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Today I went on the library tour through the imposing Grimm-Zentrum, the brand new (only two years old!) university library that belongs to Humboldt. It's not exactly easy to figure out what to do the first time you enter here, but after an informative tour, I think I'll manage. More or less.

Secondly, I got the computer connected to the university wlan \o/ Now, just gotta fix the phone too.

And, last but not least, I logged into my university account, looked at my schedule (that I've put together myself *ohSOproud*), found the one book that I know we are to read, found it in the library catalogue and nabbed the very last book from the shelf.

Good job, self, it almost makes up for not cleaning this morning even though you were supposed to. Now, home, eat and then off and see if I can get tickets for Versailles.
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Diana Wynne Jones has passed away after a long-time illness. I love her books, that gave me hope and inspiration when I was young, comfort and solace when I felt bad, and a thousand amazing moments in her world whenever I returned to the fantastic worlds.

Rest in peace, Mrs Jones. I hope and believe you knew how many people loved and appreciated your books - I will always be one of them.
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Some little quotes and tidbits I've saved from my class reading, so far. Most of it in Swedish, though there are English translations out there for all the classics.

Du plågas själv och delar samma kval.

Men smärtan lindras av att du ej ler.

- Medea

!!! That line of hers? Yes -That is the point of revenge.

Though it doesn't have quite the same ring in either of the English translations I checked online In non-Swedish here )

I'll cut the rest, to spare your flists

Agamemnon )

I like the image it paints of Ares, the God of war. Chilling.

Stabat mater dolorosa / Stod i sorg Guds moder )

I just really liked the sound of the Latin in that piece. In English at Wiki.

Lagercrantz on Dante )

Well. I liked it?


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