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This is mostly a GIP. And a work whine - we're closing the books and hruguisdghdg I am le exhausted. Doesn't help that I'm not over my cold either

Had some leftover red Christmas cabbage in the fridge. It's spent 10 days there, but it's a cooked veggie and I haven't puked yet even if I ate it /looks at time/ over an hour ago. So, I think 10 days old cabbage and small sausages were safe. Took only ten minutes to fry too, and that's what I most cared about when I stumbled home tired and starving...
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Slept 13 hours tonight and still woke up tired and headachy. Well, someone sure has half a cold...

But I'm feeling a bit better now that I finally got around to make dinner-ish food. Tried out my tiny wok, which turned out to be a pretty crappy wok, which doesn't surprise me in the least. But my mother won it off some lottery or something and gave it to me, so meh~ It served it purpose in making noodle stir-fry with frozen veggies and ready-made teriyaki sauce anyway.

Also cooked a piece of pre-marinated meat, actually meant for grilling (Flintastek), which mom gave me when she realized that, ooops, grill season has passed! It'll be really strange to eat this tonight with the snow outside and Christmas lights, haha! Flintastek tastes so much of summer - but it's dead simple to make in the oven (throw in, grill 12 minutes, turn around, grill 12 minutes, if not done give it another couple minutes) and really, I'm not gonna sit around and save it until next year.

*cough* I was also reminded of the good points of not having a fire alarm up, when some of the meat juices ran out of the aluminium foil bowl I'd made and formed a little pool of burnt, stinky stuff
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The sun is shining, the pollen is flowing and since I was woken twice last night, I'm mostly planning to go home and sleep in about four minutes.

Although afterwards, I think I'll take my laptop and sit in the garden to write some manga reviews ^_^ I got Kobato in my hands, will hand that in either today or tomorrow since it's the new CLAMP.

I had sushi and qyoza from Shogun to lunch. Expensive, but so worth it!


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