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We had snow! It's not much left now, but the cold is definitely here. This means I really should get out and buy more warm sweaters (lost one during my Christmas vacation, one is frankly fugly from age and the other two get used a bit much) but since I hate shopping, I've so far only managed to grab yet another Die Ärzte sweater from the fan-merch store round the corner. Oh well, at least it looks warm and cosy.

Exam period is coming up, which means I need to do ALL THE STUDIES and I also have two presentations to do. Bohoo, stressy... That's one verbal exam, one written and two essays which I think (and hope, good lord) that I can hand in after the actual term is over.

To that, there is also the very last bit of the paperwork to extend my stay at Humboldt, but at least I'm guaranteed a place here now ^_^ But I had to print a paper, sign it, then I gotta scan it and send to the insurance person, then get a reply and lastly show that to the administration here. Uuuh...

Because I have so much to do and so little time I got a haircut. Not a complete waste of time, because it was getting messily long, and I was too tired to study more than the two hours I did today anyway. Now, no more haircuts until February has passed! If I can affordid then, however, I'll take the time to dye it in March.

And lastly, an anime blog I want to read in the future when I have time (hah): Karaconner. I need to catch up on the ANN editorials that I follow too and probably buy the latest volume of FMA. So much to read, so little time...
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Ze street signs
I decided that, since I am joining the tech-geeky generation by buying a Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 5, like it so far) and Facebook is evul and only allows logged-in people to see the pictures, and I am far to lazy to double-upload everything, imma gonna get a twitter account. Connected to twitpic, you see =)
So if anyone wants to see my random photos from Berlin (which I will try to remember to actually take, ehehe) you can find my tweetages @dansandem

This photo, I just have to share twice:
Crossing Rudi-Dutschke-Str/Axel-Springer-Str

I _boggled_ seeing those signs during my walk, lemme tell you! Now, you gotta know some pretty recent German history to understand that bogglement, and I most certainly do not know the whole story!

But, basically Dutschke was a left-activist and student leader. He was shot by a right-wing extremist in 1968, survived but was severly wounded.
And Axel Springer was the then owner of the Springer-group which, among other things, owned the magazine Bild which went out very hard against the student movement and agitated in what to me looks like a pretty Sarah Palinish way (less crazy religion tho).

Eh, right, the Springer main offices is also right by this crossing.

Sooooo basically I stood there wondering whether I misremembered a name (Springer, Sprenger, what do I know? Apparantly I didn't), if this was some kind of German expression of black humor, if it was a protest against Springer or what. So of course I had to photograph it, and from what I can see off Wikipedia, it's basically a combined memorial for Dutschke and a bit of a "Fuck off!" to Springer.

If anyone has more information or a link about this, do share because it seems fascinating =D

Så var det det där med lokaltrafiken aka My thoughts on BVG vs. SL

(I suspect the rest of this post will mainly interest [personal profile] lanjelin but what the hell she's not here so I can discuss it face to face so you ALL GET TO SHARE =D)

BVG = The peeps running the trains, buses etc in Berlin
SL = Dito, but Stockholm

BVG vs SL: Overall )

Prices )

So: If you work and buy a monthly ticket, the difference in cost ain't that huge. If you're a visitor or a student, Berlin FTW

One place where it's mostly a YMMW is the matter of ticket barriers and ticket formats )

Oh, and there one more way that the BVG wins. THE *BLEEPING* TRAINS ACTUALLY RUN. ON TIME. Sure, delays happen, but they're an exception, not the norm

And since school starts tomorrow, I really gotta sleep now!
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I am a little bit amazed that the Wikipedia entry on the German town Idar-Oberstein does not mention what I find to be the most interesting thing of this little place anywhere. Say, under Entertainment, that would be quite fitting.

