walked in them til they fell apart. I do that too, actually, but I polish them a bit in-between XD

Huh. When I think of what I learned from my mother, it's more like "everything else", so there aren't such clear connections...
But I still know that if you want real cocoa, you have to do it grandpa's way. And my grandmother managed to instill both a snobbish disdain for margarine (sniff. fake butter? not in my cookies!) and the idea that artificial sweetener in coffee is the most natural thing ever.
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Today I spent five and a half hours cooking, then one hour prepping the table and serving.

Mom had her retirement party, y'see, and if it's one thing that's genetic in my family, it's that we're damn overachievers as host/esses.

Now I'm gonna drink my tea and read fanfic and not move a finger more than absolutely neccessarry

Otoh, we have bulgur for three days and dad and I got to eat left over grilled duck and ceviche for dinner.
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My family has abandoned me for the week yay. This is by no means a disaster.

However, they've abandoned me with a fridge full of perishable food. And I don't know about you, but two pineapples, six lemons and four yoghurts (of which three have been opened) are a bit more than I usually eat in five days. And two mozarella cheese, but one of them had frozen to the fridge wall, so I felt quite justified in throwing it out

I don't even particularly like yoghurt for breakfast :(

Also, why do we have six lemons? I bought four and used five for the lemon-meringue pie, only last week. This does not add up


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