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We had snow! It's not much left now, but the cold is definitely here. This means I really should get out and buy more warm sweaters (lost one during my Christmas vacation, one is frankly fugly from age and the other two get used a bit much) but since I hate shopping, I've so far only managed to grab yet another Die Ärzte sweater from the fan-merch store round the corner. Oh well, at least it looks warm and cosy.

Exam period is coming up, which means I need to do ALL THE STUDIES and I also have two presentations to do. Bohoo, stressy... That's one verbal exam, one written and two essays which I think (and hope, good lord) that I can hand in after the actual term is over.

To that, there is also the very last bit of the paperwork to extend my stay at Humboldt, but at least I'm guaranteed a place here now ^_^ But I had to print a paper, sign it, then I gotta scan it and send to the insurance person, then get a reply and lastly show that to the administration here. Uuuh...

Because I have so much to do and so little time I got a haircut. Not a complete waste of time, because it was getting messily long, and I was too tired to study more than the two hours I did today anyway. Now, no more haircuts until February has passed! If I can affordid then, however, I'll take the time to dye it in March.

And lastly, an anime blog I want to read in the future when I have time (hah): Karaconner. I need to catch up on the ANN editorials that I follow too and probably buy the latest volume of FMA. So much to read, so little time...
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This post is the product of cold weather and my reluctance to leave the warm confines of the library just yet, as well as the slight sense of shame I always feel when I take up communal work-places to laze around on the internet. So, instead, I shall take up the communal work-space and write a Serious Post of Seriousness. Well, not really, but at least I won't spend another half hour looking at the funny macros George Takei keeps posting...

As a background, please see my previous post: Stundenplan @ HU [1] a.k.a. "Wot I actually do in school here in Berlin"

Wednesday : Language & History / Body/Machine Interaction (a.k.a. CYBORGS) )

And now the library is closing, so my favorite class, which is on Thursday, will have to wait until later.
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So, a few people asked if I wanted to write a bit about my studies in Germany. All comparsions will be to the Swedish university system, which I shall simply except you to know. If for some reason someone who isn't a Swedish student has questions, do ask and I shall do my best to answer

Since I currently possess the IQ of a mashed potatoe (Tuesday is the Long Lecture Day) you'll get it in chronological order, because everything else would be too complicated.

I should perhaps also point out, that this term, I have mostly taken classes in literature history; that is, thematic studies. They looked more interesting and since it's still not 100% certain that I can remain next term, I'd rather do these here and the pure literary analysis classes (which I'll need for my bachelor) in Sweden.

Overall impressions )

The names of my modules, btw, are "(German) Literature History III (1800-today)", "ERASMUS Module Literary History I, II, III" (though all my seminars are modern-ish, ehehehe) and "Text- and Media Analysis". I've also got an extra class that falls under Kulturwissenschaft (Cultural Studies?), but I'll get to that later.

Monday: German-language lyric / Crime and Literature / Franz Kafka )

Tuesday: Literature & Photography / Lost Illusions )

Aaaand because this post is already massive, I think I'll cut there. Wednesdas to Fridays aren't that heavy anyway, but I'll try to scribble them down later in the week :) Have got some interesting classes there too!
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Okay. Whoa.

University began. Bit more work they expect me to do, here in Germany.

Otoh, I'll probably learn plenty of useful things

Brb, just gotta adapt to a life of actually working again after 2 months vacation!
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Wrote a mail to the leader of the Projekttutorium "Marginalized identities & their representation" asking for further information, but unless I've grossly misunderstood everything I'll sign up and visit this seminar series.

Of course, before I got that far, I had to figure out what the heck a projektutorium is. Since I activated my Humboldt e-mail account, I've gotten several mails daily inviting me to various things. Some was just crap, some was events happening at the university and then there were all these "projekttutoriums"... Does that mean tutorials? Open lectures? Wut?

