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We'll finally get Mononoke in cinemas! Typical, when one of my favorite movies from Studio Ghibli finally shows up, I'm not in the country ^^; Oh well, at least I caught Porco Rosso.

Nevertheless, if you are in the country, take the chance to see Prinsessan Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) on the big screen without having to visit your local anime con.
If it's like most other Ghibli movies, it will turn up both in dub and sub, although probably not in too many cinemas :/

Later on, we're likely to get a cheap DVD too, but the quality of both subs and overall production has varied wildly there. Good enough for kids mebbe, but if one is an anime collector they can be a bit iffy... Still, some Ghibli movies have had a tolerable quality considering the price (which makes them a rarity among Swedish anime DVD:s, lemme tell you!

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Wut IS this?? ^_^;;;;;;

Sweden and Finland's Hattafutte Parade songs from APH )

Going by what usually happens with Hetalia songs, Youtube will pull them within a few days.

ps. Now Turkey's song? Pretty nice for a Hattafutte, actually.
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I have reached the weak-but-bored staged of my illness. So it may be a good thing that I don't have any lighters in the house.

Shiny Youtube embed below the cut )

Or a blender >D

After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a science geek in possession of common household appliances must be in constant temptation to blow them up.

Although I think even McGuyver would wear gloves before he tried this... )

But it's like I always say - you can't stop people from making explosives at home, because it's darn easy to blow shit up. The best you can do is make them unable to buy stable, "aimable" explosives in the supermarket
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So this silly little ad is what I did today, inbetween the sleeping, coughing and blowing my nose

Then T, [personal profile] lanjelin's sambo ;) dropped by to get a paper signed and I followed her to the bus to get a pizza. That was exhausting. Also it tasted a lot less than the one I had yesterday, but I don't really think it's their fault *mope*

By the way - huge gold star to anyone who recognizes where I nicked the opening humpidumdum sound from. It's very me *lulz*
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Cut for Youtubeness and sexy blue boxes! )

What I don't quite get is if it's official or fanmade? Very neat, anyway ^^
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Jag behöver nog mest det här själv, för annars kommer jag tappa bort länkarna, huhu

Konventet BLYG, var på internet finnes det?

Hemsida: blyg.eu
Twitter: BLYGswe på Twitter
Tumblr: boysloveyaoigakkai på Tumblr
Youtube: BLYGswe på Youtube
Facebook: Användaren och Evenemanget
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And it's an image song for nobody less than Captain Jack *^_^*

"The Doctor and I", actually actual John Barrowman singing about Captain Jack's epic love an altered version of a song from Wicked with clips from all relevant seasons of Doctor Who

Youtube vid beneath the cut )

Let me tell you how much I adore this...

One of my frequent complaints about Western media is the lack of "image songs"/character songs. It's not releveant in too serious things, of course, but for something like Doctor Who? Absolutely!

I really like listening to the Jeeves and Wooster songs (that can apparantly only be found on one highly out of print CD and Spotify. Well, and Pirate Bay, but ykwim). While the Buffy musical episode doesn't do that much for me, I not having seen Buffy, my workmates love it quite passionately and I suspect it's the fourth most played CD in the store (Nightmare Before Christmas and the two Lovecraft song collections definitely top). Basically, even if the actors don't sing that well, it's really neat to have in-character songs. Disney has understood this, why can't cheesy TV entertainment do the same?

But this? Barrowman is a musical artist, and this tune is just his style, and the lyrics are so sweet and the images well chosen and. I. Absolutely. Love. It.

Got the link from Mark Watches Doctor Who, btw, he just finished Tennant's run. Entertaining reading and made me nostalgic to re-watch some episodes. One of these days...
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Vad gör jag och [personal profile] lanjelin när vi har tråkigt mitt i natten? Översätter skumma japanska fanvideor.

Vad gör jag när jag borde plugga?

Laddar upp sagda videor på Youtube...

Men den här låten var väldigt kul att sjunga nere i Danmark. Framförallt när jag tvingade Miko-chan att hjälpa mig, fufufufu~
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Just looking at the Hetalia seiyuu event and of course it start with the main trio (Daisuke Namikawa/Italy, Hiroki Takahashi/Japan and Hiroki Yasumoto/Germany) entering the stage

And Daisuke Namikawa is this TINY guy. I mean - soooo tiny and so cute. Which I shouldn't think, because he looks, what, fifteen? No worries, he's plenty Older than I am (born 1976) and doesn't look half as chibi in his ANN profile picture

Can't take a screencap for some reason, but you see him in the preview which Youtube kindly leaves up!
Embedded video here )

Aww, I just want to... pinch his cheek and listen to him talk. The first I can't do, the second? Ayup



(for reference, this is France. And also Jadeite)

Eta2: and how appropriate that Chibitalia is voiced by a tiny woman. And Russia by a... tiny... man.

This is too much awesome for words
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Most of my reading time has gone to school books lately. This of course means less time to read the stuff that I usually do. However, I did manage to hurry through the latest Terry Pratchett, I shall wear midnight* but... that wasn't really the right way to read this book. There's less action and more reflection than in the first two Tiffany Aching books - fitting, as it wraps up the series - which means I feel like I missed whole chunks. Will have to re-read it at a later date and more sedated pace. One of my favorite glimpses of it were the connection to one of the early, early Discworld books, because it's nice to see the circle close in a way (Tiffany is likely to remain "the newest witch" in Discworld canon and so when we with her meet one of the earliest witches again it's completeting a tapestry that has grown enourmously in depth and vibrancy since Pratchett began the series). I also liked the acknowledgement that witchiness isn't the same for all, and the small interaction with the forces of law. Other than that, my judgement as a whole must wait until later for this book.

