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We had snow! It's not much left now, but the cold is definitely here. This means I really should get out and buy more warm sweaters (lost one during my Christmas vacation, one is frankly fugly from age and the other two get used a bit much) but since I hate shopping, I've so far only managed to grab yet another Die Ärzte sweater from the fan-merch store round the corner. Oh well, at least it looks warm and cosy.

Exam period is coming up, which means I need to do ALL THE STUDIES and I also have two presentations to do. Bohoo, stressy... That's one verbal exam, one written and two essays which I think (and hope, good lord) that I can hand in after the actual term is over.

To that, there is also the very last bit of the paperwork to extend my stay at Humboldt, but at least I'm guaranteed a place here now ^_^ But I had to print a paper, sign it, then I gotta scan it and send to the insurance person, then get a reply and lastly show that to the administration here. Uuuh...

Because I have so much to do and so little time I got a haircut. Not a complete waste of time, because it was getting messily long, and I was too tired to study more than the two hours I did today anyway. Now, no more haircuts until February has passed! If I can affordid then, however, I'll take the time to dye it in March.

And lastly, an anime blog I want to read in the future when I have time (hah): Karaconner. I need to catch up on the ANN editorials that I follow too and probably buy the latest volume of FMA. So much to read, so little time...
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This weekend I managed to be both productive and relaxed at once, quite pleasant for a change. Laundry has been washed, in massive amounts. New curtain fabric have been bought (old curtains laundered) and are awaiting Monday and stores opening, before I drop them off by the tailor to have them turned into actual curtains. Shoes were shined, my room re-arranged a bit, leftovers eaten up, desk cleaned and whatnot.

All this, and I also got in a good night of sleep and watched a bit of Jeeves and Wooster. I feel quite ready for the coming week now!

I also got my hair cut the other day )

Short, rather punkish, and I like it! The hairdresser suggested the style when I asked her to chop it all off - sometimes, it is rewarding to give the stylist people free hands ^_^
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I turned my head a bit too quickly while dying my hair, and smacked myself in the eye with a lump of Wella's red hairdye, aimed so well that I couldn't see clearly out of that eye for 12 hours? No?

Well, today I almost repeated the experience, with only two minor differences.
1) My hair was full of bleach. Not good.
2) I was a bit quicker in closing my eyelid this time, and didn't even feel a sting. Only fried off a few eyelashes and caused a bit of ohshitohshit jumping around and flushing my face with water >_>

So, yes, experiments in hairdying have been taken up again. My new bathroom has less porous surface than the old one, but also fewer places to put stuff. And when I went to buy dye, they'd run out of almost all nuances of Manic Panic, only some red and yellow ones left. I had to settle for Stargazer, I hope it lasts a bit longer :/
Still haven't found a store in Stockholm that sells SFX dye, and only one little shop on Drottninggatan carries Manic Panic... and all other brands I've tried so far have varied between utter crapp and barely acceptable. Fudge was okay-ish, but those yars that they sell at Blue Fox and Buttericks are rubbish.

Lastly, I had forgotten how strong an effect bleach fumes has on my sinuses. Runny nose for hours, guh (but still no asthmatic reaction. My lungs are weird, yo)


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