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Well that was a nasty surprise!

Due to the size of my feet (a 'humongous' EU 42, which is one size bigger than Swedish ladies shoes generally come in), I'm used to only shopping for shoes in the >80 € range. Docs, Ecco and so on, Vagabond sometimes if they're on sale.

This means I've pretty much gotten used to the idea that if I care for my shoes properly, they will last anything from 1-3 years, depending on make and use. Heavy boots and other clunkers can last longer, and party shoes essentially never break because I use them so rarely (and it's often too cold to wear them outside anyway).

Deichmann, which semi-recently opened stores in Stockholm is an exception, since they carry a lot of sizes. But realistically, if I buy 3 shoes for 10 € I won't expect that much from them, and I've found that Deichmann shoes hold up decently for about a season. Fair enough!

But now, I bought myself a pair of ~50 € shoes here (real leather, always), which is still more than I expect to pay for crap. Very comfy, look nice, the type of slim walking shoes that with extremely heavy wear lasts me between 8-14 months of everyday wear, often in rain and slush.

And now, after two weeks and some walking on cobblestones in Paris, the heel is a bit cracked on one of them. Wtf? I realized that they don't have that black, extra rubbery heel covering that I'm used to all my walking shoes having and, wellp, now I know what purpose it serves!

Luckily cobblers are cheap in Berlin, but I think those are the last "budget but not extremely cheap!" everyday shoes I'll buy in my life.
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In Germany, they're in the process of switching out the federal president, after the old one got caught in a severe scandal. There was a lot of media hounding but, from what I've heard from sensible people, also very reasonable complaints against him and illegal stuff and whatnot. Election for the next president is coming up, though from what I can understand, the presented candidate is a pretty sure win. Okay.

In Sweden, the crown princess just had a daughter. I don't care all that much, although of course it's nice for them (and, heh, part of me went 'yes a girl, good!'). But it also brings up the obvious discussing of whether we want to keep a monarchy or not.

Now, on one hand, I do feel that all humans should be born equal and that it's quite odd how the court doesn't have to tell anyone where all the money they get goes to; I don't insist on knowing anybodys pocket money, but if they really use most of the sum for upkeep of historical castles and parks, why not show that? Everybody else who is statefunded or pays taxes has to do that. Certainly people who get social security money need to show proof for just about every little expense, so, uh, why not the people who get the biggest "social security" payment of them all?

But, tangent. I still don't neccessarily feel that we need to get rid of the court, because we'll still have to pay someone to do the ceremonial greetings and stuff. And, looking at the German situation, even picking an older person with experience is apparantly totally not a guarantee against them doing stupid shit.

But it was very funny when the announcement came out. I was sitting in a café with some German people from my project seminar, when someone checked their smartphone. Twitter was talking about the (then) very receant reveal that the president would resign and they all broke out in spontaneous cheers :)

One of the best things at the Humboldt university, is how many people seem to actually care about politics, in multiple ways.

In completely unrelated news, I've got a couple of new icons. That pic of Zoro? Might as well have been me this week
/was sinfully lazy and enjoyed it so


Feb. 18th, 2012 16:58
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Today I did nothing, except change a hard-to-read lightbulb. It was epically wonderful.

/reads One Piece and eats yoghurt/

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Yesterday I went to see Das kunstseidene Mädchen (The Girl made of Artificial-Silk) in the Aufbau Theatre. This is one of Berlin's many small private theatre companies, and it just so happens that it lies about one block from my apartment.
Which, I'm sad to say, totally proves that they need a better PR-responsible, because I pass the building where the theatre is every morning on my way to school, and we're currently studying the book (written 1932 by Irmgard Keun, quite worth a read) and I knew neither of the theatre nor this play. Luckily enough, one of my fellow students has stronger Google-fu and informed the class about the play last week.