Idar-Oberstein, you see, is a town that specializes in gemstones - selling, buying and cutting them. And I for one count walking through an adorable little German town that has semi-precious stones laid down in the pavement on the more scenic routes as pretty big entertainment. I also recall a small plaza, where the vehicle stopping poles that are generally made of decorated iron (if you want to be pictoresque) or concrete (if you want to be cheap but effective) where topped with large chunks of raw agathe, amethyst and similar...

Anyway. If you are the kind of geek who find it interesting to visit an otherwise sleepy village to look at more precious stones than you can shake a stick at; because, yes, they are sold almost everywhere, in both little one-man stores and the diamond traders high-rise building, Idar-Oberstein is absolutely worth a stop.

I have also found something I most definitely intend to read: This 1977 biography of a chemical compound salesmen, with the alluring title "Excuse me sir, would you like to buy a kilo of isopropyl bromide?"
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Am at [personal profile] lanjelin's, waiting for her, [profile] lampadari and the others to finish watching their K-Drama before we continue to my parent's house to celebrate midsummer.

But that's neither here nor there for this post, really, as I mainly wanted to share this link to the From Eroica with Love side-story that I managed to grab from this site. There's a whole bunch of links there, but everything from Rapidshare seems to be too old :/

However, if you scroll down there's a working link to "Der Freischütz", a pure spy-thriller with Klaus in the starring role. Good and more serious then the main story (although also a bit less fabulous crack, what with no Dorian...)

In return, if anyone has working links to the scanlations for volume 16-19 with the "Emperor Waltz" story I would appreciated it muchly! With Eroica's publisher, CMX, having closed down the chances of anyone ever translating the rest of this series is pretty much nil.
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Okay. So I follow up my pretty dedicated and productive study day (11.30 - 21.00, is good yeah?) with some pretty productive text writing & forum posting about BLYG'11. Uppcon's forum (I'm going there to sell with the bookstore, by the way. Gimme a shout if you want to meet up!), the Anime.se forum and Animecka, Raison d'êtres forum and last but not least, Saiai no Doru's forum.
Anyone know if there are any other at least halfway active Swedish anime forums? No?
ETA: Or anywhere the Swedish slashers hang out? I really have no clue

Times like these I really miss the old BCManga forum, because even if it was pretty much all crap, you could at least reach a broad audience. And at Zmanga you could reach the ~deep~ audience, a.k.a. the old goats from before Pokémon and Dragonball ^^;

Hopefully I didn't forget anything vital - I missed the friggin date at first, but caught that quickly, and at least our URL is very hard to misspell!
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Sooo this made go me go "OMG flail!!" and then x_x followed by a =D because it straddles the weird line of cute-wrong. I'm still not sure if it's so cute it's wrong, or if it's so wrong it's cute.

Cat Ears Controlled by Your Brain are just what it says on the can. Or not quite, but it's fake kitty ears that work like a mood ring. You happy? They perk up. Sad or just neutral, they seem to lie down.

My mental chain of association: Eeek, Loveless! Omg imagine the furry uses! Argh, no wait don't! Imagine the cosplay uses instead! And then just the blinding realization that, yes - I can pay my bus ticket or a chocolate bar with my cell phone, there are a few people walking around with chip implants in their arms and brain-"reading" hardware is now so cheap that it can be put into a novelty item. We are living in the future!
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You know, I am pleased as punch that I'm not the one who added the BLYG entry at the Fanlore Wiki. Nor was it anyone else from the top level of organizers, as far as we can determine ^_^

Am also very pleased and, um, tiny bitsy drunk because I was out on Ladies Drink 'n' Draw and hade nice drinks with cool comic artists from all over the world. Really feeling pepped for SPX now ^___^ And some of their "doodles" aw my good, amazing art skills!
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...along with the Met's crime database. This uses a national IT system developed for major crime enquiries by all UK forces, called Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, more commonly referred to by its acronym, HOLMES (which recognises the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes). The training program is called "Elementary", after Holmes's well-known, yet apocryphal, phrase "elementary, my dear Watson".

