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In other news, I'm down in Gothenburg again. Visiting Miko-chan and staying at Miko-chans mother as usual (alas, cat allergies). Just as well, mom has Plans for my bathroom again and now she can poke about there on her own...

Mac showed me a lovely old fairy-tale book, translated from Swedish to German. Vogel Blau by Z Topelius, which is written in Fraktur (Gothic script). The most amazing thing? I can actually read it now! Amazing, I never managed to read the old-fashioned books I was showed in Germany... of course, those were more along the lines of Thomas Mann and history books, while these are tales of Sleeping Beauty etc. Quite the bit sharper than the modern children's verisones though, very entertaining reads, even if I had a great deal of trouble figuring out out the V (Dolch? Dulp? Volf? Wolf... aha, no! That is the letter k and thus it must be Volk!! /I iz genius/). Anyway, both amusing and challenging, I am going to read through it all before I go home

Have also read My girlfriend is a geek and Bakuman. Disliked both and for oddly similar reasons... In My girlfriend is a geek, we have a yaoi/manga fanatic girl who has no sense of appropriate boundaries. Alright that she talks to her boyfriend about her favorite ship, but when she starts involving him (and his friend, partly) in her mistress/butler fantasy without his consent and the narrative treats it as comedy I am skeeved out.

The translation is also a typically "fansubby" one, with keywords such as fujoshi, otaku, seme etc left untranslated in the pages (might be a glossary, I didn't check and the book is at home). While it is part of the plot that the guy doesn't know all these words, he presumably knows at least what some of the sounds ought to be - and more importantly, the japanese readers do know them.

Bakuman is about a guy who, due to a girl he crushes on and has never really talked to, decides to become a manga artist. Everyone is either dull or ott and it lacks to moral issues and tension that made Death Note readable. I much prefer the other manga industry parodies I've read
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We have internet for one computer, which is an improvement to not having internet for three computers.

I took the opportunity to send out a little update re Uppcon to those concerned and share the coolness that is (I think) Raison d'être's first professionally designed poster!

It's [personal profile] lamapan who made it, her site is at Lampadari.se and she's also made the new logo that is going on our t-shirts ^_^

Awesomesauce, or what?

Phew, I'm really beat. Flew down to Gothenburg on Friday evening after having moved a massive amounts of comics and manga because the shelf-constructing guys were somewhat late *mumblegrumble*
On Saturday, I went to a coffee shop with Carro and found a pair of nice new shoes, bonus! Especially considering I was just trying to find a sweater, heh
In the evening it was time to party, celebrate Miko-chan and Tennyo's birthdays. We also met with Sho, it's been ages and it was really fun talking to him a little. I hope you come up to Stockholm while you're in the country ;)

Theeeen, far to early on Sunday, I flew home and collapsed in bed. Where I dreamt that I got out of bed and took the bus around town because I thought I was going to Gotenburg, only to realize halfway through the dream that I'd already been. Which my dream self then followed up with taking the wrong bus home, so I woke up all confused and feeling as if I'd been traveling all day. Wtf self?

I'm tired again. As soon as the mp3-player has finished copying all the new songs, I'll go to bed.

Have read Two of hearts during the trip. A decent, somewhat low-key yaoi manga with considerably more in the way of plot and character development than we usually see. Momiji_mi has already reviewed it over at the bookstore's review site.

Right, I almost forgot! I continued my foray into Wodehouse with reading Nära ögat, which I'd definitely call one of the best non-Jeeves/Blandings books so far. It takes place on a ship, contains some characters from the other series (young Drones, mostly) and is delightfully silly and entertaining. It also has a ship steward who had pretty much all of Jeeves bad characteristics (long-winded, busybody, trying to control his 'masters') without that brilliance that, well, made Jeeves brilliant.

Fun brain-popcorn, perfect for when your tired and traveling
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I have had a very stressful week and it'll probably go on like this to Uppcon more or less. Although now there's not so much for me left to do, but I have to trust other people (and shipping companies) to do what they're supposed to do, and I guess I'm none too good at that. Yeah. But I'll try to relax

Have read some good and some not-so-good manga recently.
I even managed to finish my review of Bunny Drop for work, and I also read and reviewed Hanako and the Terror of Allegory, although that one isn't up yet. Bunny Drop was very good, Hanako. Not so much.

We suddenly had to re-arrange the manga shelves yesterday, because that's when the new shelves were finally installed (with very short notice and they had forgotten to send a part, blah)

Tonight we celebrate Miko-chan's birthday with a big party in Gothenburg. I flew down yesterday. Yes, yes, I know, what a waste of enviroment to fly to Gothenburg. But when it costs me about 200 SEK more (return-trip) and I save something like 4 hours (yes, the rapid train was more expensive than the airplane) then I'll just be an evil sinner.
Anyway, Malmo Aviation were really good, cheap and you got sandwich and tea and everything. Almost like on a real airplane ;)

And now I have finally managed to convert and tag and whatnot all the Jeeves and Wooster music that I wanted to tag, so I'll have a nice relaxing bath and then go fika with Silverstar ^^


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