Luckily, the one that finally tickled my interest enough to click through to the main site also contained a handy link to the university page explaining what a PT is.

Basically, it's a series of classes/seminars lead by a students about topics that do not fit into the regular study topics (or there's no-one interested in teaching it, I guess, since intersectionality and identities totally seems like a "valid" topic) and you get no points/ECTS-credits for them. However, the university supplies rooms, a bit of money and you can add it to your schedule through the AGNES-system, where you add all regular classes. I think it's a great idea and, even if this PT wouldn't have had a topic which I'm really interested in, I would've liked to visit some PT just to see how it works. I can't think of anything similar on Swedish universitites, there everything seems to be done either through the student union (completely free, but also rarely economic support from the university) or it's part of someone's thesis work, comes from a faculty or similar.

Anyway, I think I'll take part of the PT about Marginalisierte Identitäten und deren Repräsentation. The topics are Queer History, Race, Trans* liberation, Rights of children (ex. Intersexed children), Religion/Visibility of Islam in Europe, HIV/AIDS, Disability Studies and Methods & Language.
It all looks quite interesting, also the time-plan seems well-structured with a (so far I can judge) varied and relevant reading list.

Since I'm strictly verboten from taking regular classes that aren't offered by the Philosophic Faculty II (basically, German + a bunch of European languages) I think it will be a nice break from only lit. classes. And, of course, it connects nicely with my interest in gender-studies. I've also never before had the time or possibility to take classes directly concerning racism or other non-gender opressions, nor a "pure" minorities studies class, so this is a good chance to try something new.

Is anyone else familiar with this kind of student-lead studies? Do they tend to work well?

In further somewhat study-relevant news, I managed to nab a place in one of the super-cheap sport groups that are on offer for students. I'm going to lern fencing! With a sabre! Wish me luck, I'll totally need it ;P
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Today I have:

- Been to work to pick up the USB stick with the latest copy of my essay which I bloody forgot in the computer those fifteen minutes of editing on the break were so not worth it
- Finished and handed in said essay \o/
- Picked up my mini-essay exam that has been corrected (I can not read One Single Word one of the teachers have written. Except the grade....)
- Filled in and got a signature on my ERASMUS Learning Agreement, which I need to get mah moniez for Germany
- Tweeted about BLYG stuff twice and answered some questions
- Bought food for dinner tonight

All this on something like for hours of sleep. And tonight dear Miko-chan is coming, and [personal profile] lanjelin and sambo are invited for dinner

What can I say? BANZAI!!!!

I appear to work well under stress =D
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So if you ever want to see a one-woman impression of a plague of locusts, watch me devour a pizza after nine straight hours of essay writing. But don't blink ;)

However, I think it was worth the effort, as I am bloody finished \o/ It still needs a workthough of course, especially the summary and reflection/criticism part is probably very rough since I just wrote them in the space that was left and sent the whole thing off, but in case of emergency it is in a hand-in ready state. With another meeting and a few more days of polish, it will either turn out pretty good or I'll pick at it until I hate it, call it all crap and hand it in anway. We'll see ^^

In less good news, me throat hurts and I fear I might be coming down with a cold. I'll have a cup of tea and put myself to bed soon, which hopefully will keep me together for at least half a days work. I think I have an hour or two to comp out

And then I'll review my textbooks before I have to return the bunch! ^_^
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Today I'll have to send in my paper to my supervisor and on Friday we'll have the last meeting. Then I had better be pretty much done, because by next Tuesday I'll have to hand it in ^_^;

It's going well, but I've only half a page left and haven't done the summary. At all. I've trimmed away a lot of half-finished thoughts that didn't go anywhere (it used to be three pages over and I've added more meat to my main points) and I'll try to do it again, because I really don't know what to cut out completely. There are hopefully a few redundant descriptions and event summaries that take up a lot of place hidden somewhere in those pages...

