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Importing and posting my old (oooooold, from 2002 and thereabouts) fics to AO3. Why? Well, they asked for Sailor Moon fics in some blogpost and... *mumblemumble*

...but it's so horrible. I can barely peek at the fics long enough to try and tag them properly. At least the Harry Potter stuff I think I remember the plot and characters of, but this? Well, they're all about the Shitennou, but warnings? What they're about? Uh. Idk
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My bookmarks are always a mess, but I rarely use them in these days of centralized archives and big social network sites.

My favorites list at, for instance, fanfiction.net however? Oi... why did I ever favorite that fic? Um, what is this story about and when did I read it?

In short, one of these days, I need to clean that out. One of these days...
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Color me unsurprised that Rob Thurman used to be a fanfic author (slasher even).

What does surprise me a little - though I know her books kinda predate the show - is that she didn't belong to Supernatural fandom, but to some variant of Ghostbusters, according to fandom_wank. Yep, she ended up there

Her books didn't feel as "ficcy" as Havemercy, but there's something about the snappy voices coupled with the utter lack of depth to her badass MOFO characters that remind me about fanfics. The thing is, of course, if you're writing for a series where there already is plenty characterization, a fic that just rehashes all of that gets boring. It's like reading the whole "And they have identical blonde hair and blue-green eyes..." on the second page of every damn Twins of Sweet Valley High book ever
When you lift the characters out of their fic world and have to make them work on their own, however? Then you need some more fleshing out of likes/dislikes and other general personality traits
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Eta: About time... they've released the list and deleted these three. And yet, I can't help but boggle at the 1) attitude of some people on the Yuletide comm and 2) the fact that they couldn't come out and say it, straight out that the obvious offenders would go. (Not after the list was posted) Instead we get a lot of "this is not a matter of concern" mumbling.

For some reason that completely elludes me, this year, the Yuletide team has decided to only go after what is archived at Archive of Our Own when determining which fandoms are eligible for Yuletide.

Or, all right, they explain how it is to make things simpler for the mods, but this has consequences.

For one thing, Hetalia Axis Powers is - at the moment of writing this - a Yuletide fandom. While Discworld isn't.

HETALIA AXIS POWERS? One of the top three, if not the biggest anime fandom right now?

I can definitely understand that it takes way too much time to scrape through every corner of the internet. But. There is one big place which everyone knows about and where it is rather easy to get a general overview of whether a fandom is "rare" or not. Hate it or love it, a quick overview of fanfiction.net isn't that big a hassle. They could probably find volunteers who report 10 000+ fandoms

Hetalia has 19 747 fics at ff.net alone... while Discworld has 1470. And ff.net isn't even the main "home" for Hetalia, since it is an almost 80% LJ-based fandom (in english) with a huge Deviantart-following too. And, you know, all over the rest of the net too...

The kink meme alone has filled up 14 posts so far. 1 LJ post = 10 000 comments. Even counting multi-comment fics, requests and comments, that's a lot of kinky fics. Plus there's loads of stuff posted at the main comm every day.

Ranma 1/2 is also on the list (10 000) and freaking Sailor Moon which has a whopping 33 088 fics!!!

Dude, this was the fandom that ate the anime/manga part of the internet in the mid-nineties and a lot of those fics are still up. Granted, the death of Geocities decimated the old anime fan sites bigtime, but it is still nowhere near a rare fandom; neither is it completely dead. I only follow a few SM communities and very sporadically at that, but there's no doubt that one could find at least one fic a month to read.

Now, don't get me wrong, please

I know and enjoy these fandoms, I've been in them all! But there are SO MANY rare anime/manga fandoms out there! In some cases, not-one-single-fic-in-English rare - why not give them a fair chance instead? =(

While I can understand that the AO3 wants to spread and find new fandoms, I find it incredibly sad that the one time of the year when the really tiny fandoms have a chance to get some excellent fic written for them, the chance is shrunk and might even be completely wasted.

I usually look forward to Yuletide because I hope that "classic" fandoms such as Discworld and Pet Shop of Horrors get a much-needed dose of new fic.

I hop to find something new and unread (omigosh! 20:th Century Boy's is on the Yuletide list! Aw-so-me-e *crosses fingers and hopes*), perhaps even discover something I've read/seen and never imagined one could fic

And what do I get? The 60+ posts a day fandom is on the list. Nothing in the recend admin posts a la:
"Of course we'll remove obvious large fandoms, this is a computer generated list with inevitable bugs!"

If all they want with Yuletide is to promote the AO3 archive, then I honestly wish the challenge hadn't ever moved there.

If this is just a glitch due to the automated lists, then it would be appropriate if they posted about the issue and asked people to help rule out the most obvious big fandoms.

We'll have to wait and see, but this looks bad on all counts
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I once wrote a fic and described an uniform as "handsome". Then I got a really long concrit on it, with some very good points, some points that made it obvious that they'd missed some things (Reviewer: Get a beta! Me: uh, yes, you mean like the three I thank in the header...?) and some points where I quietly agreed to disagree.

