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One of the awesome things about German manga is that it's much cheaper than US manga and it's usually the same size as the Japanese editions. Buying only a leetle more than I planned, I've almost caught up with the local edition of Fullmetal Alchemist *happybounce*

This manga was, alas, cancelled in Sweden at volume 18. When I was here last summer, they'd just released that part, but now they're up to volume 24 (have bought 23). The back of the books also have the same design, so they'll fit nicely on the bookshelf

And it's really really good, we're so close to the end and I've managed to remain unspoiled and haven't even read scans - the reward is that it's absolutely breathtaking to see how Arakawa's plot threads are tied together, how they're racing towards salvation or apocalypse and I really don't know who's gonna survive in what shape and I don't even WANT to guess. Just let me follow and enjoy, please =D

Then I spent some time at the local library yesterday. Looked around a little at the books, but I was tired, so I sat down and read comics. Even for such a small library, they had a decent amount.
Tried two volumes of Donjon (Dungeon), which I've heard much about, but it really isn't my thing. Can't appreciate the humor in the funny part, the dark Monster-book felt a bit pointless (I don't think "So who cares?" was the reaction you were supposed to have for the endless misery in that one) and neither of the two drawing styles were quite my taste.

I had more luck with Fräulein Rühr-Mich-Nicht-An (Miss Don't-Touch-Me) an odd story set in Paris of the 1920ies. Unfortunately, I could only find volume 2-3 of this story, but it still caught my interest.
A very squirly, yet simple, French cartoon style and a story based in a luxurious bordello with murders seemed worth checking out.

And it was interesting, although I can't really judge it based on the parts I've read, since vol 1-2 make up one story and apparantly 3-4 another (according to this review which also links the very first pages)

It's about Blanche, who works together with her sister as a maid in Paris. When her sister is murdered, she follows the trail and ends up in a brothel, where she is (for reasons I don't quite know, since I missed the beginning) hired to only dom/whip customers but not sleep with them. She makes quite a splash as the strict virgin lady and gains both friends and enemies in the brothel, while she hunts her sister's murderer.

I definitely want to read more of it, because there were some bits - the characterization of Miss Jo, the setting etc that I really liked, but I also don't quite know if I can buy Blanche as a character and how she ended up hired there is also a big question-mark to me. I've gotta get myself over to Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek soon, they've got loads of... everything, really, it's pretty huge but they had a very nice comic selection when I was there last time (err, 10 years ago)


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