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So, after a week of utter bumming around and hardly lifting a finger except when in the pool (yes, I have started to swim a bit again) I decided that my break from the world was over and that I'd better start doing stuff again. Among those stuffs, alas, I count my two 12-page essays.

Still, as Sunday evening rolled around, I realized that I was not going to get any studying done in the remaining hours before next week. No disaster, I did allow myself seven days of leisure... but I also realized that I hadn't left my block during the entire week (and my room only about half the days) and that was a bit embarrassing. So I hauled ass off to Potsdamer Platz and plonked myself into a cinema seat. When in doubt, watch a movie - it's almost Doing Something With Your Life.

Saw 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' )

They also showed the trailer for MiB^3. It looks awesome!!!

Monday I finally got around to visit the Berlin Guggenheim. I've been thinking of going there ever since I learned that it was free on Mondays - because I am both a cheapass and utterly ignorant about modern art, so it's not like I expected to get that much out of a visit.

My fail at comprehending very modern art )

Tuesday was spent writing stuff for work (still no essay, but at least I'm writing something beyond blog posts!) and going on a language tandem with a girl who wants to freshen up her Swedish before she does a project for her Masters. By the by, if someone has a room/bed/sofa to let to a nice student who is going to Stockholm for about 3 weeks in April, do gimme a shout.

Still, I don't want to slack off now that I'm not busy as hell in school. It's my goal to experience as much as possible of Berlin outside of both the university halls and my room. So, step one! Buy a Tip magazine and see what's on offer for the coming two weeks.

It's already paid iteself off, too ^_^ Because tonight they held a open discussion about the human/machine interaction in advanced experimental implants entitled "Werden wir Cyborgs?" (Are we becoming cyborgs?) at the Max Planck Science Gallery.

Since the two debate guests were an engineer working in brain-research and a philosopher/biologist working in ethics and medicine history, I figured I would probably not grasp every detail but also not be utterly lost.

Really glad I went there, it was very interesting both in what was said and how they had built the discussion. The audience were allowed to pick themes, by choosing among three short movie clips that where shown on a screen (Choose with laser pointers!!1! Empirical evidence I just gathered shows that if you give a bunch of adults, several of whom appear to hold at least doctorates, a laser pointer each they will turn into gleeful kids for the first five minutes). We also decided who was to "get the word" though I think both guests got to talk every time they signaled that they wanted. further questions could be asked either normally or sent in by SMS, which I appreciated very much. Mostly due to the "omfg a bunch of professors so not opening my mouth to speak German in here!!!" factor.

I learned interesting tidbits about the frontline of medical research, that we shall (alas) probably never be able to download an entire foreign language into the brain and heard many other interesting things. Some of it tied back quite nicely into the Body/Machine seminar I've had.

Then I got to visit the showroom of the Max Planck Institute and OMFG! SO COOL! Touch screens that wouldn't look amiss in the latest Star Trek movie, some kind of curved screen thing where it looks as if a molecule is hovering, amazingly beatiful photographs of cells and molecules in a room that I could best describe as iArchitecture. I'm going back during daytime to have a closer look, felt a bit tired right now. But that was seriously a room from the future, looking even better since it was in a classical old building by the Gendarmenmarkt.

How I love this city!
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You wanna know what I did today? I hope you do, because I'm totally gonna tell you ^___^

I paid someone a heap o'moniez to punch four holes in my ears!

Ear-piercing talk (but no pics) )

For further distraction the international club at the university has arranged a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which whill play some chosen pieces. I'm off to see them in about an hour, looking forward to it quite a lot =)

How it looks? Really cool, if I may say so myself, but also a bit swollen and whatnot, so I'll hold off the pics for a few days
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...and then she went Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! because the tribute night to Die Ärzte, a multi-band cover concert, turned out friggin awesome! out of 8 bands, I only really felt one were bad )and they could play, but they totally lacked energy and/or stage presence), it ended with all the bands + some audience + plenty of beer *cough* on the stage of Kulturbrauerei singing Zu Spät and Westerland after a pretty fantastic 4 HOURS of music & jokes by/about/related to my favorites favorite band in the world.

