Dec. 27th, 2011 22:28
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A comment on a Vampire Chronicles comm. Which was not written by me:

"I read Merrick about 11 years ago and it is, to this day, the only book I have ever thrown across the room."

But +/- two years, it is EXACTLY what happened to me.
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So today I rushed from work, late because I miss counted, and of course the trains were thus also late (sometimes, I am so epically fail it hurts) But at least I managed to reach about half of the rethorics seminar I'd been looking forward to since I saw it some weeks ago.

The title was FAN(G)S: Fan's fictions about the vampires of popular culture and it was held by Maria Lindgren and Malin Isaksson of Umeå university. I went to the Textual Poachers symposium that they was hosted at Umeå and it was, hands down, one of the most interesting and stimulating days in my life. The internet is a great tool for communicating, but actually talking to enthusiastic, knowledgeable people? Nothing beats that

Anyway, the part I heard of todays seminar was quite interesting and the discussion afterwards was also very interesting. I really know very little of fandom tropes in Twilight fandom, which was one of the main focuses, but they seem fascinatingly different in some ways - while at the same time clearly being a fandom among others, with ships and slash and canon-affirmative vs canon-protesting writing.

And! So super cool (and proving how small Sweden is) I met Anna of The Swedish Shortsnouts, one of the more successful wizard rock bands here! It was great talking to her and hear about this entire world of RL-Harry Potter fandomness that I more or less managed to miss even though it took place in my own country.

Then to celebrate (or something idk) I sat down to re-read a bunch of my favorite Katie Forsythe stories. She writes classic Sherlock Holmes and she does it exquisitly well. It hurts to read these stories sometimes, but they're so brilliant that even the pain goes beautiful.
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Fanged butt-toys vs. fanged bat-toys... Easy enough to mix up, no?
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Helped a friend with the moving yesterday, and though I sweated like a pig I didn't think I'd exhausted myself that badly... until I woke up this morning. ahaha, I should work out more (like, at all)

The traintrip out to Märsta sped by quickly with my new baby laptop to entertain me ^_^ I think I'll totally sign up for NaNo this year, though it may not be with a story I want to post online... Anyway, it's awesome to sit on the train and get something done!

but when I got there and looked around for my friend, an elderly man nearly punched me in the shoulder :( He muttered something about how I "didn't even see other people" but, dude, I'm standing looking around for my friend in the middle of a pedestrian street and like 30 persons manage to pass me without any trouble whatsoever... I dunno, some people are freaks. Luckily, I was so happy just then that I just blinked at him in confusion and then got back to listening to my tomato song and (after a while) found my friend

There are rumours about a new Vampire Chronicles movie. Despite everything, I am slightly excited...

Also, ze drumroll, we in the Stockholm Science-fiction bookstore will have a Japanese Theme Day!

There'll be cosplay, amigurumi-workshop and quiz - and I'm one of those arranging it =D
Drop by (in costume, if you'd like. there'll be prizes *bribe bribe*), watch the show and say hi to me!


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