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I was gonna buy a ticket to some little multi-band "Tribute to Die Ärzte" event her in Berlin, sounded fun. And so I check out the Badeimster page to see if there's anything official about it, they list DÄ parties and whatnot sometimes

And what do I see? DIE ÄRZTE HAVE ANNOUNCED A NEW TOUR FOR 2012!!! With ticket sales starting in 2 days

*makes whimpering noises at the thought of almost having missed this*

For those readers now confused, Die Ärzte (die beste band der welt ♥) are a German punk-rock band that I've been a great fan of for ten years now* and they always have GREAT concerts. And the Berlin concerts in particular tend to sell out in 0.2 seconds or something like that.

Well. We can't have that, so at midnight on the appropriate date I'll be F5-ing my computer like mad.

But! There is a cloud on the sky - my debit card was refused when I tried to buy the "tribute to DÄ" ticket, for unclear reasons. There's money in the account and my login works spiffily... but I think that because the German website isn't equipped for our fucking Swedish credit card e-security measures, the bank refused the transfer. Can't have that >_> If worst comes to worst, I'll ask my sister or someone to buy the tickets from Sweden and just fork over the money, but first I'll try to solve it here. Deutsche Bank apparantly has offices in Sweden too, so after my visit to Burgeramt, off I go to see if I can get a EC-card. Hopefully, those work online. Or I'll just have to pay for a credit card too, I need to be able to order online tickets and stuff!

But still...


*It was slightly odd to realize that, since it is now exactly ten years since 9/11 and I sat in a living room in Erkner watching what happened on the screens, that means it's been ten years since my first time living in Germany
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Finally! We've got the homepage up ^_^

Boy's Love Yaoi Gakkai 2011 ~ 17-19 June, Skogås (Stockholm)

It's time again for Sweden's one and only yaoi/BL/slash convention and, since third time's the charm, we're going for the largest and bestest BLYG ever!

The homepage can be found at blyg.eu and is rather sparse at the moment. We have a bunch of stuff just waiting to be typed down, tho, and I really think this years BLYG has the potential to be amazing

If anyone is interested in holding a panel/round-table discussion/lecture on something yaoi, slash, yuri or otherwise fandom related, gimme a shout - I'm the one booking events =D

Arranging this year are by the by the non-profits Geikai (Anime/manga inspired crafts) and Raison d'être (Jrock/Jpop)
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Wah, our hotel has Wifi, but not for free. So, hasty post!

J-popcon has been like the best karaoke experience ever so far! They've treated us really well, everything was in place when we got here (that's incredibly rare. Last Uppcon and now is like the only time. In 5 years...) and we got gophers helping out and all. The hall is also super sweet, big, airy and with lots of chairs ^_^

I haven't been around that much in the rest of the convetion area, because first we had to set stuff up, then we ate (pizza buffe, om nom nom) and then I've basically been singing with lots of happy Danish anime fans until it was time for bed. But it looks great, is amazingly close to the central station and I much look forward to looking around more tomorrow!

So far, everything spiffy. We'll see what there is actually to do tomorrow, since the night-work schedule = we are free to go look around the con! Holy crap
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So, because I so obviously don't have the time right now, I decided to start reading to Jenkin's Textual Poachers in bits and nibbles. Since there is only so much lit studies I can get through before my brain melts and I spend hours in the library anyway...

But, whatevs. Only a few pages in, I realized how aged this book is. It's still a very important work and a lot of what he writes ought to be as valid now as then - but if anyone has some commentaries, good critical articles etc, they'd be much appreciated ^^

Also, why is Iceland separated from Europe in the foreword? 0_ô

Let's switch topics, to the real reason I'm sitting in the school library!

My thinky thoughts about school )
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Am I the only one who strongly dislikes the term "animanga"?

In particular when refering to anime and manga fandom where the sources are unrelated. But also where the sources are related, because unless you know something about that particular canon, it's a risky business to equate an anime with the manga of the same name when you do your meta.

