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Yesterday I spontaneously visited the cinema round the corner with my roommate/landlady. Since we were both a bit bored, we decided to see what ran in the nearby cinemas*. Lucky for us, a movie that E. had heard good things about ran in the Babylon-cinema which is two streets behind our flat. It has a nice big screen too, although it must've been severely full of dust or something, because I kept coughing throughout the movie (but not loudly enough to disturb, I think, since E. said she didn't notice).

We saw This Must Be The Place To Be, a quite brilliant movie which I have not heard a peep about from, uh, anyone before E. mentioned it. An understated, touching movie with excellent acting from pretty much all corners. Throw in an interesting plot, told in a captivating, not too on-the-nose-writey manner and some excellent cinematography and it had me from about three minutes into the film. I highly recommend it - though try not to read too many previews, I went into the film completely blind and somehow, I think it made it even better?
The very barest bones of the story: An aging rock-star is bored and disillusioned with life. Change happens, truths are revealed and people open up.

Then today the international club at the university offered us discounted tickets for a concert with the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. It was their 65th Anniversary concert, being played in the Berliner Philharmonie - quite the impressive building by the way! - which I had somehow missed so I was a bit underdressed. Whoops.

I also almost missed the entire thing, because the bloody bus didn't run on time! There was supposed to go a bus seven minutes past the hour, then another one at sixteen minutes past. When it was twenty past and no bus in sight, I hailed a cab... Still got there last of everyone in my group, but not too late. On the way back, at least the subway co-operated nicely.

The pieces were:
Olivier Messiaen - Les offrandes oubliées
Frédéric Chopin - Klavierkonzert Nr. 2 f-Moll
César Franck - Symphonie d-Moll

Because I am a classical music dunce, I can't say more than that I enjoyed it, had a good time, and recognized bits of Chopin from movies and the radio.

Tomorrow, there's a literature day which I wish to visit. Which means I should really try to get some sleep if I want to be awake enough to enjoy it.... Double-hopefully, I'll actually be able to sleep with my ear feeling this tender. At least the friggin seven o'clock in the morning roof-repair men don't work weekends.

*Berlin utterly pwns Sweden when it comes to cinemas; At home, there's one chain + like 2 "arty" cinemas if you're lucky enough to live in a large city a.k.a. Sthlm. Here? There's like fifteen, at least, and they all show different movies. Colour me impressed
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So I'm sitting around, reading nothing in particularly important on the comp with the radio set to Fritz (mostly because I was too lazy to change the channel) in the background. I must have been humming along to the song playing for a few seconds, but I only noticed when the song veered off in the wrong direction.
Now, those who know me and have been unfortunate enough to join me for karaoke, know that I am rather tone-deaf. But even I have learned to recognize the main tune in the beginning of Hotel California and I just knew that was what had just been playing.

It's incredibly annoying to listen to a song where the words are wrong and the melody is almost, but not quite, what one expects. And it's even more annoying to hear a song which sticks in your head, without ever finding out what it's called or who made it, which radio stations have become increasingly bad at informing me about. And, since the words were almost unintelligeble, since they were mostly rapped in some kind of slow way, I could hardly google the lyrics either.

So, internet research time ahoy! First the Fritz site - annoying and too much Flash, btw - where it took several clickarounds until I found the playlist. Compared to the website of Klassik Radio, where I only had to get to the main site to see the three most recent songs played, it's pretty badly designed. Anyway, there I found the name of the song: Frank Ocean's American Wedding. 'kay, that tells me absolutely nothing, but - ah-HA! One Google later and I know that my poor ears aren't playing tricks on me. This Frank Ocean is sampling (hefty) parts of Hotel California in his song. Unfortunately, they're also pretty much the only tolerable bits of the song

What in the world did we do, before the internet had all the information one could require only a few letters away?
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So I was going to do a nice, well-structured post on the German university system (because some of my former classmates from Sweden were curious) but that will have to wait a bit, since I'm feeling a bit too tired for that right now. My annoying almost-cold is beginning to become a real chest cold, which I am valiantly fighting with the help of fresh ginger tea, eucalyptus honey, hot steamy baths and a bit more actual shut-eye in the sleep/internet equation.

In the beginning of November, we'll go see the Norwegian all-female band Katzenjammer. According to our Katzenjammer-expert, they do "chaos pop with some folk-punk". It's fast, engaging and entertaining at least, and I think the concert might turn out to be really great - they seem like one of those bands that do extra well live.

One of my favorite songs, A bar in Amsterdam.

We bought the tickets today and, since we were at the ticket office already also got tickets for the musical Tanz der Vampire - one pair of plastic fangs included with the tickets!
Alas, it's based on the movie by Roman Polanski, him of serious skeevyness, and as such, I'm sure he'll get royalties. Otoh, I hope it's not too much, because Tanz der Vampire nicely filled some ticky-boxes on my mental "Stuffs I Must Do in Berlin This Exchange Year": Seeing some big-budget stage extravaganza, seeing a original German-language musical and vampires/gothy stuff. They'll show the Rocky Horror Picture Show here in Berlin too, in November, which works for ticky-box one and three, but since it will either be translated or in "denglish" (German talk, English songs) it moves to the second position.
Also, the stage images they have on the website look wonderful (eeeeeven though one of the posters has a bit of a Twilight-y vibe going on) so, uhm, I'll just be evil and go. Sorry.

A few days ago, I finished reading Walter Moer's Ensel and Krete: ein Märchen aus Zamonien. Bookblather goes here )

Basically, it's a take-it-or-leave-it book, though anyone who has a strong liking for Moer's style ought to have fun with it. It's also the first book where Hildegunst von Mythenmerz is introduced, which alone makes it worth a read.

When buying this one, I also noticed that the sequel to his Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher had arrived: Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher! Only out in hardcover so far, but I'm very much looking forward to reading it later :) And there's apparantly a third part coming out in about a year, swell!
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No Sweden in Eurovision this year.

Me and mom will get together tonight, nod visely and go, "See? We knew it, stupid voters, we KNEW it." Pale blond girl with boring ballad = epic fail in this contest.
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What the hell, Sweden, do we want to finish almost last in the Eurovision again?
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I've been to MUCC yesterday and today and it owned in complete awesomeness. As encore they played Saishuu Ressha (Sthlm) and Ryusei (Gbg) and then the new song. As main part they played - a whole bunch of awesome songs that I can't remember the name of because I suck. Oh, except FUZZ which is so incredibly fantastic to hear live. And on CD too, come to think of it.

They did actually not play Utagoe, but we sang it in the car home in a slightly delirious expression of joy ^^

So, all in all, I'm very happy that I took the trip down to Gothenburg to see them again.

Maaan, I should've written something more about Miyavi before, because he was also very cool and sexy. But MUCC is so much better it's not even possible to compare them musically, so enough to say that both concerts were fucking cool in very different ways


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