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is over and everything most things went fine!!

And some things messed up and others went splendidly and all in all, we made us a GREAT CON \o/

(and the cupcakes? They were not a lie)

Picshures at my Facebook, or that of "Blyg Tenta-kun" our mascot and you can see some if you check Twitter for @blygswe and more will come except everyone in the staff is kinda ded today
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Åhherreminskapare så mycket vi har att göra! Men - helt fantastiskt så mycket vi har GJORT ♥

I dag hade först en brandgenomgång på skolan, jättebra. Då fick också ett gäng till av personalstyrkan möjlighet att kolla in lokalen. Alla var mycket imponerade :3

Sen var det stora biljettklippardagen & goodie-bag fyllningen på Södertörns bibliotek! Vi invaderade det nästan sommartomma stället och pillade med kassar, t-shirts, biljetter och biljettband. Resultatet? Väldigt proffsigt om jag får säga det själv ^_^

Sen var det att bära hem en massa saker (jag har allvarligt något i stil med 3 gigantiska BLYG-högar här i lägenheten. Och en växande hög med disk >_> Ahem, kanske ska försöka bli av med den innan mina göteborgare kommer tillbaks

Så, vad ska göras i morgon?
- Hämta ännu mer saker hos mamma, på landet och hos vänner.
- Hämta ut grejer från Posten
- Diska *host*
- Prata med butlern & fixa för picknick

Men inga problem, det hinner jag ju lätt :D Var det nåt mer...
- ...texta resten av Prussia's Blog Hetalia-grejen.

ah, right. DEN lilla biten också. men det ska nog gå bra. Hoppas jag ^_^;;

Summary: In 2 days it's time for my con. TIME TO PANIC! Although, we're doing kinda good
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Have mail-ordered some stuff for BLYG. Now keeping fingers crossed that they turn up in time!
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B.L.Y.G.'11 had a spot of economic troubles in the beginning, but we are in the clear now \o/ There's even enough money over to buy some of the niceties we thought we'd have to cut down on and I'm so happiiiii

And the schedule is getting really, really full of awesome things! ^_^
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Today everyone else were all UPPCON! AHMAGAWD IT'S UPPCON AGAIN!!!

This is the orange elephant in Swedish anime fandom. You plan your cons around it, heck, I'm pretty sure a lot of the anime kids plan their yearly budgets around it... And for the first time in approximately five years, I'm not responsible for anything karaoke-related! Or anything else for that matter, I'm just going there to work at the Nerdy Bookstore's table and have fun in my free time ^_^

But despite being so busy for The Big Con (or moving), several people took the time to fix things for Our Cute Lil' Con recently, which I have just collected and sent to our webmaster.

For instance, my little pet-project at BLYG:
Discussions, lectures and workshops: Ho-Yay, queerness in shojo-manga, homoromanticism in EGL & much more! )

Gotta tell you, I'm pretty psyched and proud. It's gonna be so much fun!

& now off to bed and tomorrow off to Uppsala and the eleventh (my tenth!) UPPCON!!!
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So this silly little ad is what I did today, inbetween the sleeping, coughing and blowing my nose

Then T, [personal profile] lanjelin's sambo ;) dropped by to get a paper signed and I followed her to the bus to get a pizza. That was exhausting. Also it tasted a lot less than the one I had yesterday, but I don't really think it's their fault *mope*

By the way - huge gold star to anyone who recognizes where I nicked the opening humpidumdum sound from. It's very me *lulz*
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So the illustrated BLYG poster is done and the girls did a really good job. It's the Raison d'être mascot, Rai-chan, and (I think) Geikai's mascot (dunno hir name, unfortunately) locked in a ~blushing embrace~ while the BLYG mascot fangirls them. If that squid is a girl, I have certain doubts ^^;

And now I gotta drink my tea and get back to work...
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Okay. So I follow up my pretty dedicated and productive study day (11.30 - 21.00, is good yeah?) with some pretty productive text writing & forum posting about BLYG'11. Uppcon's forum (I'm going there to sell with the bookstore, by the way. Gimme a shout if you want to meet up!), the Anime.se forum and Animecka, Raison d'êtres forum and last but not least, Saiai no Doru's forum.
Anyone know if there are any other at least halfway active Swedish anime forums? No?
ETA: Or anywhere the Swedish slashers hang out? I really have no clue

Times like these I really miss the old BCManga forum, because even if it was pretty much all crap, you could at least reach a broad audience. And at Zmanga you could reach the ~deep~ audience, a.k.a. the old goats from before Pokémon and Dragonball ^^;

Hopefully I didn't forget anything vital - I missed the friggin date at first, but caught that quickly, and at least our URL is very hard to misspell!