But it basically boils down to this sense of unease I have. I'm not in any darn animanga fandom kthx!
I'm a manga fan and there are a bunch of anime I like. I know loads of people who are anime fans, with a few handpicked manga that they like. It's not like we talk about moviebook fans, or even comicartoon enthusiasts.
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I have a slightly embarrasing confession to make - I think I have developed a celebrity crush. On John Barrowman. (Yes, only some years after everyone else...)

But it didn't just come from watching Torchwood, although that was definitely the start. Went to London this weekend, see, and among other books I picked up his second biography/essay-collection on family and fame "I am what I am" and... he's really funny. Possibly exhausting to be around, but entertaining to read.

So now I've spottifyed one of his albums (John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter) which, I have to admit, wasn't really my thing and I'm downloading his show thing. Although, the song Miss Otis Regrets has brilliant lyrics, so that was totally a find. I'll also borrow the first biography from V. later on

Anyway, I don't know if it'll stick, but right now I'm trying to torrent everything he is in that seems the least bit interesting. Tips and warnings very much appreciated!

By the by, a warning for anyone who reads this - avoid the Swedish Torchwood boxsets. They don't contain all the extra material that is listed on the box. Among the missing things are the bloopers and deleted scenes, as well as the comments track :/
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Do I, at the moment, keep up with fandom? No, not really. I read ANN for work, I check the swedish forums occasionally, and lanjelin is showing me the highlights of Dr Who and the interesting wankbaits at fandomsecrets. I read some fic and try to leave at least a "great stuff!" for the great stuff. That's about it, really, except an obsessive control of the latest Hetalia merchandize.

No time for more, unfortunately.

I do however try to keep up with the news of the real world. This is easier, since I can read the newspaper on the bus. During my lunch break, I also have access to the Serious Business Newspaper, unless a workmate stole it first

Anyway - better get to the point before the internet dies again - I am a bit behind. But I haven't seen anything talked about the new, french, movie based on Alexander Dumas life. And more specifically, the fact that he's to be played by Gerard Depardieu, which has upset people who knew more lit history than me, because Dumas grandfather was a black Haitian slave. Aaand they've basically whitewashed that part of his history completely in this movie *

Which sucks. It also sucks that, despite this being such a commonly known issue that the non-too-radicall Wikipedia mentions it explicitly, with a striking but bitter quote even! Not one of my school books, nor my teachers (nor, it turned out, any of my mother's teachers or books) ever bothered to mention this fact. Despite me being a devout fangirl of The Count of Monte Cristo when I was much younger and, you know, pretty interested in this dude. Not interested enough to go out and read his biography - I was, what, 11? But I would have remembered if it mentioned anything about his writing being affected by racism and colonialism.
Heck, my swedish Jungle Book edition - for kids, shortened and everything - had a page talking about Kipling and colonialism. Dumas? Not a peep

* This is hearsay. Or, well, newspapersay, I haven't seen the movie, I don't even know if it's finished yet.

Also, my foot hurts and is blue-purple-green today
/intresseklubben antecknar

ETA: And of course this reminded me of fandom because of racefail and all the meta-undercurrents that I have vaguely sensed but not really had time to read in-depth.
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I really need to sort out my notes from the Textual Echoes and write something up from it. And do about a million other things... Meanwhile, Paceus @ LJ has written several very interesting things about some of the papers presented.

And I'm reading Jeeves and Wooster fanfic ^_^ I love literary fandoms, especially old ones... they tend to move more slowly, but otoh they last longer and the overall quality is often very good.
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I think I want to send everyone from SL up to Umeå and ask them to take a bus.... This is how you do commuting traffic. You can pay with your credit card, there are electronic signs that show what's going on with the traffic and they have a similar load'em'up system for the bus cards as Stockholm/Göteborg. A perfect mixture and so far there's also always been a bus every time I wanted to take one, or three minutes later.


But that was not quite the point of this post. No. Textual Echoes symposium talk, cut for length )
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Last tickets booked & everything ready for the Textual Echoes symposium.

Umeå, here I come =)

(it was damned expensive, but I do think it's worth it)


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