But it's really fun. Except the computer room is bloody freezing and I forgot my sweater *shivers*
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Guh! Sent away the first two room applications to Berlin.
I really have no idea of the etiquette for these things, but the ads seemed written pretty personally (both places advertizing for a co-renter who wanted to have a "real" WG, instead of a just-money-saving neccessity. And hey, that's nice, I'd like to meet new friends during my exchange year. Also, cooking together = FTW!

But I switched to English after a short introductory sentence because I really, really don't feel as if I could write in German at the moment. Hopefully that won't be seen as terribly rude, at least one of the apartments was renting because one member was going to study in the States so they should know English... *mumblemumble second-guessing-self*

Both places are looking for non-smokers, both lie in the East side (in or near Friedrichshain) and come with at least basic furniture. They also both have some form of central heating (yay), and it's shared with at least one other woman. I kind of side-eyed the ad where two guys were looking for a woman to move in (not an either/or) without giving any specific reason. Maybe I'm paranoid, but nah, that's not for me.

Gosh, I'm nervous. Everyone's been talking about how easy it is to get an apartment in Berlin. Sure it is, compared to Stockholm, I mean these places have been out on the market for weeks and they're at least half the price of anything I've seen here - they'd be gone ages ago. But if it's a good deal in Berlin? Idk. Will I like the people there? Idk either, but it seems like too much paperwork and a bit too much rent to try and get an apartment of my own.

So I'll just cross my fingers and hope that they'll reply positively soon. And not be offended my halting German ^^;
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I have totally lost my study motivation. Zweeeh, it escaped through the door after the exchange students, I think

Seems it really does help to have my classmates around for studies, but today I needed to use a big computer with Photoshop and whatnot, and by now they have probably left anyway.

I've almost written the maximum number of pages but I am so far from finished it's ridiculous!

In better news, Gackt is coming to Sweden! Before I leave for Germany!!! Be still, my beating heart =D
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I usually am of the "you will have to take this from my cold, dead hands" when it comes to computers. But as mine is borked and mother was kind enough to lend me her, it felt a bit awkward to start complaining when she needs it returned. I'll just move into the school library for a week or two Also, I have a ton of books to read so it's just good for me to go offline

Yesterday I delivered the computer and watched Moon which almost completely lives up the hype. Interesting, thoughful science fiction movie which manages to tell an engaging story and uses its setting perfectly, without drowning in effects or techno-babble. I mean, what I love about sci-fi movies, is when they manage to tell a story which you really couldn't tell with a completely realistic scenario, but treat the issues and the characters with as much respect as any other character. Something like Avatar, which was basically Pocahontas Dances with Wolves in Space, doesn't really use the technological advances and presence of another species to tell a new story. It only throws on a lot of (beautiful, granted) visuals to re-tell something which could pretty much be told in a historical drama. Sure, you can't put the legs back on an amputee in that setting, but it's not like the movies spends much time thinking about that issue

Moon, otoh, uses two sci-fi elements to discuss one timeless and one extremely modern issue:
- The utter isolation of a station on the moon - could be replaced by, for instance, a lighthouse
- Spoiler )
- The timeless issue: Isolation, alienation and existenial terror. What to do if I see myself, truly?
- The modern issue: Ultra-capitalism, slimmed productions and what that means

The technology carries the plot, but the plot isn't about these techs - they're not pointed out as "OMG!! How fresh and new!" It's not like a moon base is common in the movie either, but you can clearly see that it's been there for a while, it's not an experiment or so. Especially not the the poor bastard living there...

Anyway, really good movie! And nice use of silence in some parts! The use and not-use of music was a bit destroyed for me because my sister insisted on playing her radio loudly and my mother's house is about as sound-proof as a tent, but I noticed and liked it.