I also read the Doctor Who novelisation The Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons. I think this must be my favorite so far! It's a Ninth Doctor adventure, with Captain Jack alongside the Doctor and Rose, and it's entertaining, suitably creepy and wraps up well. It's about a planet where the populace doesn't dare dream and are hunted if they use their imagination at all. Of course, the Doctor and his companions come to set things right, but soon they realize that in this place, dreams can become frighteningly real. The "anti-dream proecdures" at the asylum are creepy in their understated well-meaningness, the supporting characters (a fiction geek who dreams of big-busted women saved by superheroes from medieval zombies, a tough cop chick and a rebel urging people to imagine from the static of the TV channels) were well-rounded. This book also felt a bit meatier than the Eleventh Doctor novels I've read, yet sufficiently quick to go through that I didn't feel I missed half of it when reading so quickly. Recommended.

It also contains the epithet The Armoured Shark Liar for Captain Jack and that's just wonderfully fitting, don't you think?

*unfortunately, only after I got to do a mini-presentation of it for work. Plz ignore the Dali-esque Frodo in the background
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Today I should post about my Favorite tsundere. The problem is that I don't really like the tsundere stereotype. It's only pretty recently that I've got some kind of a handle on the term at all, in fact.

To quote TVtropes:
The Japanese term tsundere refers to a character (usually female) who "runs hot and cold", alternating between two distinct moods: tsuntsun (aloof or irritable) and deredere (lovestruck). Claws out, then cute like a kitten, a friend once described the character type. If anything, I prefer the yandere trope (I think it's called "ax-crazy for love" or something like that in Western fandom?), at least as expressed in Higurashi no naku koro ni. Because little girls and a boys going frightfully insane in a "Groundhog Day" style universum was just amazingly creepy.

But apparantly Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion qualifies, so let's go with her. She's severely messed up in the head, but then, who in NGE isn't?

So for her, have the best - and probably one of the oldest too - anime music videos ever made:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Engel

You go, Asuka ^_^
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Oh, this is easy! Lucky*Star!

I really don't like the (afaik) most popular slice-of-life anime, Azumanga Daioh. Lucky*Star however is mainly about four girls, one of them very nerdy, and their conversations which circle around nothing in particular. I know it has a tendency to merely be classed as "moe bait" by some, but I found Azumanga much more annoying. In Lucky*Star I (as a v. nerdy girl) can occasionally identify myself with the characters. In Azumanga, everyone is such a "screwball" or otherwise weird, that I can mostly laugh at the characters. And I don't like that kind of humor.

People tend to compare Lucky*Star to Seinfeld, which I guess is true in that both shows contain a lot of talk about absolutely nothing. However, I found the humor of Seinfeld much more mean-spirited (also, less jokes about collecting doujinshi and buying multiple copies of the same thing to get All The Fannish Extramaterial, which, heh, is something I can and do recognize myself in) so in another sense, they're not that similar at all.

Anyways. Lucky*Star is my favorite slice-of-life anime. My fav s-o-l manga is Flower of Life by Fumi Yoshinaga, btw.

It also has a very catchy intro!
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Nanne Grönwalls Avundsjuk + Umineko no naku koro ni = AMV

Eh? Eh? Tell me it couldn't be brilliant, I dare you!
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Aha, caught up, did I. Good, very good

Day 7 - Favorite anime couple
Errr. Right, except then it's a day when I don't really know.

Does Germany/Italy count? He proposes in the Buon San Valentino-chapter of the manga, but I don't think the anime came that far...

Otherwise, I tend to fall for the Seriously Twisted Couples. I mean, dude, when I think of anime romance, the old tragic classics come to my mind: Zetsuai, Ai no Kusabi, Tokyo Babylon...

Which actually reminds me of this amazing vid for Tokyo Babylon, so I guess I might as well call Seishirou/Subaru my favorite canon couple.

Overall, CLAMP has a lot of couples I like. That must be because they enjoy torturing them so much, ehehe~

Entire meme here
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Look wot I did this weekend!

Movie clip from the cosplay contest this Saturday )

I cutted the video too, but the fine steady filming creds go to dear shake_it_buddy who received the camera something like 10 minutes before the show ^^;;

Otherwise, a very nice and fun day. Everything went pretty smoothly, even though it was horribly hot in the store. Amigurumi, drawing, making manga crafts and cosplay alllllll day long
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I made a music video of our visit to Uppcon, and to celebrate our new Yotube account ^^

It's not very advanced, but what the heck~
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It's been con-time! And I have cosplayed! And though I cannot sing and the quality pretty much sucks, I want to upload the clips of moi and various other people singing series-specific songs and doing other silly things =D

Embedded youtubes beneath the cut

Austria (me) sings Tomato song )

Austria and N. Italy sing the Tomato song )

America slurps milkshake )

N. Italy says whee! )

ETA: Whoa, what happened to my connection? Speed, speed speed =)

The Cold Pasta War - US, UK, RU, DE )

Tamaki of Ouran sings Det Gör Ont )


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