This after a Friday evening spent playing Settlers of Catan and Munchkin until laaate (got home at four-ish. AM.) and a Saturday day which began with a spontaneous visit to IKEA because we totally needed a spagetthi strainer and a lkfmnhj-thingy, which you turn pancackes etc with, for the non-stick pan followed by a equally spontaneous stanidng around watching the inline skating marathon as it passed by our subway station (but we ran home and dumped the IKEA stuff. Since when do they not have paper bags, the bastids?) and that was really nice, sunny, happy people, swoooosh and they'd inlined past.
Alright, the accident we saw because some dumb fuck just couldn't wait or go around so that a poor marathonist rolled into her bike which she saw fit to drag over the marked street just before a new big heap of inliners were coming in - that was less fun, more ohshit!! But the inline person seemed fine and rolled away after someone helped hir up & the stupid woman with a bike got booed out, a soda can thrown after her and an angry lecture from someonein an Official Jacket, so all was well.

AND THEN I went off to spend something like five hours dancing and getting to know some people whom I will meet again at the Abwärts concert and now my feet are falling off, but I am so happy =D


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I've landed! I actually landed on Thursday but the internet connection's been wonky.

Which in a way was a good thing, since it meant I could spend most of these days running around town ^___^

The Good
My landlady seems really nice, my room is larger than I thought and the house is just wonderfully placed!

The window faces the garden, a lush half-wild little oasis (where, I just found out this morning, a goshawk moved in not long ago!) and the front of the house faces a mini-plaza. Which, honestly, mostly works like a parking lot but it's rather still and quiet. So, surrounded by our little isle of calm, we sit in the middle of Kreuzberg: Oranienstrasse round the corner, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, quirky shops, second-hand stuff, hairsalons that advertize their skill with punk styles, street art and lord knows what else. I ♥ it.

Have mostly spent the days running around shopping and exploring the area, which is totally neat. Also sleeping and reading, because I think a bit of pre-travel jitters loosened themselves by making me super tired. But today, I'm feeling quite perky and since it's saturday, I won't have to spend a couple of hours on the other activity that I've been doing since coming here. Which leads us on to...

The Not-So-Good
What is less smiley and more :( is the fact that I, despite two visits (and a lot of waiting) to two different Burgerämter (Citizens Office aka The Dread German Bureaucracy) I still haven't managed to register myself as a person living in Berlin. Which I must have to be able to enroll in school. You are seeing my problem, yes? Well, the first time they were stupid and couldn't find my landlady in their records. Of course, when she called them not 40 minutes later, they found her in a tick. I mean, what?

Then I tried another office, on her recommendation, and whaddya know, due to lack of personell they only had pre-booked meetings that day. Which they've apparantly been doing for all of August, a fact that none of the three people we talked to one the phone saw fit to mention even as we said the name of that office to two of them. *sigh*

On Monday, I'm trying the last of the three offices in this part of the city and if that doesn't work I'll go to the student union to ask for a native backup.
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I bought John Ajvide Lindqvist's book Lilla Stjärna (Little Star*) months ago, read a bit and loved it. And then I lost the effing book somewhere. Looked in all the bookshelves, all my bags, at work, in the bathroom etc etc but no Little Star. Hoping that it would turn up when I moved I mentally shelved it and read other things, only occasionally wondering where the crap I managed to lose a book in my one-room apartment.

Wellp. Turns out I forgot it at mom's, in a bag beneath some papers. I found it two days ago and raced through it so I wouldn't have to wait an entire year.

Ajvide Lindqvist, for those not familiar with this exemplary good writer of modern horror, is a Swedish author who 1) scared the crap out of at least half the country with Låt den rätte komma in (Let me in) and 2) instantly made the bland Stockholm suburb Blackeberg a place as connected to vampires as the US state Maine is to murdering clowns, dogs and other unmentionable monsters from Stephen King's subconscious, in most people's opinions.