Now, English is not my first language. Technically, I suppose it's my third language, though I've forgotten almost all of number two. But. I still thought that in that particular instance, my handsome uniform made a neat image, only to be told by Reviewer that No, impossible, nevereverno only people can be that.

Then I go to Mark Reads Harry Potter (v. entertaining, do take a look) and what do I find, but following quote:
The room was spacious and must once have been handsome
- from chapter 10 of TDH.

Ah-HA! If JKR can do it, so can I ^__________^

/End revenge of the third-language-English-geek's triumph
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The nominations for the Yuletide fandoms are up! I'm not going to writ (lulz, time? whazzat?), but I love reading all the amazing fics written for the usually forgotten fandoms
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I wanted to read some Harry Potter fanfic again. At first, I thought I'd just revisit some old favorites, get it out of my system and whatnot. However, after having read through all of Fabula Rasa's Snape/Black fics (still so good) I remembered other good authors, other good fics. And then I found the renovated Walking the Plank archive and I just got sucked right back in. Took a while, but I've realised that while there was a lot of moaning that the epilogue had killed the slash fandom, that's not true in the least.

It's fascinating, how you can sometimes just get acronyms and allusions? The first time I saw "spoilers: DH - EWE" I realized immediately that it meant that the fic was canon compliant for The Deathly Hallows (Except the Epilogue) and I had to giggle at it. But there's been fics written which manage to incorporate even the epilogue and still end up with Snape and Harry together. And several of them are bloody good!

New authors found were ac1d6urn and Sinick, who together wrote the amazing Red Right Hand. They've got other collab fics too that I liked a lot, several of which contains images. Not fanart as such - I tend to dislike that in fic, since even the best fanart rarely fits my image of what I've read - but shots of items, scenery, letters etc. And it's all very well done and fits great with the fic. Really nice

If anyone has recs for new stuff, do give me a shout! I basically read Snape/anyone except Remus.
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So apparantly Jasper Fforde has a problem with fanfic. This is me when I first read this:

- Wait, Jasper Fforde? Isn't he -
*checks heap'o'books to get rid of*
- Well fuck. Jasper Fucking Fforde is the author of the Thursday Next books which, whoops, are pretty much crossover fanfic to literary classics. With his own OC, Thursday Next, as the main character.

I was planning to write a thoughtful, well-researched post here. Then I thought, fuck it, I'll just rant. So, rant ahoy!

I will angrily type about the sheer entitlement that comes of a male author using (mainly) female author's works for his post-modern meta-commentary series, and then forbidding other authors to re-contextualize his stories once more. I mean, it just gets better when you consider that Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and other early female novelists faced various levels of prejudice and ridicule because they were 1) female and 2) wrote stuff. oh hai, that's kinda like fanfic!*

F-u-r-t-h-e-r, the dickhead isn't even only hiding behind (faulty) legalese protection, i.e. my copyright won't work if I allow fanfic, oh noez, but he's taking some moral high ground.

Because his characters "mean so much" to him. Ummm... When your first book is called The Eeyre Affair and your main chara interacts with the main chara of that book, I think it's a leeetle biit hypocritial to discuss respecting other characters. What does it matter if the author is dead? Is smearing someones name less bad, just because that person isn't around to hear it? Should I, as a reader, have to investigate what you the author thinks on every little issue before I comment on your work?
Honestly, if all that respect entails means is that you don't want the author to see the icky, icky fic, then firmly tell your readers not to show it to you. Most readers won't even try - the ones that do, smack them down.

Now I definitely regret wasting fifty crowns or so on his book during the book sale.

In fact, a staunch (and stupid) anti-fanfic stance is one of the few things that really makes me a firm boycotter of an author whose books I might otherwise buy. Iffy political opinions and general euugh-ness tends to be less of a problem, since I often don't like those books anyway. It'd be a bit like boycotting bananas for me - I've hated them with passion since I was 6, so it's not as if its a sacrifice to avoid Chiquita. Aand I mean, I've heard from several people at work that John Ringo, David Weber et al don't just write military sf gun-porn, but are severely right-wing themselves - hey, no problem. I can totally avoid buying your books, any day *sincere nod*

What sucks is when it's authors I enjoy, or that I would like to fic.

