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I'm back in the same mood as I was last term, where mental exhaustion makes it difficult to sit down and read books. I do read, of course, but it ends up being almost exclusively school reading, online/fandom material and manga. Just too brain-tired to sit down and grab a novel "for fun"

Regarding the manga, I bought a haul at Thalia recently. This was to celebrate that they finally managed to pay out my Erasmus-grant. Thanks, I guess, even if I'm a bit miffed that person taking care of it couldn't be arsed to send a mail when I wrote and complained (twice) since it was months overdue, hmpf. After mailing back and forth to her and my exchange student department at SH, the money just arrived on my account. Well, thankee, but a "pardon the lateness!" wouldn't have been entirely remiss either.

Okay, tangent done with...

The haul was:
X volume 12-18 (I'm preeetty sure I only own to vol 11)
Teatime Lovin vol 4, finally someone who actually had it in stock!
xxxHolic vol 15. It's tightening up as we're reaching the end, and I do think CLAMP managed quite well to portay the relationship between Watanuki and Yuuko. And pull the angst-screws tight, will ya? (I predict weeping in my future, once I've bought the rest)

I also introduced a classmate to the gayer side of girl's manga... Come over to the yaoi-side, it's got better porn ;)
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I have finally figured out what all the people in Berlin do on Sunday's, when most of the stores are closed (they're not in the foreign-tourist-dominated museums, that much I know since earlier):
After a long brunch, they go to the flea market! E-v-e-r-y one of them, it felt like at around four in the afternoon when the sun was beating down on us and I almost drowned in a sea of people inspecting handcrafted nicknacks, old glassware, pop-art printed t-shirts and other neccessities of life.

It was fun, despite the heat, and I found two little banana-leaf boxes to put stuff in (pencils and post-its in one, online-ID thingys and USB-sticks in the other), lavendel honey and a super-cheap soap plate. Almost forgot that I needed the last, until I stood around smelling some fancy (but overly pricy) handmade soaps!

Also bought fresh-pressed orange juice again (it's so cheap here! And I love it soooo much) and heroically avoided all ice-creams, ice-lattes, sweet stuffs and cupcakes tempting me from different stands. I only sampled three sorts of honey-milk breakfast spread >_>

And now I've cut my hair and am gonna watch Doctor Who while it dries.
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So. Uppcon. This big anime con. I tried not to buy too much junk but of course I couldn't escape coming home with some loot. Like my Chi's Sweet Home cell phone accessories which I haven't used yet, because my phone is getting a bit full of kawaii crap...

Anyway, I also bought a very small, cheap soap. Charity for the earthquake and whatnot, plus I could give away one to the family that way.

I thought they'd put different colored soap inside the semi-translucent green part, because you can do all kinds of things with soap and candle and whatnot. Turns out it's actually just a piece of plastic sushi inside.

This, I must say, feels a bit baffling. Plastic sushi? In my soap? Wut?

...and what am I supposed to do with it when I run out of soap? Here's hoping that it's thin enough for me to paste into the scrapbook.

The things one carries home from an anime con, oh my.
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One of the problems with having so many breathing related allergies and crap as I do (asthma, hayfever, cigarette smoke, fur animals, perfumes, chemicals...) is that it gets darn tricky trying to use any of the fancier beauty products that aren't especially made for allergics.

I can't go into a perfume department or even a Body Shop on the bad days. I have a violent hatred for Lush and many new-agey stores, because the first one stinks down the entire street and the second tend to have clothes and stuff I'm interested in, but the incensce smell is too heavy for me to go inside. So. That's annoying. Now they just have their foot moisture series which, while useful, isn't exactly what I want.

But there are some scents I can handle pretty well and one of them - which I also really love - is MINT! I've got a mint/pine soap a friend gave me (one of these big bars) which I actually think comes from Lush so I'll have to send my sister or someone when it runs out. The Body Shop carried, for a short time, a blue mint shampoo and I loved it passionately. Now they don't have it anymore :(
I've also managed to find some pretty neat colored lip balms with a minty/eucalyptys taste. I think they're for skiing and stuff actually, but I dun care :)

And that's about it. It's all made more difficulity to spend too long time in any make-up/bath stuff aisle (don't get me started on the detergents. I tend to run in, grab something Via or Arial, and escape) and my general disinterest in, y'know, actual make-up. The concealer and powder kind, I mean. Most of it gives me a rash anyway...

But if anyone has any tips of minty goodness, they are very welcome ^_^

ETA: And it's not like I need any of this, really. I make do very well with shampoo-scented shampoo and anti-allergic soap. 's just that sometimes, you want something a bit more fun
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So today we bought our tickets for the trains and subways, then walked around town. I bought two pairs of shoes, one for more walking and one pair for party. But they didn't have the awesome hot pair I liked in my size :(

Otherwise, the day was mostly :) except when it was totally =D ! Found a new little guide book (the old one's subway map is no longer valid, alas) and it contained info about a karaoke bar! Hot damn!

The day started with a visit to the "AquaDom Sealife" which is a really cool aquarium. Lots of local fish in nice enviroments, several sea horses (I filmed those) and the world larges free-standing salt water aquarium. It's inside a hotel and there's an elevator right through it! Coolish

We went to Potzdamer to check out what the IMAX cinema had to offer and to just look at the cool buildings; on Sunday we'll see one of the 3d-movies.

Then we went searching for the Grober Unfug comic store and totally failed to find it. Though I noticed that the area around Nollendorfplatz had turned into gay quarters, I can't for the life of me recall if it was like that when I lived in Berlin years ago... Anyway, we walked around, couldn't find it but saw some cool architecture. There's amazing architecture all over this city, one of the things I love about it.

When I got back to the hostel, I quickly realized that the store must have moved, because it's at a completely different subway station now -_- But! They have another store, really close to where we're staying. Durrr....

If you have Facebook, some pics are up in my gallery.
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Rumiko Takahashi seems to be a bit of a workaholic. She barely finished Inu-Yasha before starting a new long-running shonen series. This one, Rin-ne is near simultaneously published in the US and Japan. Always good.

More bout Rin-ne - cut for lenght, not spoilers )


I squee senselessly about Pluto:Urasawa x Tezuka. No spoilers )

Last but not least, I bought the ♪ Hetalia One Coin ♪ figures today. They are utterly adorable. Here's someone's review of them - since I can't take pictures, look there.

*reads the review*

Wait, WHAT? You can swap the heads? Ohohohoho...
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I can haz laptop naow :3

I've bought a cute little Samsung netbook, and it's adorably baby blue! The lady in the store was really nice, but since they were rebuilding everything, she thought they only had the white ones left... and then I open, and yay, it's blue!

The baby is on charge now, but I'm really happy about it. Fufufuf, with this and my soon-to-be bought ergonomic keypad, I'll be all set to surf and write in peace again!


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