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Going home soon. I haven't missed home much at all, but as Christmas grows closer, I find that I am getting very excited about seeing my family and friends again. I'm also very much looking forward to some special food things.

For one, Swedish water. It's not that the water here in Berlin tastes exceptionally bad (though it's super-duper-mega hard, my goodness. We've had to de-calcify the electric water boiler twice since I got here; I've never de-calcified a water boiler in my life).
But tapwater at home tastes, well, tasty! It's not just acceptable, it's fresh and good straight from the tap. I much prefer it to most bottled waters on offer, although, for instance, the fresh spring-water from Nacka is markedly more tasty.

I'm gonna drink a bucket as soon as I get off the airplane, I'm telling you. I'm also going to order tap water in every restaurant I have a chance to visit, just to enjoy the privilege of actually getting free tapwater (they're dreadfully reluctant about giving you a glass of tap-water here).

I'm also missing some food my grandmother makes; not that I couldn't make Hungarian beef stew myself, but it's grandma food. It tastes better at her place. Otherwise, since I cook a lot for myself, and the food from the university cantina tastes almost scarily like the stuff served in my highschool (with certain Very German exceptions, like Spätzle and whatnot), I haven't really been hit by any amazing food cravings.

Except perhaps lussebullar, since our oven is Teh Suck, and I'm not going trough the hassle of trying to bake my saffron-buns only to have them turn into pale, dry things in our non-hot oven.

But water. Nnngh, I didn't know I could miss tasty water so much


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