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Sitting in the karaoke room at Närcon, waiting for the visitors to come in and everything to start. 27 minutes to go and counting!

We, ahem, almost overslept our stop with the train, but got off with the hundred (almost) bags of stuff. But then the tech co-operated very nicely and the room we have is also pretty neat, so we're finished! With time left, le gasp!

So I thought I'd take the time to blog about the latest reading I've done... really, didn't think it would be this hard to just find the time to write about books.

Jeff Lindsay: 4 x DEXTER )

Dexter get's a "totally okay vacation read", especially the omnibus. I'll see if I can get my hands on book four on the cheap somewhere, or borrow it

And now it's con time, yay!
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We have internet for one computer, which is an improvement to not having internet for three computers.

I took the opportunity to send out a little update re Uppcon to those concerned and share the coolness that is (I think) Raison d'être's first professionally designed poster!

It's [personal profile] lamapan who made it, her site is at Lampadari.se and she's also made the new logo that is going on our t-shirts ^_^

Awesomesauce, or what?

Phew, I'm really beat. Flew down to Gothenburg on Friday evening after having moved a massive amounts of comics and manga because the shelf-constructing guys were somewhat late *mumblegrumble*
On Saturday, I went to a coffee shop with Carro and found a pair of nice new shoes, bonus! Especially considering I was just trying to find a sweater, heh
In the evening it was time to party, celebrate Miko-chan and Tennyo's birthdays. We also met with Sho, it's been ages and it was really fun talking to him a little. I hope you come up to Stockholm while you're in the country ;)

Theeeen, far to early on Sunday, I flew home and collapsed in bed. Where I dreamt that I got out of bed and took the bus around town because I thought I was going to Gotenburg, only to realize halfway through the dream that I'd already been. Which my dream self then followed up with taking the wrong bus home, so I woke up all confused and feeling as if I'd been traveling all day. Wtf self?

I'm tired again. As soon as the mp3-player has finished copying all the new songs, I'll go to bed.

Have read Two of hearts during the trip. A decent, somewhat low-key yaoi manga with considerably more in the way of plot and character development than we usually see. Momiji_mi has already reviewed it over at the bookstore's review site.

Right, I almost forgot! I continued my foray into Wodehouse with reading Nära ögat, which I'd definitely call one of the best non-Jeeves/Blandings books so far. It takes place on a ship, contains some characters from the other series (young Drones, mostly) and is delightfully silly and entertaining. It also has a ship steward who had pretty much all of Jeeves bad characteristics (long-winded, busybody, trying to control his 'masters') without that brilliance that, well, made Jeeves brilliant.

Fun brain-popcorn, perfect for when your tired and traveling
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It's been con-time! And I have cosplayed! And though I cannot sing and the quality pretty much sucks, I want to upload the clips of moi and various other people singing series-specific songs and doing other silly things =D

Embedded youtubes beneath the cut

Austria (me) sings Tomato song )

Austria and N. Italy sing the Tomato song )

America slurps milkshake )

N. Italy says whee! )

ETA: Whoa, what happened to my connection? Speed, speed speed =)

The Cold Pasta War - US, UK, RU, DE )

Tamaki of Ouran sings Det Gör Ont )
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Det är jätteskönt att få information om Raison d'être i min inbox och veta att jag inte behöver göra ett smack utom att gå dit och ha kul =D Möjligen erbjuda sig att baka en tårta när andan faller på...

Både föreningen och bokhandeln ska iaf till Närcon och jag skall med. Blir väl att jobba åt båda dessutom, ahaha~

Närcon ligger iaf i Örebro och kan i stort sett beskrivas som Sveriges goaste konvent - inte störst, inte nördigast, inte mest centralt belägna, men helt klart det med schysstast stämning. Hoppas samma känsla infinner sig igen i år!

Karaokelista från Raison d'être (pdf) aktuell denna juli, om jag nu skall posta runt den på diverse animeforum kan jag ju slänga in en länk här också. Kolla in hur sjukt mycket låtar vi börjar få, och då är inte ens allt det västerländska med på denna!

Sen verkar det också som om jag skall halvfusk-cosplaya Österrike/"Roderich Edelstein" från Hetalia under någon dag på Närcon.
Lämplig blå kavaj införskaffad från Myrorna, assnygg kråsskjorta jag gått och spana på köpt i Gamla Stan och byxorna har jag i garderoben. Inte rätt stövlar dock, men det ska väl gå att ordna något. Nu är det bara att ta fram hårsprayen och styla en Mariazell-hårantenn. Hans är iaf inte lika spikrak som Edward Elrics...

English: I'm going to a con and the jrock association is doing just fine without me. Yay


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