The play: Girls shouldn't be made of fake silk, because it wrinkles so easily )

The day before Das Kunstseidene Mädchen I also did things, I barely know how to keep my head straight with all this sudden social life ^_^;;;

Anyway, two other exchange students had, inspired by the fact that it was Australia Day called together an event called Australia, which turned out to be a very nice gathering of Australians, Germans and exchange students from other countries to learn about post/colonilism from an Australian perspective.
We gathered in the cellar of a pub and there followed an evening with poetry readings (Oodgeroo Noonuccal, some others and new poems by one of the organisers), historical information (the dictation test and the ethnic cleansing of the Tasmanian peninsula, both completely new things to me) and looked at the works of a photographer whom is involved in the struggle for indigineous rights and whose name I have utterly forgotten. There was supposed to be a film showing too, but considering we discussed until a bit after midnight, that didn't really work out. Still, a lively discussion is both something less solid and more engaging than even a really good movie, so I think it all worked out quite well.

Otherwise, I've spent most of the week thinking of a poem by the East German poet Karl Mickel, which I'm supposed to present on Monday. With a few clear and well-formulated interpretation theses. orz

...and apparantly while I'm sitting in a library writing this post, there's a load of police cars and whatnot outside of work in Stockholm, in the aftermath of a robbery on a nearby goldsmith o.0
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You wanna know what I did today? I hope you do, because I'm totally gonna tell you ^___^

I paid someone a heap o'moniez to punch four holes in my ears!

Ear-piercing talk (but no pics) )

For further distraction the international club at the university has arranged a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which whill play some chosen pieces. I'm off to see them in about an hour, looking forward to it quite a lot =)

How it looks? Really cool, if I may say so myself, but also a bit swollen and whatnot, so I'll hold off the pics for a few days
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This weekend I managed to be both productive and relaxed at once, quite pleasant for a change. Laundry has been washed, in massive amounts. New curtain fabric have been bought (old curtains laundered) and are awaiting Monday and stores opening, before I drop them off by the tailor to have them turned into actual curtains. Shoes were shined, my room re-arranged a bit, leftovers eaten up, desk cleaned and whatnot.

All this, and I also got in a good night of sleep and watched a bit of Jeeves and Wooster. I feel quite ready for the coming week now!

I also got my hair cut the other day )

Short, rather punkish, and I like it! The hairdresser suggested the style when I asked her to chop it all off - sometimes, it is rewarding to give the stylist people free hands ^_^
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So I'm sitting around, reading nothing in particularly important on the comp with the radio set to Fritz (mostly because I was too lazy to change the channel) in the background. I must have been humming along to the song playing for a few seconds, but I only noticed when the song veered off in the wrong direction.
Now, those who know me and have been unfortunate enough to join me for karaoke, know that I am rather tone-deaf. But even I have learned to recognize the main tune in the beginning of Hotel California and I just knew that was what had just been playing.

It's incredibly annoying to listen to a song where the words are wrong and the melody is almost, but not quite, what one expects. And it's even more annoying to hear a song which sticks in your head, without ever finding out what it's called or who made it, which radio stations have become increasingly bad at informing me about. And, since the words were almost unintelligeble, since they were mostly rapped in some kind of slow way, I could hardly google the lyrics either.

So, internet research time ahoy! First the Fritz site - annoying and too much Flash, btw - where it took several clickarounds until I found the playlist. Compared to the website of Klassik Radio, where I only had to get to the main site to see the three most recent songs played, it's pretty badly designed. Anyway, there I found the name of the song: Frank Ocean's American Wedding. 'kay, that tells me absolutely nothing, but - ah-HA! One Google later and I know that my poor ears aren't playing tricks on me. This Frank Ocean is sampling (hefty) parts of Hotel California in his song. Unfortunately, they're also pretty much the only tolerable bits of the song

What in the world did we do, before the internet had all the information one could require only a few letters away?
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Today I:

- Had a interesting two hour seminar about marginalized identities (bonus: discovered that I might just be able to get some kind of points for it too!)
- Bought a pair of sport pants, because I always do everything in the last minute
- Had my first fencing class. I'm woefully out of shape, but it was fun!
- Am about to go sing karaoke ^^

All in all, I feel no guilt that my dinner was a döner.
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Ahhh I am slipping behind with my reading blog. I've pretty much given up on writing something about all the manga I read, because I read too damn much manga (also, what to say about wol 14 of umtpysomething of 20th Century Boys - or worse, Chi's Sweet Home? Still good, still buying, next!)

