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And after faaaaar to many years, I am going back to Animagic the (afaik) largest anime con in Germany. It'll be the very last thing I do here, since the con runs 27th-29th of July, and I have to be back at work the first of August. Not too shabby a way to say ~auf wiedersehen, Deutschland ^___^

And I'll be joined by [livejournal.com profile] setsuna_jiba, whoooo \o/
My last Animagic (which was, what, in 2004? They were still in Koblenz at the time) I was mostly alone, since my German friends were working as staffers. Still had a lot of fun with the shows and the cosplay contest etc, but having another crazy fangirl as company is always better. And Set-chan is crazy in the very best way ♥ ♥

We're also planning to cosplay, aw yeah!
    ...soooo does anyone know where you can use a sewing-machine in Berlin? Preferably for little money? Yeah, no, didn't think so.

If anyon else lives in the area and wants to say hi, gimme a shout! We'll probably also have Thursday to look at Bonn, so if you know some nice spots, please rec them. I've got no idea about about... anything, regarding the city, really.
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Look wot I did this weekend!

Movie clip from the cosplay contest this Saturday )

I cutted the video too, but the fine steady filming creds go to dear shake_it_buddy who received the camera something like 10 minutes before the show ^^;;

Otherwise, a very nice and fun day. Everything went pretty smoothly, even though it was horribly hot in the store. Amigurumi, drawing, making manga crafts and cosplay alllllll day long
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In English: Arranging cosplay-event at work. Yayness

Dags för den andra cosplay/pysseldagen på SF-bokhandeln. Denna gång i samarbete med M-kai (som gör Meuwcon), Gei-kai (som gör BLYG) och Kabusa förlag.

11.00-13.00: Virka amigurumi med Sanna.
(Grundläggande kunskaper i virkande behövs).
13.00-14.30: Teckna manga med Natalia Batista, skaparen av Mjau!
14.30-17.00: Pyssla med Gei-Kai. Gör dina egna Naruto-pannband och kattöron.
16.30-17.00: Mjau!-signering
17.15-18.00: *trumvirvel* Dagens höjdpunkt: Cosplaytävling och prisutdelning!

Mer information på SF-bokhandelns hemsida
Bilder från förra året

Nu är frågan - ska jag försöka klämma in lite eget cosplayande eller ej? Hmmm....
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Escape from Hell by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The second part in a modern retelling of Dante's Inferno, about how a science fiction author ends up in hell. In the previous book, he was given a guided tour through hell by Benito Mussolini, who in the end shows him how to escape. Now, in this book, the author returns the favour to some other people and tries to show all
the lost souls that it's possible to get out.

It starts off very interesting, he meets a lot of famous people (Sylvia Plath, for instance, is another main character) but the second half of the story felt incredibly cheesy and preachy to me. Not the message, that everybode can be saved if they strive for forgiveness, but in the way that it was conveyed. Very "sing hallelujah, praise the lord" and then you're simply forgiven and that's
that. I dunno, maybe I read it wrong, but the more complex morals of the first half of
the book seem to be swept away in the end.

Anyway, official RPS, and not too shabbily written. Maybe I'd have enjoyed it more if I'd read part one?

Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon. After many years, Moon returns to Paksenarrions world. This is a direct sequel to Oath of Gold, but it focuses on Kieri Phelan (commander to Paks, the main character of the first books) and his captains Dorrin and Arcolin instead of Paks.

I will start off with three things about this book:
1) You really, really should read the Paksenarrion trilogy first.
I have read it, multiple times, and I was still a bit confused trying to remember who was who. But the characters would lack too much depth without that entire story. Not to mention...
2) that you'll get incredibly spoiled for the Paksenarrion trilogy if you
read this book first.
Moon also wrote a prequel, about Saint Gird, but it's not very good. Not so spoilery either. This book begins hours and days after the ending of Oath of Gold, and all the major characters appeared in the first trilogy. Don't even read the back cover, it basically spoils the big reveal for the third book in the series.
3) The Paksenarrion Trilogy is Really Very Good - and this book is almost as good.
It also contains a lot less marching and troop movement things, which people tend to critique the early trilogy for. Lots of politics and intrigue and a good set-up for another 2 books.