Authors I know are anti-fanfic & have expressed it in a way that really irks me:
- Anne Rice
Ah, the classic! Her writing is crap these days, anyway, but this means I'll definitely never buy some nostalgic hardcover of the first three books or so. I will however still read the old VC fic I've saved - some of it was pretty good ^_^ And, I mean, I would probably have kept buying her for a while after the books themselves turned to shit - I mean, I collected merchandize and comics and stuff - but when I can't even use the universe for ficcing purposes? What's the point?
- Jasper Fforde
- George R. R. Martin
Not that I'm likely to ever be in danger of being tempted with a finished Song of Ice and Fire, anyway, but if I want to read/re-read his epics, there are workmates. And heaps of smushed books, sooner or later a Martin turns up.
- Diana Gabaldon
Just heard of her (and had to link to fandom_wank due to deleted posts), which is kind of a shame, since her books were on the queer-rec list at work and I was slightly interested in them. After the descriptions of Outlander as 600 pages of badly written romance smut, with one scene of torture-porn, I am feeling less inclined to do so anyway...
- Robin Hobb
Also deleted her rant, but fear not, the Internet remembers!
- C.S Friedman
Deserves a special mention! Because while she is pretty much in the don't ask, don't tell (but do disclaim) camp about fic, she comes off as rather homophobic in her reply about slash fanfic. And as I feel the same urge every time I read this sentence:
As [slash] this kind of material often deals with subjects and character interpretations I emphatically disagree with, I do ask you make it very clear to any potential readers that it does not reflect my work except in the broadest inspirational sense.
...I will now indulge in it. Ahem.
IF YOU DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO SLASH YOUR GUYS, TRY LEAVING AT LEAST ONE FEMALE CHARACTER OF IMPORTANCE ALIVE/NON-AMNESIAC! I mean, jeez, I liked the Coldfire trilogy (and it was slashy as hell btw) but the women getting killed thing was really, reeeaaally obvious. And of course I know that slash happens, and wtf woman, let it happen and just don't read, but. Come on. There's making it easy, and making it pretty much inevitable.
- Ursula Le Guin
Aww, it makes me sad to include her there. Otoh, she's an author that can be found in the library pretty easily, so no big loss. (but why, Ms Le Guin? U b so cool otherwise!)
- Katherine Kerr
:( Another delete, another f_w write-up. Kerr was one of the first authors whose characters I mentally slashed, years before I found out about fanfic
(And it wasn't even Rhodry/that elf guy. I thought about the tragic'n'smutty non-con story of the dark magic apprentice and his boytoy sexslave young Lord what's-his-name that appeared in one of the early books. No, the internet didn't make me depraved - I was like that before I turned 13 and ever turned on a computer. Oh, and Salamander. I slashed him with eeeeverything.)

That was a depressing list to write/collect links for. Here, see some squee which I found/remembered while doing it
Patrick Rothfuss upon finding the first slashfic of his work: YES!
Cory Doctorow: In praise of fanfic

* not saying that fanfic in general is Austen-level good. But, y'know, there were probably a whole bunch of women who wrote stuff and put in their drawers that was just as non-literary-classicy as the average fic.

See... this is what happens when I have the laptop in bed. Late night rantings. 01.40 - logging off the internet now.
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This is escapist behaviour. I know, not very healthy. But I have a ton of things to do, the builders working on my apartment are arguing with each other about money and I basically felt - fuck this. Oi, world, just fuck off for the weekend

So I read Summer Knight by Jim Butcher and then followed up with Turn Coat aaaand then I wanted to read the rest of the Dresden Files. So I pulled them down as an e-book and re-read my favorite bits, cleverly using the "find" function to get all the bits with Marcone in them.

And then I read what must essentially be every Dresden/Marcone slash story on the net. Which says something about how few those are, alas, because it's really a pairing that I like.

And after having read the short story from Marcone's POV or the little notes Harry's scribbled in the RPG? Yeah, my slash-o-meter just went up. Also, Gentleman Johnnie is a scary, scary man. And somewhat obsessed with this certain wizard

If you want recs, just start at the lj-comm mafiabanter and pretty much read it all. The brilliant to crap ratio is very pleasing

Why is literary fandoms almost always so 1) small 2) intimidatingly good?
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Or not actually the commuter train, but the so-called express train to Gothenburg. Ahahaha. Pretty quick, when it actually rolls, yes.

Actually I was watching Sherlock Holmes on the comp, but if I've paid for 30 minutes of internet time I'll damn well use it.

*rolls thumbs* For... something? I've been so out of it online lately that I don't really know what's going on.

Yuletide is up, of course, and never have I been more grateful for living in Sweden than when I realized that they quite killed Archive of our own during the american times - but on, say, day-after-christmas morning when one wakes up in the empty house and can stay in bed and read fantabulous fics for small fandoms? with some christmas porridge and no loading troubles at all? why, thank you, time-zones

I've also read some spiffing books lately - Stein und Flöte was a really interesting experience, beautiful language (I'll offer to read it loud to everyone who says that German always sounds harsh), such an interesting usage of the fantasy, or more correctly fairy-tale tropes and a very beautiful story. I'll have to re-read it in a year or two, to sink into it again.
But first I have to get over my desire to hit the main character over the head for he could be quite thick-headed

Ohh, right, webcomics! I've got like two months to catch up with ^^
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Cyber Echoes: Textual Analyses of Fan Fiction

Umeå 11-13 february 2010. I want to go. Oh you can't start to grasp how much I want to go to this thing! But I have no idea how to do it, if I even can do it - there's a call for abstracts there and they talk about a conference fee, but I'm not with any university now... Are these things usually so that anyone can buy a ticket, or do you have to present something to gain entrance?

I have no idea but I really want to go. Yes, even if it means flying to Umeå.

Anyway, I found out about it during a seminar called Science goes fiction they held at KTH, which was really interesting!

This one was about fanfiction and Star Trek slashfiction in particular. I'll try to go to the next ones too, titled Consuming Sci-Fi and Cyborg Images.


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