Anyway. To start off with, Jim Butcher's Ghost Story is not properly published and the short article I wrote for work is up on the homepage of the geeky bookstore (in Swedish). I've written a longer one too, which will go up as "Tip of the Month: Urban Fantasy" soon(ish), if I remember I'll link to that one too =)

Talking about urban fantasy, the other day I finally had the time to sit down and finish a book that has been on the "To read"-list for an embarrasingly long time. I read Udda Verklighet )

The reason I finished Udda Verklighet was btw that I spent about three hours waiting for poor _shown_ at the Central Station. Where did he spend these hours? Stuck on a train - in Gnesta of all places! Someone threatened to jump down onto the tracks that go into Stockholm, so they had to stop all traffic and it was a massive brouhaha. The first hour and a half went buy quickly, as I spent it with [personal profile] lanjelin and Maria at a café, but I was reeeally glad to have a good book when they had to go home :)

And today? Today, I carried books. LOADS AND LOADS OF BOOKS. One bookshelf emptied and moved down into my basement, only 3 left to empty ;_; At least tt's the only bookshelf I have to actually move, since I'm renting out the apartment furnished.

However, in the evening, my mother treated me (Well, actually Sho. I just got to come along too ;) to a fancy dinner, so all's well that ends well.
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So life continues to be a bit stressful but we're getting there. I found a room to let in central Berlin :3 Friend's gonna check out that it's legit, but then it is mine moahahahah~

Am also tackling the mess at home, slowly, piece by piece and my cough is finally starting to clear up (though it still comes back now and then). Am trying to read through all my unread books (impossible project ;_; ) but keep getting distracted by re-reading that amazing manga, Monster. Otoh what I am currently reading is The Shock Doctrine and I need to take it in nibbles or I'll just break. Humanity is evil, yo.

Aaaand I just bought my flight ticket. Oh my gawd, I'm going to Germany soon!!!!
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So. Uppcon. This big anime con. I tried not to buy too much junk but of course I couldn't escape coming home with some loot. Like my Chi's Sweet Home cell phone accessories which I haven't used yet, because my phone is getting a bit full of kawaii crap...

Anyway, I also bought a very small, cheap soap. Charity for the earthquake and whatnot, plus I could give away one to the family that way.

I thought they'd put different colored soap inside the semi-translucent green part, because you can do all kinds of things with soap and candle and whatnot. Turns out it's actually just a piece of plastic sushi inside.

This, I must say, feels a bit baffling. Plastic sushi? In my soap? Wut?

...and what am I supposed to do with it when I run out of soap? Here's hoping that it's thin enough for me to paste into the scrapbook.

The things one carries home from an anime con, oh my.
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Today I have:

- Been to work to pick up the USB stick with the latest copy of my essay which I bloody forgot in the computer those fifteen minutes of editing on the break were so not worth it
- Finished and handed in said essay \o/
- Picked up my mini-essay exam that has been corrected (I can not read One Single Word one of the teachers have written. Except the grade....)
- Filled in and got a signature on my ERASMUS Learning Agreement, which I need to get mah moniez for Germany
- Tweeted about BLYG stuff twice and answered some questions
- Bought food for dinner tonight

All this on something like for hours of sleep. And tonight dear Miko-chan is coming, and [personal profile] lanjelin and sambo are invited for dinner

What can I say? BANZAI!!!!

I appear to work well under stress =D
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One of the problems with having so many breathing related allergies and crap as I do (asthma, hayfever, cigarette smoke, fur animals, perfumes, chemicals...) is that it gets darn tricky trying to use any of the fancier beauty products that aren't especially made for allergics.

I can't go into a perfume department or even a Body Shop on the bad days. I have a violent hatred for Lush and many new-agey stores, because the first one stinks down the entire street and the second tend to have clothes and stuff I'm interested in, but the incensce smell is too heavy for me to go inside. So. That's annoying. Now they just have their foot moisture series which, while useful, isn't exactly what I want.