After that, he continued to turn Täby and Danderyd's sjukhus (where I have been several times) into places you cannot pass during swelteringly hot summer nights without a shiver down your spine due to the undead you know are about to wake up. Etcetera with making the archipelago of Stockholm into a potential hiding place for some rather "Old ones"-ish beings which can reanimate unruly bikers and steal children that come too near the lighthouse.

Ahem. Yes, thank you, Mr Ajvide Lindqvist, for helping to turn my mental map of Stockholm with surroundings into a far scarier place. I like you too...

In Little Star, he takes the cosyest of cosy Swedish television shows, Allsång på Skansen (which actually has an English wikipedia article, I am baffled) and the most boring of Swedish music, schlager from "Svensktoppen"* and makes it into a really HORRIFYING splatter book. With a lot of social realistic commentary, careful portrayals of painfully ordinary humans whom you still come to care for, pity and despise as they show off all their little admirable and disgusting traits.

It is also a book about bullying and how it tears into someone and twists them, killing something. It's the story about the ordinary girls and women (because although the first part of the story is much driven by a father and a son, it is really about the girl, the "little star" and the lonely, abused mother of the family. And then comes the other girl and everything really begins to take shape), the girls that weren't pretty enough but at least kept silent and were forgotten and how much that hurts. Them and those around.

It's a very sad book - it brings to mind an otherwise unmemorable book about film theory, which talked about the "elegiac mood" of some movies. The melancholia, the poem for the dead.

And that's what Lilla Stjärna is, a sad book written about those that are, either physically or spiritually dead from the very beginning of the book and how they bring over this deadness to the little girls until they are as broken as the adults around them. It is this by telling the story of an uncanny girl with the most perfect voice imaginable and the tragic massacre that happens when others keep trying to mold her into a money-making tool - and it does it very, very well.

If you can, read Lindqvist, he is one of the most interesting writers (horror and otherwise) I have encountered lately.

* as in the lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
** Svensktoppen charts the most popular Swedish music and, since it until recently only played songs in Swedish, it was dominated by "dance band" music. Which is the spiritual twin of country, basically, though they don't sound very alike.
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I have reached the weak-but-bored staged of my illness. So it may be a good thing that I don't have any lighters in the house.

Shiny Youtube embed below the cut )

Or a blender >D

After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a science geek in possession of common household appliances must be in constant temptation to blow them up.

Although I think even McGuyver would wear gloves before he tried this... )

But it's like I always say - you can't stop people from making explosives at home, because it's darn easy to blow shit up. The best you can do is make them unable to buy stable, "aimable" explosives in the supermarket
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Why am I even awake at the ridiculous hour of 09:43 (and I got up at 08:27 what is wrong with my life). Especially considering that I've slept an average of five hours a night these last days? Right, because stress makes you distracted and you managed to lock yourself out of your apartment and had to go from [personal profile] lanjelin's to the parents. Preferably before they leave for the airport and you can't get in there either...

Moving on!

First I shall have to cut for incoherent and Doctor Who spoilerish squee )

Then Eurovision, which we just caught the tail-end of. Third place, go us!* Victory for Azerbadjan, most heartfelt congratulations <3 I really know nothing of that country, so I hope I'll learn a bit (even if it's bound to be very fluffy) when the media spotlight goes to them next year. And the winning artists looked so damn happy that was very sweet.
But I thought the male commenter for SVT made a rather grumpy comment just at the end (can't recall the exact wording now). "Ogin" is the word in Swedish I think of which I just felt was uncalled for. They won, look at them being all teary with joy, and at least little ego-boy Sade brought us a third place (so please stop sending pale blond slips of women without scene presence it won't work. And, as good as our opera singer could sing, a Eurovision winner needs a refrain you can hum along with which her song did not contain)

* In Sweden, Eurovision is very srz bznz

We also had an epic planning, scheduling and brainstorming session for BLYG yesterday, that might deserve a post of its own. We've got a pretty packed con, if I may say so myself and there's like 2 areas which we haven't added any info on yet *_*

Oh, right, and I fixed stuff for the apartment with my future tenants. And also got some much-needed cleaning done, yayness

In conclusion: The intense and lovely SPX weekend was followed by a most dismal and week I wish wouldn't have existed - on all levels, really. Fails heaping up with organizing stuff, lack of time and energy to study, family drama and even work sucked in more ways than one. And now, spiffy weekend again. Since it's a bit more low-key than last week, that makes me hope that if the pattern holds, any potential suck of the comming work week will also be less intense. Please?
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Sooo this made go me go "OMG flail!!" and then x_x followed by a =D because it straddles the weird line of cute-wrong. I'm still not sure if it's so cute it's wrong, or if it's so wrong it's cute.