Um. I am also reading a lot of books for class. I bought another Eyeshield 21 lately, and I think that'll have to be the last one. We've got the Hiruma-Agon-Kid moment in the car, so what's left is tedious filler games, some disconcerting racism and... that's about it. Absolutely an issue of manga artists drawing a few extra volumes more than they have inspiration for, just for the bucks.
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Svårt att förstå hennes pjäser, men ordrytmen och gåtfullheten i dem gör att de fungerar bra även som manusgenomläsning

Jag brukade undra om jag verkligen älskade Herrman. Vi var som klippta och skurna för varann.
Vi klippte och skar i varann.

- Kristina Lugn, ur "Idlaflickorna"

Jag var tvungen att slå upp vad en Idlaflicka var. Gymnastiktrupp, där ser man

De glömde bort att vi skulle se på en film i dag, så större delen av klassen gick ut i solen och åt glass.

Sorterade mina papper nyligen. Hittade ett papper med en skrivuppgift då, en slags vinterdikt. Kan väl lika gärna posta den, när jag ändå håller på? Jag tror nämligen att filen är förstörd och papperskopian tappar jag ju bort förr eller senare.

I alla fall. Vi skulle skriva en vinterskildring. Här är min )
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The university applications proceeds in tiny little steps and then - whoops, ERROR no more application for u until you've mailed someone AGAIN and they've solved the latest problem

How hard can it be to program a form that allows me to fill it out correctly???? (answer: very hard, apparantly)

don't do this to me, world, I just want to go to Berlin. Suddenly I understand and appreciate what STS was for, all those years ago when I went to the gymnasium. You basically throw money on them and they deal with this shit >_
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Til today, the reading assignment for school was the first lesbian novel in Sweden. Charlie by Margareta Suber from 1932 is a neat little book of only a 100 pages.

While the author was widely read in her own time, this book was published semi-silently to avoid controversy and Suber fell almost completely to the side in Swedish literature history - no research done, no reprints for years. Charlie was re-issued by Normal förlag (now sadly defunct) and it was an absolut delight to read.

It is strongly influenced by The Well of Loneliness, although according to much teacher it ends on a more uplifting tone. Now, I haven't read that book (yet), but I did like Charlie a great deal and it reminded me of another author from the same era - Wodehouse. The milieu is a Swedish beach town, near the continent with a wealthy and international patronage. There is in the book examples of Russian, French, German and English and the titular character, a young New Woman/flapper type peppers her speech with American phrases, most notably calling her love interest "Baby".

But where Wodehouse is always light, frothy and unconcerned about deeper romantic emotions (for all the love quadrangles in his books, none really seem to mean much, do they?) Charlie has a much more critical view of this society. Controlling, sexist, too glossy and too false, where the men don't so much actively repress women as ignore and infantilize them utterly.

Still - it does end on a relatively good note and it was a very good read.

After school, I also visited a store where I had some gift vouchers from Christmas, and bought two spring jackets. It's been a long time since I went shopping properly, but it was surprisingly nice ^_^
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So I signed up for a non-credited (but darn useful, I think) little course in how to write a term paper, which I believe is the English term most comparable to the Swedish B- and C-uppsats.

We had the first seminar today, three more are planned plus two hours of individual guidance if we feel we need that once we have started with out papers. And it was a really good seminar. The seminar leader, a rethorics teacher at the school, briefly went through the different principles if the sciences and humanities and then focused on the different methods and aspects one can choose and which fit best etc.

The seminar series are open to 20 people, but only 14 turned up. Still, this meant that there was plenty of time to talk with each student about their particular paper and what method we would chose/should chose. I also think it was really quite useful that we came from so different areas - economy, pedagogy, economy, linguistics, tourism/marketing, some kind of crosscultural-something-studies* and me from literature.

Next week is a library tour and database search class. Which isn't that valuable to me, as we have that planned in my course too, but I hope they focus on different aspects, and after that we have a seminar on the formal shape and how to plan a paper realistically. If they're as good as this, it might end up the most informative class hours of this term.

