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I'm back in the same mood as I was last term, where mental exhaustion makes it difficult to sit down and read books. I do read, of course, but it ends up being almost exclusively school reading, online/fandom material and manga. Just too brain-tired to sit down and grab a novel "for fun"

Regarding the manga, I bought a haul at Thalia recently. This was to celebrate that they finally managed to pay out my Erasmus-grant. Thanks, I guess, even if I'm a bit miffed that person taking care of it couldn't be arsed to send a mail when I wrote and complained (twice) since it was months overdue, hmpf. After mailing back and forth to her and my exchange student department at SH, the money just arrived on my account. Well, thankee, but a "pardon the lateness!" wouldn't have been entirely remiss either.

Okay, tangent done with...

The haul was:
X volume 12-18 (I'm preeetty sure I only own to vol 11)
Teatime Lovin vol 4, finally someone who actually had it in stock!
xxxHolic vol 15. It's tightening up as we're reaching the end, and I do think CLAMP managed quite well to portay the relationship between Watanuki and Yuuko. And pull the angst-screws tight, will ya? (I predict weeping in my future, once I've bought the rest)

I also introduced a classmate to the gayer side of girl's manga... Come over to the yaoi-side, it's got better porn ;)
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The annual book sale started recently in Sweden and I bought some stuff at work. Not as much as last year, because my heap of unread books has grown exponentially since I started this course, but I still made some nice finds!

I bought The Moon and the Sandals, Fumi Yoshinaga's debut work, which I assume is going out of print now that we're putting it on sale *pout* Haven't read it yet, but it'll be interesting to see where she started!

I also got two classic SF books, Alfred Besters The stars my destination and the ultra-classic Do Androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K Dick. Will be interesting to read... some day... when I have time ^^;;;
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One of the best series published in English 2009/10 is finished! Naoki Urasawas Pluto is an adult thriller retelling of a chapter in Osamu Tezukas classic Astro Boy. It has robots, murder, complex and wonderful characters, great plot twists and a lot more excellent ingredients. Highly recommended!

And now... the eight and final book is mine, aaaallllll mine, muahahahahaha!


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