Cat Ears Controlled by Your Brain are just what it says on the can. Or not quite, but it's fake kitty ears that work like a mood ring. You happy? They perk up. Sad or just neutral, they seem to lie down.

My mental chain of association: Eeek, Loveless! Omg imagine the furry uses! Argh, no wait don't! Imagine the cosplay uses instead! And then just the blinding realization that, yes - I can pay my bus ticket or a chocolate bar with my cell phone, there are a few people walking around with chip implants in their arms and brain-"reading" hardware is now so cheap that it can be put into a novelty item. We are living in the future!


May. 8th, 2011 17:51
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The title pretty much sums up this exhausting and wonderful weekend. For The Win - spring has come with wonderfully sunny days and it's like the entire city woke up bubbling with creative glee

Yesterday, after SPX, I was at a dinner with Lisa, [livejournal.com profile] alitna, Stef and a bunch of other people - several of whom I have heard for years, but never actually met. Ah, the famous and elusive artists ;) We went to Pong, which was really epically tasty I have to go back there because I ate until I thought I'd explode

This morning I draaa~aagged myself out of bed to go visit the build site for Citybanan. This will be the new solution for Stockholm's commuter trains, which today have to pass a spot with only two rails (!) which, incidentally, every train from the Southern part of the country has to cross to enter Stockholm. Yeeeah, when there's a delay on our commuter trains, they have to hold stuff in Malmö, it's insane.

But! With Citybanan the commuter trains get their own rails in their own tunnel. And it's a big one, 6 km underground passing beneath one of the city's oldest churches and lake Mälaren. It was interesting to go down in the tunnels and watch the huge machines. They explain how they remove the mountain without disturbing the buildings on the surface, showed where how the explosivs are placed and where the tunnel segments that will go under the lake will connect.

The only process is that it won't be finished until 2017 and we kind of needed more tracks ten years ago...

Then I went back for a last round at SPX - which frankly deserves a post of its own when I'm less dead. Now I have no moniez :o

Also got some really, REALLY good news for BLYG: The ticket system is finally ready to go! Tickets will go on sale in a few days and we also got a confirmation from one of the bands: The Swedish Shortsnouts will play at the con! This'll be the first time a wizrock band plays at an anime convention in Sweden afaik and I think and hope that it'll be a pleasant experience for everyone ^^
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And it's an image song for nobody less than Captain Jack *^_^*

"The Doctor and I", actually actual John Barrowman singing about Captain Jack's epic love an altered version of a song from Wicked with clips from all relevant seasons of Doctor Who

Youtube vid beneath the cut )

Let me tell you how much I adore this...

One of my frequent complaints about Western media is the lack of "image songs"/character songs. It's not releveant in too serious things, of course, but for something like Doctor Who? Absolutely!

I really like listening to the Jeeves and Wooster songs (that can apparantly only be found on one highly out of print CD and Spotify. Well, and Pirate Bay, but ykwim). While the Buffy musical episode doesn't do that much for me, I not having seen Buffy, my workmates love it quite passionately and I suspect it's the fourth most played CD in the store (Nightmare Before Christmas and the two Lovecraft song collections definitely top). Basically, even if the actors don't sing that well, it's really neat to have in-character songs. Disney has understood this, why can't cheesy TV entertainment do the same?

But this? Barrowman is a musical artist, and this tune is just his style, and the lyrics are so sweet and the images well chosen and. I. Absolutely. Love. It.

