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You know, I am pleased as punch that I'm not the one who added the BLYG entry at the Fanlore Wiki. Nor was it anyone else from the top level of organizers, as far as we can determine ^_^

Am also very pleased and, um, tiny bitsy drunk because I was out on Ladies Drink 'n' Draw and hade nice drinks with cool comic artists from all over the world. Really feeling pepped for SPX now ^___^ And some of their "doodles" aw my good, amazing art skills!
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Every spring, there comes about two and a half weeks when everyone I know who is involved in the fanzine and small press comics world goes into some kind of work-related hysteria slash coma. That means I need to start keeping an eye out for Stockholm's Small Press Expo, which is pretty much The opportunity to find fanzines, meet comics creators and perhaps even hear several interesting international guests at Kulturhuset.

This years panels and talks aren't super hot for me, though that's mostly because I've focused my interests rather narrowly lately (lack of time for anything else). But if I have the energy to go in on Sunday, I'll definitely attend this:
14:45 - 15:30 Galago presenterar: "Feministiskt självförsvar i serier". Panel med Gabrielle Bell, Kati Rickenbach m fl. Övriga deltagare meddelas senare. Moderator: Berit Viklund. *
Var: Studio 3 (Kulturhuset)

(Feminist self-defence in comics)

Kulturhuset also lists all the other comics-related stuff that'll happen in Stockholm about now and it's a lot!

I'm so bloody tired these days, but this sounds kinda too awesome to miss, eh?
"Ladies Drink'n'Draw"
Vad: Separatistiskt ölhäng för kvinnor och transpersoner som tecknar. Träffa seriefestivalens internationella gäster. Umgänge och teckning utlovas! Öppet för alla efter 21. Arrangör Berit Viklund.

Ahhh, and then there's the thing at Atelje Otecknad which I have managed to miss every bloody year and I'd really like to go so much happening so little time and energy ;_;

Oh, and the Scott Pilgrim guy is coming. That's fun, I know my friends like him a lot :3

Last but not least: Stef, who will sit at Snyggbordet during the market (which is totally the high point of any SPX =) posted this link a while ago. Epic markers of seventies shojo manga!

In conclusion: Epicest epic comic weekend, coming right up!


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