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The Land of Painted CavesDude, get real!! Jean M Auel is releasing another part of the Earth's Children series: The Land of Painted Caves.

Yep, that's the Clane of the Cavebear books. Exactly. The huge stone age stories, complete with mammoth smut and flowery vaginas and pre-historic root recepies. Wonder of Ayla will invent the bicycle this time? Or maybe she'll go straight to the rocket ships


Yes, of course I have to read the bloody book. I've read every one of those things (including Shelters of Stone where Nothing Whatsoever Happens during the 895-pages it consists of). Though I'll wait until it is library-able.

Still... a new Auel. Could've sworn she was dead, or at least seriously retired by now
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Errr.... Most of these questions I found pretty good. You can give a short answer, post a pic or write a little mini-essay about your thoughts.

And then there's questions like this, I mean, wot? I'm not married to anyone on the astral plane, thank you very much.

However... if we're going with the anime character whom I have stayed in touch with the longest? The one I spent some years maintaining a website for, the one that is still on my default icons on both LJ and Facebook, I guess it'd be Jadeite from Sailor Moon.

Cosplay pictures? Well, as it happens, after some looking I managed to dig up these pics... From ca the younger bronze age, I'd say ;) Or more specifically, the re-opening of Östasiatiska museet in Stockholm.

Yes, that is me.

Click for larger pic! )

The entire anime meme be here


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