Got the link from Mark Watches Doctor Who, btw, he just finished Tennant's run. Entertaining reading and made me nostalgic to re-watch some episodes. One of these days...
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Pratade mer med universitetet igår och skickade in lite av mina insamlade papper. 15 januari är Ansökningsdatumet med störst A, så det börjar röra på sig... Men mina betyg *host*förutsattattsistatentaninterök*host* ser helt ok ut, jag har ganska många poäng från SH och ansökningstrycket till Tyskland är väldigt lågt just nu!

Så HT 2011 tillbringar jag /ta i trä/ i Berliiiiiiiiiiiin!

In English: If everything works out, I'll spend next winter term in Germany~
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There turned out to be something wrong with my APH Marukaite Chikyuu Kansha Matsuri file - it only blips for two minutes, but the subs were completely messed up after that -_- So I had to download a subtitle editor, and for that to work some Microsoft .NET framework thing and then I had to fix the subs andaaargfh...

But it was worth it, in the end. This was a great VA event, and the fans seemed super enthusiastic too. Older than I thought, but at least we got to hear Mein Gott! live

I have also come to the baffling realization that Chibitalia's voice actor is one feisty lady, who totally out-semes both Austria's and Prussia's voices (I'd NEVER guessed Prussia was played by such a thin, shyish kind of guy. Great acting, dude)
In fact, she may have out-semed everyone on that stage. Except Germany, who looked very nice in his tank top and had to go all DOWN BOY! on France's pervy antics. Lots of bleeping there, yes.

...and Namikawa Daisuke keeps on being tiny and adorable. So cuuuute~
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Just looking at the Hetalia seiyuu event and of course it start with the main trio (Daisuke Namikawa/Italy, Hiroki Takahashi/Japan and Hiroki Yasumoto/Germany) entering the stage

And Daisuke Namikawa is this TINY guy. I mean - soooo tiny and so cute. Which I shouldn't think, because he looks, what, fifteen? No worries, he's plenty Older than I am (born 1976) and doesn't look half as chibi in his ANN profile picture

Can't take a screencap for some reason, but you see him in the preview which Youtube kindly leaves up!
Embedded video here )

Aww, I just want to... pinch his cheek and listen to him talk. The first I can't do, the second? Ayup



(for reference, this is France. And also Jadeite)

Eta2: and how appropriate that Chibitalia is voiced by a tiny woman. And Russia by a... tiny... man.

This is too much awesome for words
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Oh, Amy! Oh, spoilers! )

And now, because I was at a great Midsummers Party yesterday and am today very tired and sleepy, now I'll take a nap.
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I really don`t have time for this (and the keyboard is borked) as I`m only supposed to check my bank account, but hot damn if John Ajvide Lindqvists Hanteringen av odöda (Handling of the undead) isn`t worth a quick rec.

It`s a much faster read than any of his books, not counting Lilla stjärna and the short story collection Pappersväggar, which I haven`t read yet. There are news items, blurbs, `cuttings` from the papers and such between the regular chapters and this really helps speed up parts that might otherwise have slogged the narrative down. And it is one AMAZING narrative. Couldn`t put it down yesternight

The dead are returning, it starts at Danderyd`s hospital and continues all over Stockholm. It`s gross, it`s creepy and it`s very, very touching. How does one deal with the loss, and flawed return, of a loved one?

Great book. could make a cool movie too, I hope they find an equally skilled director as to Let the right one in, if they do make one.
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One week of vacation. No work, no apartment repairs, no j-rock association, noooooothing but two good friends and my favorite city ^_^

I so need this
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One of the best series published in English 2009/10 is finished! Naoki Urasawas Pluto is an adult thriller retelling of a chapter in Osamu Tezukas classic Astro Boy. It has robots, murder, complex and wonderful characters, great plot twists and a lot more excellent ingredients. Highly recommended!

And now... the eight and final book is mine, aaaallllll mine, muahahahahaha!
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Last tickets booked & everything ready for the Textual Echoes symposium.

Umeå, here I come =)

(it was damned expensive, but I do think it's worth it)


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