May. 8th, 2011 17:51
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The title pretty much sums up this exhausting and wonderful weekend. For The Win - spring has come with wonderfully sunny days and it's like the entire city woke up bubbling with creative glee

Yesterday, after SPX, I was at a dinner with Lisa, [livejournal.com profile] alitna, Stef and a bunch of other people - several of whom I have heard for years, but never actually met. Ah, the famous and elusive artists ;) We went to Pong, which was really epically tasty I have to go back there because I ate until I thought I'd explode

This morning I draaa~aagged myself out of bed to go visit the build site for Citybanan. This will be the new solution for Stockholm's commuter trains, which today have to pass a spot with only two rails (!) which, incidentally, every train from the Southern part of the country has to cross to enter Stockholm. Yeeeah, when there's a delay on our commuter trains, they have to hold stuff in Malmö, it's insane.

But! With Citybanan the commuter trains get their own rails in their own tunnel. And it's a big one, 6 km underground passing beneath one of the city's oldest churches and lake Mälaren. It was interesting to go down in the tunnels and watch the huge machines. They explain how they remove the mountain without disturbing the buildings on the surface, showed where how the explosivs are placed and where the tunnel segments that will go under the lake will connect.

The only process is that it won't be finished until 2017 and we kind of needed more tracks ten years ago...

Then I went back for a last round at SPX - which frankly deserves a post of its own when I'm less dead. Now I have no moniez :o

Also got some really, REALLY good news for BLYG: The ticket system is finally ready to go! Tickets will go on sale in a few days and we also got a confirmation from one of the bands: The Swedish Shortsnouts will play at the con! This'll be the first time a wizrock band plays at an anime convention in Sweden afaik and I think and hope that it'll be a pleasant experience for everyone ^^
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You know, I am pleased as punch that I'm not the one who added the BLYG entry at the Fanlore Wiki. Nor was it anyone else from the top level of organizers, as far as we can determine ^_^

Am also very pleased and, um, tiny bitsy drunk because I was out on Ladies Drink 'n' Draw and hade nice drinks with cool comic artists from all over the world. Really feeling pepped for SPX now ^___^ And some of their "doodles" aw my good, amazing art skills!
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I've tried to poke the OTW for a con visit, but they don't answer. Now, I totally get if there's no Swede around who is active, it's not like we can afford foreign guest tickets (alas) but I wish I got an answer. At the same time, both my mail and Facebook is bugging out on me, so I'm worried that they have somehow answered and I just missed it! Teh stress

But other than that, the work with B.L.Y.G. proceeds nicely! Today we went and took photos of the venue and it's really absolutely gooorgeous. And so much space *starry eyes*
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Jag behöver nog mest det här själv, för annars kommer jag tappa bort länkarna, huhu

Konventet BLYG, var på internet finnes det?

Hemsida: blyg.eu
Twitter: BLYGswe på Twitter
Tumblr: boysloveyaoigakkai på Tumblr
Youtube: BLYGswe på Youtube
Facebook: Användaren och Evenemanget
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Finally! We've got the homepage up ^_^

Boy's Love Yaoi Gakkai 2011 ~ 17-19 June, Skogås (Stockholm)

It's time again for Sweden's one and only yaoi/BL/slash convention and, since third time's the charm, we're going for the largest and bestest BLYG ever!

The homepage can be found at blyg.eu and is rather sparse at the moment. We have a bunch of stuff just waiting to be typed down, tho, and I really think this years BLYG has the potential to be amazing

If anyone is interested in holding a panel/round-table discussion/lecture on something yaoi, slash, yuri or otherwise fandom related, gimme a shout - I'm the one booking events =D

Arranging this year are by the by the non-profits Geikai (Anime/manga inspired crafts) and Raison d'être (Jrock/Jpop)
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För det första, jag är så j-kla sämst på organisation. Har stressat sönder mig mer eller mindre i onödan p.g.a. detta, men ska nu försöka ta mig i kragen. Vissa volontäriga/fanniga stressmoment har jag helt kort och gott dumpat, andra har lättats.
Raison d'être är iaf allting klart med för min del och med Geikai har vi äntligen fått ett alldeles tvättäkta kontrakt på vår lokal \o/ Det blir ett B.L.Y.G. 2011 och det blir i Skogås, den 17-19 juni. Och nu när det är på g så kan vi faktiskt komma igång med saker ordentligt, wheehuuu~

Och så har jag betalat räkningar, go me.

My RL = stress, so let's talk books instead.

Read: Girl Genius, Urusei Yatsura, One Piece etc )


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