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Guh! Sent away the first two room applications to Berlin.
I really have no idea of the etiquette for these things, but the ads seemed written pretty personally (both places advertizing for a co-renter who wanted to have a "real" WG, instead of a just-money-saving neccessity. And hey, that's nice, I'd like to meet new friends during my exchange year. Also, cooking together = FTW!

But I switched to English after a short introductory sentence because I really, really don't feel as if I could write in German at the moment. Hopefully that won't be seen as terribly rude, at least one of the apartments was renting because one member was going to study in the States so they should know English... *mumblemumble second-guessing-self*

Both places are looking for non-smokers, both lie in the East side (in or near Friedrichshain) and come with at least basic furniture. They also both have some form of central heating (yay), and it's shared with at least one other woman. I kind of side-eyed the ad where two guys were looking for a woman to move in (not an either/or) without giving any specific reason. Maybe I'm paranoid, but nah, that's not for me.

Gosh, I'm nervous. Everyone's been talking about how easy it is to get an apartment in Berlin. Sure it is, compared to Stockholm, I mean these places have been out on the market for weeks and they're at least half the price of anything I've seen here - they'd be gone ages ago. But if it's a good deal in Berlin? Idk. Will I like the people there? Idk either, but it seems like too much paperwork and a bit too much rent to try and get an apartment of my own.

So I'll just cross my fingers and hope that they'll reply positively soon. And not be offended my halting German ^^;
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Why am I even awake at the ridiculous hour of 09:43 (and I got up at 08:27 what is wrong with my life). Especially considering that I've slept an average of five hours a night these last days? Right, because stress makes you distracted and you managed to lock yourself out of your apartment and had to go from [personal profile] lanjelin's to the parents. Preferably before they leave for the airport and you can't get in there either...

Moving on!

First I shall have to cut for incoherent and Doctor Who spoilerish squee )

Then Eurovision, which we just caught the tail-end of. Third place, go us!* Victory for Azerbadjan, most heartfelt congratulations <3 I really know nothing of that country, so I hope I'll learn a bit (even if it's bound to be very fluffy) when the media spotlight goes to them next year. And the winning artists looked so damn happy that was very sweet.
But I thought the male commenter for SVT made a rather grumpy comment just at the end (can't recall the exact wording now). "Ogin" is the word in Swedish I think of which I just felt was uncalled for. They won, look at them being all teary with joy, and at least little ego-boy Sade brought us a third place (so please stop sending pale blond slips of women without scene presence it won't work. And, as good as our opera singer could sing, a Eurovision winner needs a refrain you can hum along with which her song did not contain)

* In Sweden, Eurovision is very srz bznz

We also had an epic planning, scheduling and brainstorming session for BLYG yesterday, that might deserve a post of its own. We've got a pretty packed con, if I may say so myself and there's like 2 areas which we haven't added any info on yet *_*

Oh, right, and I fixed stuff for the apartment with my future tenants. And also got some much-needed cleaning done, yayness

In conclusion: The intense and lovely SPX weekend was followed by a most dismal and week I wish wouldn't have existed - on all levels, really. Fails heaping up with organizing stuff, lack of time and energy to study, family drama and even work sucked in more ways than one. And now, spiffy weekend again. Since it's a bit more low-key than last week, that makes me hope that if the pattern holds, any potential suck of the comming work week will also be less intense. Please?
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I bought little corner shelves for that deadspace just to the side of the bookshelf. But to put them up, I had to move my bookshelves a little bit - the floor's not entirely flat, see. But before I could even think of wiggling my bookshelves around, I had to remove all the books


Yes, that was a project that took from about six o'clock until a bit after ten yesterday. This included taking the books out, trying to keep them in semi-sorted piles, wiggling the shelves and then frantically look for plugs for the wall (didn't find any, only lots of screws. But since I'll visit mom today, it's no disaster) before giving up on any drilling tonight and putting the books back. I re-sorted things a bit and moved my Eyeshield 21 collection out from the bedroom.

What really surprises me is that I, despite having added another 33 manga volumes (although they are in a "back row" I seem to have aquired more space - there's almost an entire shelf free! I think it's because some of the other shelves, mostly those containing manga have been filled up more compactly, but it's still a bit odd.

Anyway, tomorrow is also a free day, so I'll try to put up the corner shelves then. Need somewhere to keep liquor bottles and vases
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Recap of the apartment situation: The builders got angry at each other and some of them ended up suing some others. So, er, things kinda were at a stand-still for a while (though I don't have to pay any of them more)

But! the place is pretty much finished so now I'm going to move into my new place again, almost exactly a year after I moved back home to ze parents with a depressive breakdown. But now I feel good again ^_^

So... if anyone has the time and inclination to help me move on Sunday the 26th of September, please lemme know! There will be food, cake and give-away of books and manga :3

(er. to those I haven't contacted again re mailing books, sorry x_X lots to do, will mail you tonight! they're still yours)


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