- Wikipedia knows everything, including the name of the Scotland Yard's IT system

Question thus rises: What is this database called in the BBC!Sherlock-verse, where the Victorian Holmes appears to never have existed? Or, is the system called the same, and everyone just keeps mum about it?

(and what would the 'historical' Lestrade have to say? I think he'd find it a bit sweet ^^ )
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DN Debatt låter abortmotståndare breda ut sig under rubriken "Dags för samhället att nyansera synen på aborter".

Citat: 1960- och 70-talens kvinnorörelse hade fel när den drev fram en abortlag som bygger på tanken att kvinnans rätt till sin egen kropp nästan alltid är överordnad fostrets. Det är dags för samhället att ifrågasätta det här synsättet och abortlagens konstruktion.

Slutligen har vi en ny, tredje kategori. Denna svarar mot de fall då det finns rimliga skäl att hävda att abort är både rätt och fel till en viss grad. I dessa fall bör det inte vara samhällets skyldighet att aktivt assistera kvinnor som önskar göra abort

Om den gravida kvinnan befinner sig i den tredje kategorin och väljer att avbryta graviditeten är det hennes eget ansvar, inte något som samhället är skyldigt att bistå henne med.

Signerat: Två män - så jävla typiskt.

Jag visste det. Jag visste det, för flera år sedan, när jag läste en debattartikel i Aftonbladet med ungefär samma frågor (men signerat några religiösa pappskallar i stället för filosofiprofessorer) att vi var illa ute. Det blåser riktigt, riktigt otäcka högervindar över hela Europa och sånt här hänger ihop. Ut med invandrare, ner med kvinnors rättigheter, mindre ansvar från samhällets håll och en råare, mer egoistisk verklighet där de starkaste och priviligierade är vinnarna. Och nu står de, med fina titlar (filosofer) och ges utrymme åt debatt i DN. Missförstå mig rätt, jag talar inte om att det bör vara statlig censur, men... för några årtionden sedan hade en sån här artikel klassats ungefär som i samma kategori som en diskussion på temat "Vi tror jorden är platt och ni bör lyssna på vår åsikt". Skräpkorgen, direkt, irrelevant. Nu? Nu tror man det säljer tidningar, nu tror man det finns folk som faktiskt håller med

Lagen bör inte göra det svårt eller dyrt för kvinnor att få abort. Vill samhället ha färre aborter, är ökad sexualundervisning och billiga preventionsmedel vägen att gå. Men att försvåra aborten slår bara mot de svagaste och leder till ett ökat antal illegala, farliga aborter.

Från DN's lilla faktaruta, förresten: Den lag som antogs 1975 ger en gravid kvinna rätt att ensam besluta om abort till och med graviditetsvecka 18. Hon behöver inte uppge skäl och kan inte nekas abort, inom lagens tidsgränser. En effekt är att allt fler aborter utförs tidigt i graviditeten - Jamen det är ju JÄTTEBRA, för tidiga aborter är säkrare, mindre psykologiskt besvärande och kostnadseffektivare för samhället. Vari ligger problemet?

Jag kan knappt diskutera det här, för jag vill bara skrika NEJ NEJ NEJ NEJ!!! Ett embryo/fosters rätt att utvecklas och eventuellt bli en människa måste alltid prioriteras lägre än den människan som faktiskt finns här och vars kropp och liv berörs. Alltid, på alla villkor.
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Jag behöver nog mest det här själv, för annars kommer jag tappa bort länkarna, huhu

Konventet BLYG, var på internet finnes det?

