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There turned out to be something wrong with my APH Marukaite Chikyuu Kansha Matsuri file - it only blips for two minutes, but the subs were completely messed up after that -_- So I had to download a subtitle editor, and for that to work some Microsoft .NET framework thing and then I had to fix the subs andaaargfh...

But it was worth it, in the end. This was a great VA event, and the fans seemed super enthusiastic too. Older than I thought, but at least we got to hear Mein Gott! live

I have also come to the baffling realization that Chibitalia's voice actor is one feisty lady, who totally out-semes both Austria's and Prussia's voices (I'd NEVER guessed Prussia was played by such a thin, shyish kind of guy. Great acting, dude)
In fact, she may have out-semed everyone on that stage. Except Germany, who looked very nice in his tank top and had to go all DOWN BOY! on France's pervy antics. Lots of bleeping there, yes.

...and Namikawa Daisuke keeps on being tiny and adorable. So cuuuute~
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Just looking at the Hetalia seiyuu event and of course it start with the main trio (Daisuke Namikawa/Italy, Hiroki Takahashi/Japan and Hiroki Yasumoto/Germany) entering the stage

And Daisuke Namikawa is this TINY guy. I mean - soooo tiny and so cute. Which I shouldn't think, because he looks, what, fifteen? No worries, he's plenty Older than I am (born 1976) and doesn't look half as chibi in his ANN profile picture

Can't take a screencap for some reason, but you see him in the preview which Youtube kindly leaves up!
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Aww, I just want to... pinch his cheek and listen to him talk. The first I can't do, the second? Ayup



(for reference, this is France. And also Jadeite)

Eta2: and how appropriate that Chibitalia is voiced by a tiny woman. And Russia by a... tiny... man.

This is too much awesome for words
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Life: It continues to be busy!

The story of SaiunkokuBut I at least had the time to read The Story of Saiunkoku on the train home. It's a manga I have looked forward to read properly ever since someone posted a few pages to scans_daily years ago.

The art style is polished fantasy shoujo, similar in design to the (good) works of Yuu Watase and You Higuri. It's pretty similar to Watase's Fushigi Yuugi in other ways too, starting with the obvious Chinese influence. Stir in plenty of court intrigue and possibly prophecies or something from the mysterious past and a go-get-'em female lead, and the surface starts to look very similar.
But! There are many differences too, because Saiunkoku takes place entirely in one world. There's been no magic in the first volume and, so far, only one of the pretty men in the manga has become obviously infatuated with the main character. Who is also btw admired because she's smart and driven, yay.

I like shoujo manga, especially the historical and fantasy kind (high school romances tend to bore me) but I will freely admit that there is a problem with the female main characters. In short, they tend to do little but have to be rescued after a while. Sometimes for really stupid reasons too.

It's way too early to say how Saiunkoku will develop in that fashion, but at least Shurei isn't supposed to run around and fight people (so she shouldn't be able to fail at it). Instead, she's supposed to teach the reluctant young emperor how to actually be an emperor - a task she has accepted because it means she gets The Moniez, and this is very important to Shurei.

Shurei, the main character, reminds me a great deal of Tohru from Fruits Basket, except she's way sharper when it comes to handling her money. They do seem to share the same kindness, however, and they're both very likeable; both for characters in the story and reader (well, me at least).
This is great, because far too often (in all kinds of genres), one finds a person everyone loves, from good old Mary Sue over to generic harem-manga leading man, for no reason whatsoever.

Here, we're presented with a noble but impoverished young girl, who is both book-smart and knows the pains of the world. She's still got a positive outlook on life, but it's not all roses and cheer - and yes, I like her. Maybe she's a bit too good, but heck, she's the HEROINE, she's allowed to. And the author still makes me think that if I met her in real life, she's someone I could easily come to like.

There appears to be much more intrigue, palace schemes and whatnot brewing in this manga than in your typical shoujo story. I hope it keeps up and develops those threads even further, because there's the potential of a really, really good story here.

So far, I like it a lot ^_^ Since I also bought the very last volume of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, this series came at just the right moment. Might even give the anime a try if the manga keeps my interest...

By the way, Saiunkoku is another anime where it's fun to play "Spot the voice actor!"
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