But there are some scents I can handle pretty well and one of them - which I also really love - is MINT! I've got a mint/pine soap a friend gave me (one of these big bars) which I actually think comes from Lush so I'll have to send my sister or someone when it runs out. The Body Shop carried, for a short time, a blue mint shampoo and I loved it passionately. Now they don't have it anymore :(
I've also managed to find some pretty neat colored lip balms with a minty/eucalyptys taste. I think they're for skiing and stuff actually, but I dun care :)

And that's about it. It's all made more difficulity to spend too long time in any make-up/bath stuff aisle (don't get me started on the detergents. I tend to run in, grab something Via or Arial, and escape) and my general disinterest in, y'know, actual make-up. The concealer and powder kind, I mean. Most of it gives me a rash anyway...

But if anyone has any tips of minty goodness, they are very welcome ^_^

ETA: And it's not like I need any of this, really. I make do very well with shampoo-scented shampoo and anti-allergic soap. 's just that sometimes, you want something a bit more fun
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Why am I even awake at the ridiculous hour of 09:43 (and I got up at 08:27 what is wrong with my life). Especially considering that I've slept an average of five hours a night these last days? Right, because stress makes you distracted and you managed to lock yourself out of your apartment and had to go from [personal profile] lanjelin's to the parents. Preferably before they leave for the airport and you can't get in there either...

Moving on!

First I shall have to cut for incoherent and Doctor Who spoilerish squee )

Then Eurovision, which we just caught the tail-end of. Third place, go us!* Victory for Azerbadjan, most heartfelt congratulations <3 I really know nothing of that country, so I hope I'll learn a bit (even if it's bound to be very fluffy) when the media spotlight goes to them next year. And the winning artists looked so damn happy that was very sweet.
But I thought the male commenter for SVT made a rather grumpy comment just at the end (can't recall the exact wording now). "Ogin" is the word in Swedish I think of which I just felt was uncalled for. They won, look at them being all teary with joy, and at least little ego-boy Sade brought us a third place (so please stop sending pale blond slips of women without scene presence it won't work. And, as good as our opera singer could sing, a Eurovision winner needs a refrain you can hum along with which her song did not contain)

* In Sweden, Eurovision is very srz bznz

We also had an epic planning, scheduling and brainstorming session for BLYG yesterday, that might deserve a post of its own. We've got a pretty packed con, if I may say so myself and there's like 2 areas which we haven't added any info on yet *_*

Oh, right, and I fixed stuff for the apartment with my future tenants. And also got some much-needed cleaning done, yayness

In conclusion: The intense and lovely SPX weekend was followed by a most dismal and week I wish wouldn't have existed - on all levels, really. Fails heaping up with organizing stuff, lack of time and energy to study, family drama and even work sucked in more ways than one. And now, spiffy weekend again. Since it's a bit more low-key than last week, that makes me hope that if the pattern holds, any potential suck of the comming work week will also be less intense. Please?


May. 8th, 2011 17:51
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The title pretty much sums up this exhausting and wonderful weekend. For The Win - spring has come with wonderfully sunny days and it's like the entire city woke up bubbling with creative glee

Yesterday, after SPX, I was at a dinner with Lisa, [livejournal.com profile] alitna, Stef and a bunch of other people - several of whom I have heard for years, but never actually met. Ah, the famous and elusive artists ;) We went to Pong, which was really epically tasty I have to go back there because I ate until I thought I'd explode

This morning I draaa~aagged myself out of bed to go visit the build site for Citybanan. This will be the new solution for Stockholm's commuter trains, which today have to pass a spot with only two rails (!) which, incidentally, every train from the Southern part of the country has to cross to enter Stockholm. Yeeeah, when there's a delay on our commuter trains, they have to hold stuff in Malmö, it's insane.

But! With Citybanan the commuter trains get their own rails in their own tunnel. And it's a big one, 6 km underground passing beneath one of the city's oldest churches and lake Mälaren. It was interesting to go down in the tunnels and watch the huge machines. They explain how they remove the mountain without disturbing the buildings on the surface, showed where how the explosivs are placed and where the tunnel segments that will go under the lake will connect.

