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There turned out to be something wrong with my APH Marukaite Chikyuu Kansha Matsuri file - it only blips for two minutes, but the subs were completely messed up after that -_- So I had to download a subtitle editor, and for that to work some Microsoft .NET framework thing and then I had to fix the subs andaaargfh...

But it was worth it, in the end. This was a great VA event, and the fans seemed super enthusiastic too. Older than I thought, but at least we got to hear Mein Gott! live

I have also come to the baffling realization that Chibitalia's voice actor is one feisty lady, who totally out-semes both Austria's and Prussia's voices (I'd NEVER guessed Prussia was played by such a thin, shyish kind of guy. Great acting, dude)
In fact, she may have out-semed everyone on that stage. Except Germany, who looked very nice in his tank top and had to go all DOWN BOY! on France's pervy antics. Lots of bleeping there, yes.

...and Namikawa Daisuke keeps on being tiny and adorable. So cuuuute~
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Just looking at the Hetalia seiyuu event and of course it start with the main trio (Daisuke Namikawa/Italy, Hiroki Takahashi/Japan and Hiroki Yasumoto/Germany) entering the stage

And Daisuke Namikawa is this TINY guy. I mean - soooo tiny and so cute. Which I shouldn't think, because he looks, what, fifteen? No worries, he's plenty Older than I am (born 1976) and doesn't look half as chibi in his ANN profile picture

Can't take a screencap for some reason, but you see him in the preview which Youtube kindly leaves up!
Embedded video here )

Aww, I just want to... pinch his cheek and listen to him talk. The first I can't do, the second? Ayup



(for reference, this is France. And also Jadeite)

Eta2: and how appropriate that Chibitalia is voiced by a tiny woman. And Russia by a... tiny... man.

This is too much awesome for words
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The best thing about a laptop is that I am not computer less while there's a thunder storm going on \o/

Anime I'm ashamed I've enjoyed, hmmm, tricky... I mean, there are a couple of pretty hopeless yaoi manga I would only discuss loudly with other fangirls, but I'm pretty open with my fannishness. And the only anime I remember that is cringe-worthy is anime I tend to dislike, I think. And bad yaoi anime tends to be so horribly bad - like that crappy thing based on a game, where some guy is thrown in jail during the French revolution and then raped throughout the story. Whatever bad kinks it might have touched in me, were more than offset by the horrible animation quality, the godawful voice acting and the fact that they used the same "semen-splatter" still to show orgasm several times. Can't like it, can't be ashamed about it, ne?

In a way, I guess Hetalia comes closest? Because dayum, Hidekaz, but despite an overall good grip on WWII, you have some rather epic history fail in a few spots. Although, honestly, my real argh-shame-hide-under-rock reactions have come from other fans in this fandom, and I can't really blame the anime for that, now can I? I refuse to acknowledge the fail with the US release of Hetalia (now with added offensiveness!). Had my Ranty McRant-post, end of story.

So, all in all, not that ashamed over anime. Just a little bit, sometimes ;)
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Your anime crush

Right now?

Prussia, from Axis Powers Hetalia. Alias Gilbert Beilschmidt.

Former crushes have included Jadeite (Sailor Moon - see my icon), Sebastian (Black Butler), Nagako (Fushigi Yuugi), Ruoga (Ranma 1/2), Zechs (Gundam Wing), Saonji (Utena) and the list goes on.


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