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It is an annoying habit of a certain segment of Swedish youth, that they sit on the train (less common on the bus, but it happens) and compare their ringtones. This was especially bad when everybode had those awful midi bleep-bleep tones... on the other hand, now they just sit on the train and listen to mp3's from their shitty phone speakers because they are too lazy to use headphones. In short: Teenagers suck

When my friends and I gather, however, we tend to compare not the phones or the noises they make, but the amount of anime/jrock/kawaii things we've managed to hang onto them lately. Bling a la mode fujoshi, so to speak*

Currently my cellphone - which, though it is a cheap piece of crap with no battery time, is a flip open phone thus I love it - contains the following decorations

My geekitude, let me show it to you )
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Utställningen Carromic - Manga på svenska öppnar söndag 13/9 på Östasiatiska museet
En utställning med teckningar av Carolina ”Carromic” Ståhlberg, svensk serietecknare, som bland annat har tecknat serien Beckmossen Boys i Kamratposten.

Lite förvånad att jag inte sett mer om det här än, eller hänger jag på helt fel ställen? De har vad som verkar kunna bli en riktigt cool Kimono-utställning och Asienfestival samma dag dessutom. Gratis inträde för alla i cosplay!


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