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Ze street signs
I decided that, since I am joining the tech-geeky generation by buying a Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 5, like it so far) and Facebook is evul and only allows logged-in people to see the pictures, and I am far to lazy to double-upload everything, imma gonna get a twitter account. Connected to twitpic, you see =)
So if anyone wants to see my random photos from Berlin (which I will try to remember to actually take, ehehe) you can find my tweetages @dansandem

This photo, I just have to share twice:
Crossing Rudi-Dutschke-Str/Axel-Springer-Str

I _boggled_ seeing those signs during my walk, lemme tell you! Now, you gotta know some pretty recent German history to understand that bogglement, and I most certainly do not know the whole story!

But, basically Dutschke was a left-activist and student leader. He was shot by a right-wing extremist in 1968, survived but was severly wounded.
And Axel Springer was the then owner of the Springer-group which, among other things, owned the magazine Bild which went out very hard against the student movement and agitated in what to me looks like a pretty Sarah Palinish way (less crazy religion tho).

Eh, right, the Springer main offices is also right by this crossing.

Sooooo basically I stood there wondering whether I misremembered a name (Springer, Sprenger, what do I know? Apparantly I didn't), if this was some kind of German expression of black humor, if it was a protest against Springer or what. So of course I had to photograph it, and from what I can see off Wikipedia, it's basically a combined memorial for Dutschke and a bit of a "Fuck off!" to Springer.

If anyone has more information or a link about this, do share because it seems fascinating =D

Så var det det där med lokaltrafiken aka My thoughts on BVG vs. SL

(I suspect the rest of this post will mainly interest [personal profile] lanjelin but what the hell she's not here so I can discuss it face to face so you ALL GET TO SHARE =D)

BVG = The peeps running the trains, buses etc in Berlin
SL = Dito, but Stockholm

BVG vs SL: Overall )

Prices )

So: If you work and buy a monthly ticket, the difference in cost ain't that huge. If you're a visitor or a student, Berlin FTW

One place where it's mostly a YMMW is the matter of ticket barriers and ticket formats )

Oh, and there one more way that the BVG wins. THE *BLEEPING* TRAINS ACTUALLY RUN. ON TIME. Sure, delays happen, but they're an exception, not the norm

And since school starts tomorrow, I really gotta sleep now!


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