* My college has lots of inter-field courses and some of them end up with a bit unyieldy names.
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I really like the university library here at SH. Prefer it over the one at Stockholm university, because that one always felt too small for the amount of students and has a very closed in, stuffy air (the lack of good ventilation does not relieve this feeling). SH's new building (it's, what, 10-12 years old?) has loads of windows, pretty good airflow and good self-help stations for finding the books. There's also always somewhere to sit and plenty of sockets for laptop charging purposes

This afternoon they'll hold a spikning ceremony, which translates to a "nailing" ceremony. Someone will pro-publish their doctoral thesis before defending it and apparantly that's traditionally done by nailing the abstract to a wall here in the library. This is pretty "the more you know!" territory for me, tbh, but since this thesis is about East and West Germany and I need to stay here for another few hours to study *cough*instead of updating the blog*cough* I thought I'd stay and have a look.
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1) Sweden is insanely cold right now. Minus 16 C I heard someone mutter and the roads are covered in thick ice

2) HAVESENTINMYAPPLICATIONFORGERMANY!!!!! And now I can only wait for a reply homg I want to go pick me pick me ;____;

They've promised to reply 14 days after the 15th (that's the deadline). I'm counting hours here!!!
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Oh, but this is a beautiful quote, especially the second sentence! And I really needed it, together with the invigorating discussion I had with a classmate, after the disappointing lecture earlier today.

[den kvinnliga läsaren] Hon lämnade sina spår i de texter hon läste; biblioteksböcker sades dofta parfym, vara beströdda av hårpuder, vara försedda med fingeravtryck och rivna av naglar. I böckernas marginaler fortsatte texten - en kvinna kommenterade det lästa och en annan kvinna kommenterade hennes kommentar, skapandes en text som aldrig tog slut, som fortsatte in i kvinnors liv, i kvinnors jag.

- Nina Björk, "Tankar kring modernitet och kön", Emma Bovarys läsning

(alla stavfel är mina)

A hasty translation of the part that gripped me and then I really have to get back to studying...
[the female reader] She left traces in the texts she was reading; library books were said to have a scent of perfume, be dusted with hair powder, adorned with fingerprints and torn by nails. In the margins of the books the text continued - a woman commented the read text and another woman commented her comments, creating a text which never ended, which continued into women's lives, into women's 'I'.
From "Thoughts around modernity and gender" by Nina Björk.

We are also reading "The Madwoman in the Attic" which is informative, theory-heavy, enraging and fascinating - all at once.
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Jag hade nog hellre varit sjuk denna vecka än förra, det är nu vi har tråkiga föreläsaren.

Blir alltmer besviken på hans tematiska inriktning också, först tyckte jag bara han var trist att lyssna på men nu blir jag purken på ämnet också. Ska ev försöka klaga, om inte annat under utvärderingen :/
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Today it is the 11:th of January 2011. In four days (4!!!) they open the application window for an exchange year in Germany

I have received a certificate of freelance work at the student council (=extra credits), I have gotten a verbal agreement that my studies are ok from the institution and I finally know when everything needs to be sent in *clutches paper*

All that is left is
1) write the actual application - 300 woords, then I need someone to proof it. Any English first-language speakers who'd like to volunteer? Ehe. Or I'll ask some people I know are good here...
2) Get a signed statement that some of my classes from the other university are possibly valid if/when I graduate from here. This is turning out to be a major hassle and I'm not sure it's worth all the work. Otoh, I'm 90% certain that I can use at least 15 ECTS-credits which could easily make or break me getting into my first choice so it's not like I can afford to ignore it.

Oh well.

It's times like these I wish I wasn't an atheist, because if I could influence my application with a lighted candle and half an hour in church, I'd be all over it. Much preferably over running to and fro student councellors and lit. science institution admins who don't ever seem to have met a student in my situation ;P

In further updates, I have a stubborn cold and the roads here are more like ice-skating rinks. Winter in Sweden, how delightful


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