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Firefox has become slower and slower on my computer, so I thought I'd give Google Chrome a chance.

Ugh, have to reinstall extensions and log in everywhere. but at least it doesn't choke on Tumblr within 5 min, go me
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I was SO DAMN TIRED all day long today!

This is mainly because I fixed and sent in the final, super-finished version of my paper laaate last night. But we had a bunch of computer trouble during the weekend (first Miko-chan dropped her laptop charger, and then mine got literally fried; it was very hot in the apartment + the heat build up in my crappy replacement charger itself was just too much) which made us super late with a bunch of important stuff for BLYG, school and other crap, and I knew I either had to fix it after a long, stressy work day or early tomorrow morning and decided to just be done with it, dammit.

Which I now am /eagerly awaits final grades/

am also a lot poorer after having bought a new laptop charger -_-
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I usually am of the "you will have to take this from my cold, dead hands" when it comes to computers. But as mine is borked and mother was kind enough to lend me her, it felt a bit awkward to start complaining when she needs it returned. I'll just move into the school library for a week or two Also, I have a ton of books to read so it's just good for me to go offline

Yesterday I delivered the computer and watched Moon which almost completely lives up the hype. Interesting, thoughful science fiction movie which manages to tell an engaging story and uses its setting perfectly, without drowning in effects or techno-babble. I mean, what I love about sci-fi movies, is when they manage to tell a story which you really couldn't tell with a completely realistic scenario, but treat the issues and the characters with as much respect as any other character. Something like Avatar, which was basically Pocahontas Dances with Wolves in Space, doesn't really use the technological advances and presence of another species to tell a new story. It only throws on a lot of (beautiful, granted) visuals to re-tell something which could pretty much be told in a historical drama. Sure, you can't put the legs back on an amputee in that setting, but it's not like the movies spends much time thinking about that issue

Moon, otoh, uses two sci-fi elements to discuss one timeless and one extremely modern issue:
- The utter isolation of a station on the moon - could be replaced by, for instance, a lighthouse
- Spoiler )
- The timeless issue: Isolation, alienation and existenial terror. What to do if I see myself, truly?
- The modern issue: Ultra-capitalism, slimmed productions and what that means

The technology carries the plot, but the plot isn't about these techs - they're not pointed out as "OMG!! How fresh and new!" It's not like a moon base is common in the movie either, but you can clearly see that it's been there for a while, it's not an experiment or so. Especially not the the poor bastard living there...

Anyway, really good movie! And nice use of silence in some parts! The use and not-use of music was a bit destroyed for me because my sister insisted on playing her radio loudly and my mother's house is about as sound-proof as a tent, but I noticed and liked it.

Um. I am also reading a lot of books for class. I bought another Eyeshield 21 lately, and I think that'll have to be the last one. We've got the Hiruma-Agon-Kid moment in the car, so what's left is tedious filler games, some disconcerting racism and... that's about it. Absolutely an issue of manga artists drawing a few extra volumes more than they have inspiration for, just for the bucks.
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I am so not giving you my cell phone number. Heck, it took me five years before I gave the cell phone company my name and it's still not in the phone book.

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What is this? What idiot decided that it should start to search as soon as I began typing somethig? GO AWAY

/finds the off button

Oh thank heavens...
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Why do the universities always have such shabby websites? Both Stockholm university and Södertörns högskola have problems with the certificates (and sometimes other stuff too, like weird formatting/coding). and they've had it several times over the years

Universities are supposed to at least appear competent.
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Day 19 - Mandatory swimsuit post

Higurashi no naku koro ni has the best obligatory swimming pool episode evah.

In other news, I'm sitting at work waiting for the sloooooow software to finish repacking the registers and then I can go home to read the bloody Bible for school tomorrow. WOE IS ME.

ETA: And then the friggin software crashes. *sends deathglares at computer*
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I have an LJ/Dreamwidth account for fandom, book ramblings and various other ramblings.

I have a Facebook to update the work Fb-account, to update Raison d'être's (the jrock club) Fb account and because a lot of Swedish con-planning happens there.

On Youtube, I have one account for movies I make (like, con movies) and can access 2 accounts - Rd and work.

On Gmail, I have one fandom/personal mail and one work mail.

ALL OF THESE THINGS DO NOT NEED TO CONNECT. Goddamit, if I log into Youtube with the work account, why am I kicked out of Gmail? If I post my thoughts on yaoi here, my boss will not care, but neither is she likely to be very interested.

In short - plz do be making it easy to crosspost, interwebs. But don't force us to it!

Also - no, will not connect LJ to Tweetnesses or Fb or anything like that. No worries
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So. My darling little Netbook is making trouble. Yesterday evening, I was surfing. Then my sister took the internet (we only have one connection right now) and when I took it back, my computer kept claiming that "A network cable is not attached". It's not the modem - sis computer works fine. It's not the cable (or not just that) because I switched to a working cable, and it still won't take it

What do I do? Cookies and e-hugs offered for any suggestions. Will test the wireless network today during lunch
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1) Facebook = ANGST. The most horribly confusing site ever
But now Raison d'être has a facebook page. I maded it meself

2) Uppcon is over, and I am alive. And now, we have to take care of all the stuff which we put off until Uppcon was... over. Which it is. Crap!

Anyway, if anyone is in Stockholm next week and just itching for some japanese karaoke or so, this is what'll happen

Karaoke at PunktMedis 21/4
Raison d'être invades the youth library PunktMedis with karaoke! With their permission, I might add. Come and make all the noise you're usually not allowed to make at the libary

Hanami @ Kungsträdgården 24/4
Cherry blossoms, taiko, karaoke, cosplay, yukata and a boatload of other things. Be there or be a maskros


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