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Ahhh I just wrote my first formal e-amil in German and now I want to hide beneath the bed. The tenses! The Fälle! Those bloody stupid gendered nouns which I don't know because I only actually sat down and studied German grammar in school when I was like 14. That was in another millenia, how am I supposed to remember!!!


But it was to the ERASMUS coordinator at the school, so hopefully she's used to various misspellings. At least I have a proper copy-pasted business mail greeting in the beginning /when in doubt, shoot for formality/
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Helped a friend with the moving yesterday, and though I sweated like a pig I didn't think I'd exhausted myself that badly... until I woke up this morning. ahaha, I should work out more (like, at all)

The traintrip out to Märsta sped by quickly with my new baby laptop to entertain me ^_^ I think I'll totally sign up for NaNo this year, though it may not be with a story I want to post online... Anyway, it's awesome to sit on the train and get something done!

but when I got there and looked around for my friend, an elderly man nearly punched me in the shoulder :( He muttered something about how I "didn't even see other people" but, dude, I'm standing looking around for my friend in the middle of a pedestrian street and like 30 persons manage to pass me without any trouble whatsoever... I dunno, some people are freaks. Luckily, I was so happy just then that I just blinked at him in confusion and then got back to listening to my tomato song and (after a while) found my friend

There are rumours about a new Vampire Chronicles movie. Despite everything, I am slightly excited...

Also, ze drumroll, we in the Stockholm Science-fiction bookstore will have a Japanese Theme Day!

There'll be cosplay, amigurumi-workshop and quiz - and I'm one of those arranging it =D
Drop by (in costume, if you'd like. there'll be prizes *bribe bribe*), watch the show and say hi to me!
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Overall, the setup and backuping of stuff from one laptop to another has gone well. But I had a heck of a time getting rid of the bloody Bluetooth icon from the desktop -_- It shouldn't have to be this hard, okay? That is not user friendly, you stupid programmers!

Also, the keys are sooo narrow that I keep missing stuff, but I think I'll get used to it. At least everything is logically placed here, not like on moms computer which switched the Ctrl and Fn key around. That sucks.

have I meantioned it's blue yet? =D
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I can haz laptop naow :3

I've bought a cute little Samsung netbook, and it's adorably baby blue! The lady in the store was really nice, but since they were rebuilding everything, she thought they only had the white ones left... and then I open, and yay, it's blue!

The baby is on charge now, but I'm really happy about it. Fufufuf, with this and my soon-to-be bought ergonomic keypad, I'll be all set to surf and write in peace again!


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