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And after faaaaar to many years, I am going back to Animagic the (afaik) largest anime con in Germany. It'll be the very last thing I do here, since the con runs 27th-29th of July, and I have to be back at work the first of August. Not too shabby a way to say ~auf wiedersehen, Deutschland ^___^

And I'll be joined by [livejournal.com profile] setsuna_jiba, whoooo \o/
My last Animagic (which was, what, in 2004? They were still in Koblenz at the time) I was mostly alone, since my German friends were working as staffers. Still had a lot of fun with the shows and the cosplay contest etc, but having another crazy fangirl as company is always better. And Set-chan is crazy in the very best way ♥ ♥

We're also planning to cosplay, aw yeah!
    ...soooo does anyone know where you can use a sewing-machine in Berlin? Preferably for little money? Yeah, no, didn't think so.

If anyon else lives in the area and wants to say hi, gimme a shout! We'll probably also have Thursday to look at Bonn, so if you know some nice spots, please rec them. I've got no idea about about... anything, regarding the city, really.
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Do you want to come with to the Frankfurt Book Fair, R asks, what with being in Germany and all.

Do I want to go to one of the worlds largest book fairs? With a ton of manga events to boot? Lulz, what a thing to ask!

The question is more, do I have time to go on the weekend after school starts? And will there be anywhere to sleep that doesn't cost a fortune, at this late date?

If anyone has suggestions, pro or con, about Germany universities and what they think of students skipping out a Friday here or there to drool over books and where to live in Frankfurt when (I assume) all the economical choices are way booked out - please give them here!
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I am a little bit amazed that the Wikipedia entry on the German town Idar-Oberstein does not mention what I find to be the most interesting thing of this little place anywhere. Say, under Entertainment, that would be quite fitting.

Idar-Oberstein, you see, is a town that specializes in gemstones - selling, buying and cutting them. And I for one count walking through an adorable little German town that has semi-precious stones laid down in the pavement on the more scenic routes as pretty big entertainment. I also recall a small plaza, where the vehicle stopping poles that are generally made of decorated iron (if you want to be pictoresque) or concrete (if you want to be cheap but effective) where topped with large chunks of raw agathe, amethyst and similar...

Anyway. If you are the kind of geek who find it interesting to visit an otherwise sleepy village to look at more precious stones than you can shake a stick at; because, yes, they are sold almost everywhere, in both little one-man stores and the diamond traders high-rise building, Idar-Oberstein is absolutely worth a stop.

I have also found something I most definitely intend to read: This 1977 biography of a chemical compound salesmen, with the alluring title "Excuse me sir, would you like to buy a kilo of isopropyl bromide?"
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We visited Schloss Sanssouci yesterday, walked for hours (literally - we came there at 11.30 and left at 18.20 and spent most of the time inbetween walking) taking in the gorgeous buildings, the large park and all the flowers. Especially the Chinese house impressed me; though it was very, er, goldy it still looked beautiful. Not as overwrought as some of those gilded castles and things end up (but pretty darn wrought, for all that)

There were a lot of different gardens out there, I especially love the smell of different pine trees together. But everything was beautiful and interesting, it's also so cleverly built that you start spotting things from a while away. Oh, what's that there, let's go look! and so on...

We took coffee and cake at the Drachenhaus, a very cute little building which nowadays houses the café. And yes, there are dragons there, cutest little things ever perched on the roof and the inside of the ceiling is painted with stars.

Then we continued to the actual Sanssouci castle, where I bought a souvenir spoon for my grandmother and Virre fell in love with tiny coffee cups with peacock patterns. It was a very nice pattern, mind, and I completely understand he

All in all, a lovely day. And in the afternoon they called my dear Miko-chan with a job offer! This caused some frantic running around Potsdam to find a telephone card, but we managed to find one. And because Germany still has public telephones, she could call back and book an interview for next week ^^ Ganbatte, Miko-chan!

Then we had pizza - I felt I had to try and get into the spirit of thing and ordered a "WM 2010" pizza. Pretty good, lots of veggies and nice chunks of meat.

On that topic, the football fever here is quite insane. Every evening and afternoon, we pass people sitting outside cafés, restaurants, internet cafés etc following the games on TV's and there are many cars and windows decorated for football. I'm almost getting a bit caught up... almost.

The football does however have some really good sides - the karaoke place we went to yesterday offered half price on all rooms during a game ^_^

I was a bit disappointed in the amount of German songs, but I at least got to sing Die Ärzte's Schundersong. Also tried my luck on Nena's 99 Luftballons and Zehn kleine Jägermeister. Fun night and we got burning drinks! Whoo!
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Yesterday, we went to the "Berlin Horror Cabinet" which is situated in an old WWII bunker, by Anhalter Bahnhof. It wasn't that large, but pretty damn scary. The first floor is a exhibition about the history of the bunker, the second part is about scary medical practices and shows some torture weapons and the third floor is the actual haunted house. By that time, you're feeling a bit cold, are nicely uncomfortable from displays of medieval medicine and so when a dark clad person jumps out from a dark curtain.... Well.

My friends, who are more knowledgeable of haunted houses than I am, assured me that this was a good one.

We also hung out with Matt who gave us Swedish cake from IKEA and took us round the Reichstag and so. I took a photo of "the wash machine", that is, the building the chancellor sits in.
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So today we bought our tickets for the trains and subways, then walked around town. I bought two pairs of shoes, one for more walking and one pair for party. But they didn't have the awesome hot pair I liked in my size :(

Otherwise, the day was mostly :) except when it was totally =D ! Found a new little guide book (the old one's subway map is no longer valid, alas) and it contained info about a karaoke bar! Hot damn!

The day started with a visit to the "AquaDom Sealife" which is a really cool aquarium. Lots of local fish in nice enviroments, several sea horses (I filmed those) and the world larges free-standing salt water aquarium. It's inside a hotel and there's an elevator right through it! Coolish

We went to Potzdamer to check out what the IMAX cinema had to offer and to just look at the cool buildings; on Sunday we'll see one of the 3d-movies.

Then we went searching for the Grober Unfug comic store and totally failed to find it. Though I noticed that the area around Nollendorfplatz had turned into gay quarters, I can't for the life of me recall if it was like that when I lived in Berlin years ago... Anyway, we walked around, couldn't find it but saw some cool architecture. There's amazing architecture all over this city, one of the things I love about it.

When I got back to the hostel, I quickly realized that the store must have moved, because it's at a completely different subway station now -_- But! They have another store, really close to where we're staying. Durrr....

If you have Facebook, some pics are up in my gallery.


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