Hemsida: blyg.eu
Twitter: BLYGswe på Twitter
Tumblr: boysloveyaoigakkai på Tumblr
Youtube: BLYGswe på Youtube
Facebook: Användaren och Evenemanget
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Yet another check out what ANN reviewed self-linking link. This time it's the article/book "Generations and Controversies: An Overview of Japanese Science Fiction, 1957-1997" I should take a closer look on. Author Takayuki Tatsumi

Of particular interest to anime and manga fans may be a term that Tatsumi uses to describe a characteristic of this fourth generation – “yaoi poetics.” Since he's writing in this article for an audience more acquainted with Western SF, Tatsumi calls it “the Japanese equivalent of the K/S [Kirk-slash-Spock] slash fiction aesthetic.” In other words, one of the characteristics of this fourth generation of Japanese SF is that it delights in reinterpreting and reusing previously existing characters and situations.
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"Screw it, we're not going to make money with most of these manga anyway, so I'm just going to publish my favorite manga and hope that DC Comics pays for it?" - Jason Thompson speculates on why in the world CMX ever decided to publish this series.

One has to wonder if there's not a kernel of truth in that statement, because CMX choice of published titles can generally be summed up with a giant WAT? If you look at it from a business perspective, that is.

Besides From Eroica with Love, they had Swan, Moon Child (nothing to do with Gackt) and Kaoru Mori's Emma. But also crap like The Devil Does Exist and plenty of other really bland titles... On the whole, the line-up lacked a real hit. Though I am eternally grateful that they kept going for as long as they did!

Anyway, do read the entire column, whether you know Eroica or not. It's pretty funny, and also shows a compelling argument for why one should always read the two first volumes of Eroica before making a judgement

Then, if I know you IRL, feel free to come over and borrow the manga off me. Am always glad to pimp this series out to folk ^^
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The Diffusion of Foreign Cultural Products: The Case Analysis of Japanese Comics (Manga) Market in the U. (pdf)

At work, don't have time to read this paper during my break... But it seems to be an interesting paper, collecting and analyzing the stats of published manga in the US.

I like the links from ANN's "academic" column but I have a tendency to forget to read stuff I go ohh, cool! over ^_^;;
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I once wrote a fic and described an uniform as "handsome". Then I got a really long concrit on it, with some very good points, some points that made it obvious that they'd missed some things (Reviewer: Get a beta! Me: uh, yes, you mean like the three I thank in the header...?) and some points where I quietly agreed to disagree.

Now, English is not my first language. Technically, I suppose it's my third language, though I've forgotten almost all of number two. But. I still thought that in that particular instance, my handsome uniform made a neat image, only to be told by Reviewer that No, impossible, nevereverno only people can be that.

Then I go to Mark Reads Harry Potter (v. entertaining, do take a look) and what do I find, but following quote:
The room was spacious and must once have been handsome
- from chapter 10 of TDH.

Ah-HA! If JKR can do it, so can I ^__________^

/End revenge of the third-language-English-geek's triumph
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The nominations for the Yuletide fandoms are up! I'm not going to writ (lulz, time? whazzat?), but I love reading all the amazing fics written for the usually forgotten fandoms
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Quick bookmark to myself. ANN has added another interesting column to their already good and varied group of scribblers ^_^

Brian Ruh, whom I have never heard of before (but then, I know very few names in anime/manga academia) is going to write about japanese media from a more studious perspective. He'll also present other interesting writings and starts of with Mia Lewis's study about kanji/kana wordplay in manga as used by CLAMP to torture translators

Sounds great, I'll follow this column with interest.
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I pimped my favorite authors and latest manga finds at the J-fi blog (its in Swedish) in the post called "Reasons to dust off your school German".

It's basically my reasons to get thee to Germany and buy a bunch of good yaoi/girls manga titles, because they have loads more than is easily available in English.

Illustrative picture:

Look at my pretty Kuroshitsuji bag ^_^ Isn't that reason enough to start shopping in Berlin?
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No Sweden in Eurovision this year.

Me and mom will get together tonight, nod visely and go, "See? We knew it, stupid voters, we KNEW it." Pale blond girl with boring ballad = epic fail in this contest.
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Call for papers on the visual cues of manga over at fanficforensic.

Now, break is over. Back to bookkeeping *sigh* It's too hot to juggle numbers today, honestly


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