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Call me perverse, but there is something immensely satisfying about having a huge messy heap of paper at the beginning of the day...

...and leaving behind filled binders, stamped papers and a tiny little sorted heap that my collegue will take care of tomorrow.
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I just had a great lecture. Speaking was Ebba Witt-Brattström who originally started this set of classes I'm studying at SH and wow, she's a great speaker/lecturer. I've only read a few articles by her before and was not all that impressed - mostly because I disagreed in that particular point. But seeing her live really filled me with energy; extra impressive considering that I suffered some severe insomnia last night and went into class worried that I'll start to snore and disrupt things. No chance of that ^_^

Moments like this is why I really feel so happy to study literature, why I finally feel as if I've found the right place. The intersection of gender studies, lit nerdery and history is imo well-done at this class. "Pure" gender studies have to me felt a bit too removed from reality, and from all I've heard, the lit classes at Sthlm university are very old fashioned and hardly relevant to my particular interests. That not to say that either of these things aren't worth studying or that I wouldn't enjoy them - but I don't know if I have the motivation right now. In the future, I hope to be able to say very specific things (I've got this growing notepad file of random thuoghts and junk that I wanna DW when I have time, fandom related but inspired by my classes and a book I started to read but had to abandon due to time limits so, uh, look forward to it this Christmas or so?) and since I only have so many CSN points left, I knew I had to pick something just right this time.

And I found it. Inspiring, challenging (+move + work does not help in that sense) and despite all my Facebookish whining about how boring the literature of the middle ages are (not really, but it's a hard read since it's so far removed from all my experiences et al) I feel like my brain is thriving in this class

I love my work, and part of what I love is that it's given me the opportunity to finally attempt a degree in this, my first and most eternal love subject: books.


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