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You wanna know what I did today? I hope you do, because I'm totally gonna tell you ^___^

I paid someone a heap o'moniez to punch four holes in my ears!

Ear-piercing talk (but no pics) )

For further distraction the international club at the university has arranged a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which whill play some chosen pieces. I'm off to see them in about an hour, looking forward to it quite a lot =)

How it looks? Really cool, if I may say so myself, but also a bit swollen and whatnot, so I'll hold off the pics for a few days
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The Diffusion of Foreign Cultural Products: The Case Analysis of Japanese Comics (Manga) Market in the U. (pdf)

At work, don't have time to read this paper during my break... But it seems to be an interesting paper, collecting and analyzing the stats of published manga in the US.

I like the links from ANN's "academic" column but I have a tendency to forget to read stuff I go ohh, cool! over ^_^;;
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Call for papers on the visual cues of manga over at fanficforensic.

Now, break is over. Back to bookkeeping *sigh* It's too hot to juggle numbers today, honestly
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Cyber Echoes: Textual Analyses of Fan Fiction

Umeå 11-13 february 2010. I want to go. Oh you can't start to grasp how much I want to go to this thing! But I have no idea how to do it, if I even can do it - there's a call for abstracts there and they talk about a conference fee, but I'm not with any university now... Are these things usually so that anyone can buy a ticket, or do you have to present something to gain entrance?

I have no idea but I really want to go. Yes, even if it means flying to Umeå.

Anyway, I found out about it during a seminar called Science goes fiction they held at KTH, which was really interesting!

This one was about fanfiction and Star Trek slashfiction in particular. I'll try to go to the next ones too, titled Consuming Sci-Fi and Cyborg Images.


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