The only process is that it won't be finished until 2017 and we kind of needed more tracks ten years ago...

Then I went back for a last round at SPX - which frankly deserves a post of its own when I'm less dead. Now I have no moniez :o

Also got some really, REALLY good news for BLYG: The ticket system is finally ready to go! Tickets will go on sale in a few days and we also got a confirmation from one of the bands: The Swedish Shortsnouts will play at the con! This'll be the first time a wizrock band plays at an anime convention in Sweden afaik and I think and hope that it'll be a pleasant experience for everyone ^^
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I turned my head a bit too quickly while dying my hair, and smacked myself in the eye with a lump of Wella's red hairdye, aimed so well that I couldn't see clearly out of that eye for 12 hours? No?

Well, today I almost repeated the experience, with only two minor differences.
1) My hair was full of bleach. Not good.
2) I was a bit quicker in closing my eyelid this time, and didn't even feel a sting. Only fried off a few eyelashes and caused a bit of ohshitohshit jumping around and flushing my face with water >_>

So, yes, experiments in hairdying have been taken up again. My new bathroom has less porous surface than the old one, but also fewer places to put stuff. And when I went to buy dye, they'd run out of almost all nuances of Manic Panic, only some red and yellow ones left. I had to settle for Stargazer, I hope it lasts a bit longer :/
Still haven't found a store in Stockholm that sells SFX dye, and only one little shop on Drottninggatan carries Manic Panic... and all other brands I've tried so far have varied between utter crapp and barely acceptable. Fudge was okay-ish, but those yars that they sell at Blue Fox and Buttericks are rubbish.

Lastly, I had forgotten how strong an effect bleach fumes has on my sinuses. Runny nose for hours, guh (but still no asthmatic reaction. My lungs are weird, yo)
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I am quite literally so tired that I'm dizzy. The world wavers and half spins as if I was sea-sick

But it's half past six in the evening and I need to be awake at least one and a half hour more or I will wake up a while after midnight unable to fall asleep again. I know myself x_X


Guess I can read some fanfic or something, sohulnd't take too much brain activity

But! I have found someone to rent my flat, yayness
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So I have now watched a spikning / nailing ceremony. It was interesting, a 20 minute presentation of the thesis basically. And - good to know for future times - this is apparantly the opportunity to earn some free cake at a Swedish university. They served that afterwards, alas I had to return to my studies. Next time, though...
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I really like the university library here at SH. Prefer it over the one at Stockholm university, because that one always felt too small for the amount of students and has a very closed in, stuffy air (the lack of good ventilation does not relieve this feeling). SH's new building (it's, what, 10-12 years old?) has loads of windows, pretty good airflow and good self-help stations for finding the books. There's also always somewhere to sit and plenty of sockets for laptop charging purposes

This afternoon they'll hold a spikning ceremony, which translates to a "nailing" ceremony. Someone will pro-publish their doctoral thesis before defending it and apparantly that's traditionally done by nailing the abstract to a wall here in the library. This is pretty "the more you know!" territory for me, tbh, but since this thesis is about East and West Germany and I need to stay here for another few hours to study *cough*instead of updating the blog*cough* I thought I'd stay and have a look.
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För det första, jag är så j-kla sämst på organisation. Har stressat sönder mig mer eller mindre i onödan p.g.a. detta, men ska nu försöka ta mig i kragen. Vissa volontäriga/fanniga stressmoment har jag helt kort och gott dumpat, andra har lättats.
Raison d'être är iaf allting klart med för min del och med Geikai har vi äntligen fått ett alldeles tvättäkta kontrakt på vår lokal \o/ Det blir ett B.L.Y.G. 2011 och det blir i Skogås, den 17-19 juni. Och nu när det är på g så kan vi faktiskt komma igång med saker ordentligt, wheehuuu~

Och så har jag betalat räkningar, go me.

My RL = stress, so let's talk books instead.

Read: Girl Genius, Urusei Yatsura, One Piece etc )


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