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Today everyone else were all UPPCON! AHMAGAWD IT'S UPPCON AGAIN!!!

This is the orange elephant in Swedish anime fandom. You plan your cons around it, heck, I'm pretty sure a lot of the anime kids plan their yearly budgets around it... And for the first time in approximately five years, I'm not responsible for anything karaoke-related! Or anything else for that matter, I'm just going there to work at the Nerdy Bookstore's table and have fun in my free time ^_^

But despite being so busy for The Big Con (or moving), several people took the time to fix things for Our Cute Lil' Con recently, which I have just collected and sent to our webmaster.

For instance, my little pet-project at BLYG:
Discussions, lectures and workshops: Ho-Yay, queerness in shojo-manga, homoromanticism in EGL & much more! )

Gotta tell you, I'm pretty psyched and proud. It's gonna be so much fun!

& now off to bed and tomorrow off to Uppsala and the eleventh (my tenth!) UPPCON!!!
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Okay. So I follow up my pretty dedicated and productive study day (11.30 - 21.00, is good yeah?) with some pretty productive text writing & forum posting about BLYG'11. Uppcon's forum (I'm going there to sell with the bookstore, by the way. Gimme a shout if you want to meet up!), the Anime.se forum and Animecka, Raison d'êtres forum and last but not least, Saiai no Doru's forum.
Anyone know if there are any other at least halfway active Swedish anime forums? No?
ETA: Or anywhere the Swedish slashers hang out? I really have no clue

Times like these I really miss the old BCManga forum, because even if it was pretty much all crap, you could at least reach a broad audience. And at Zmanga you could reach the ~deep~ audience, a.k.a. the old goats from before Pokémon and Dragonball ^^;

Hopefully I didn't forget anything vital - I missed the friggin date at first, but caught that quickly, and at least our URL is very hard to misspell!
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I made a music video of our visit to Uppcon, and to celebrate our new Yotube account ^^

It's not very advanced, but what the heck~
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I have a bad cold, but it's still a fun con! Too cold, too rainy, but a lot of the people are so full of warmth that it makes up for it

And Miko-chan and Setsuna made it to television - check the report to the end ^^
SVT Play from Uppcon )

Have to figure out how to save this clip...

In other news we have our two rooms and it's all gone pretty smoothly. Karaoke is popular as ever, but because the con area is larger than last year (and we've got bigger rooms) it's not quite as crowded. We just had the winner in the jrock-quiz here to pick up her prize, so that went well too.

And I've sold a bunch of manga, so my food costs are pretty much covered now ^_^

more tomorrow, must sleep now

ETA: Alright, one quick link to Uppsala Nya Tidning too.


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