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Sooo this made go me go "OMG flail!!" and then x_x followed by a =D because it straddles the weird line of cute-wrong. I'm still not sure if it's so cute it's wrong, or if it's so wrong it's cute.

Cat Ears Controlled by Your Brain are just what it says on the can. Or not quite, but it's fake kitty ears that work like a mood ring. You happy? They perk up. Sad or just neutral, they seem to lie down.

My mental chain of association: Eeek, Loveless! Omg imagine the furry uses! Argh, no wait don't! Imagine the cosplay uses instead! And then just the blinding realization that, yes - I can pay my bus ticket or a chocolate bar with my cell phone, there are a few people walking around with chip implants in their arms and brain-"reading" hardware is now so cheap that it can be put into a novelty item. We are living in the future!
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...along with the Met's crime database. This uses a national IT system developed for major crime enquiries by all UK forces, called Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, more commonly referred to by its acronym, HOLMES (which recognises the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes). The training program is called "Elementary", after Holmes's well-known, yet apocryphal, phrase "elementary, my dear Watson".

- Wikipedia knows everything, including the name of the Scotland Yard's IT system

Question thus rises: What is this database called in the BBC!Sherlock-verse, where the Victorian Holmes appears to never have existed? Or, is the system called the same, and everyone just keeps mum about it?

(and what would the 'historical' Lestrade have to say? I think he'd find it a bit sweet ^^ )
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Cyber Echoes: Textual Analyses of Fan Fiction

Umeå 11-13 february 2010. I want to go. Oh you can't start to grasp how much I want to go to this thing! But I have no idea how to do it, if I even can do it - there's a call for abstracts there and they talk about a conference fee, but I'm not with any university now... Are these things usually so that anyone can buy a ticket, or do you have to present something to gain entrance?

I have no idea but I really want to go. Yes, even if it means flying to Umeå.

Anyway, I found out about it during a seminar called Science goes fiction they held at KTH, which was really interesting!

This one was about fanfiction and Star Trek slashfiction in particular. I'll try to go to the next ones too, titled Consuming Sci-Fi and Cyborg Images.


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