Highly recommended; the only thing I was a bit disappointed about is that it's less focused on Phelan than I was led to believe. Not that it matters that much, Dorrin Verrakai is a very interesting character and her story is fascinating. However, as both her and Arcolin's parts were minor in the first trilogy it took me a while to warm up to these new characters. But Elizabeth Moon likes to write thick trilogies with shifting POV's and she tends to give everyone enough attention.

Highly recommended if one enjoys classic fantasy. Also an interesting contrast to the Niven book - the Paksenarrion world is religious and the gods and saints play very obvious roles. Yet, the moral of the books never feels forced, nor too simple or preachy. This while St Gird shows many similarities with a Jesus figure and the paladins are among the most Lawful Good Paladins I have ever encountered in a serious story. But the world fits, actions have consequences and Moon is very good at building up how and why a character gains their faith. So, all in all, I strongly rec this book.

I also read some manga, like the latest part of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP. We've gotten to the end of the flashback, have an explanation for the link between Watanuki and Syaoran and things are really gearing up for the end. Which means one book goes by like snap and I'm left wondering when the rest'll arrive.

And I read Shugo Chara 1, will review for work later. Not bad, but not very exciting either. Nice character designs though and enough interesting ingredients to want me keep reading for at least a while more.

Eyeshield 21, part 31 of the American Footboll manga, was also released recently. This book contains the end to the Christmas Bowl match. They team's in the goal and I honestly don't know if I'll bother to buy the rest of the manga. It won't go severely downhill until after the national championship, but the upcoming game is the least exciting and most unrealistic of them all. Otoh, I
am a completist. We'll see...

Sena's really grown in this part though and I like the wrap-up of the Devil Bat's struggle for the Christmas Bowl.

And here's a little clip of me singing karaoke in cosplay. I wish I owned a working camera, so I could have asked some other cosplayers for good posing pictures. Maybe I'll get the chance to at Meuwcon.
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Helped a friend with the moving yesterday, and though I sweated like a pig I didn't think I'd exhausted myself that badly... until I woke up this morning. ahaha, I should work out more (like, at all)

The traintrip out to Märsta sped by quickly with my new baby laptop to entertain me ^_^ I think I'll totally sign up for NaNo this year, though it may not be with a story I want to post online... Anyway, it's awesome to sit on the train and get something done!

but when I got there and looked around for my friend, an elderly man nearly punched me in the shoulder :( He muttered something about how I "didn't even see other people" but, dude, I'm standing looking around for my friend in the middle of a pedestrian street and like 30 persons manage to pass me without any trouble whatsoever... I dunno, some people are freaks. Luckily, I was so happy just then that I just blinked at him in confusion and then got back to listening to my tomato song and (after a while) found my friend

There are rumours about a new Vampire Chronicles movie. Despite everything, I am slightly excited...

Also, ze drumroll, we in the Stockholm Science-fiction bookstore will have a Japanese Theme Day!

There'll be cosplay, amigurumi-workshop and quiz - and I'm one of those arranging it =D
Drop by (in costume, if you'd like. there'll be prizes *bribe bribe*), watch the show and say hi to me!
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It's been con-time! And I have cosplayed! And though I cannot sing and the quality pretty much sucks, I want to upload the clips of moi and various other people singing series-specific songs and doing other silly things =D

Embedded youtubes beneath the cut

Austria (me) sings Tomato song )

Austria and N. Italy sing the Tomato song )

America slurps milkshake )

N. Italy says whee! )

ETA: Whoa, what happened to my connection? Speed, speed speed =)

The Cold Pasta War - US, UK, RU, DE )

Tamaki of Ouran sings Det Gör Ont )


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